True Story



Written by: hunnybun

for all of you!

never say you love me if you really dont care

never talk of feelings if they aren’t really there,
never hold my hand if you intend to walk away,
never kiss my lips if you love her anyway,
never look into my eyes if all you do is lie,
never say forever cos forever makes me cry,
i take the good with the bad, smile with the sad
love what i have got and remember what i had,
i always forgave but never forgot,
learned from my mistakes,
but never regretted, people change, things go wrong,
i just remembered……………life must goes on:

Friendship or Love


I offered you friendship you turned it down,
I gave you my shoulder you chided and walked away,
I told you I’m ready to listen but you never believed me
You told me it’s not me that you want for I am not the one you need.

One day in a most unexpected way we became lovers,
All my days and all my nights are spent with you,
I know I don’t own you and you can’t own me too,
A nameless a faceless relationship we are into

Sometimes we fight, but mostly made love,
Sometimes you talked about frustrations
And I was there to heed
Making you feel alright, for I know it should be right

Wings of Desire (dedicated to Word of Blake)


The ride going to the Mall of Asia was spent worrying, just like the night before and the days before that. I felt like a high school kid on her way to her first prom night. All giddy, excited, heart doing flip flops, even somersaults. The taxi driver was trying to strike up a conversation but I was too pre-occupied to be able to say anything that would make sense.

My Goddess


dedicated to Raginghormones)

My eyes were made for this moment

Crafted with a single purpose

A perfect design, now revealed

She is a Goddess, unclothed

Full of artless grace

Perfection residing in every limb

I worship the curve of her hip

The swell of her breasts is sacred

My soul is tangled in her silken hair

She stoops, smooth as a hawk

And my breath is gone

Slender and supple she sways

A birch in summer’s breeze

Leather on her skin is a prayer

A butter-soft caress on her body

Insufficient to mask the divinity beneath

Minasahe Ko si Jed


I’m fascinated by the lady writers here. They inspired me to write myself. This is my first post. I hope you like it. Girl power!


Kakatapos lang ng auditions for cheer and pep squad. Pagod na pagod kameng lahat. Well, nakapasa naman ako.
With my height, 5′7″ and slim figure, sayang naman diba? My name is Kris, 18 years old, nursing student sa isang prestigious na University dito sa may Manila. Chinita ako and long hair.

Ang Kasunduan ng Mag-Asawa


Kahit na naging mahirap sa aming mag-asawa ang pumayag sa isa’t isa ay nagkasundo kaming bigyan ng pagkakataon na mangyari sa aming buhay ang pakikipagtalik ng aking maybahay sa ibang lalake.

Sa nakaraang isang taon ay hindi nagging katulad ng dati an gaming buhay mag-asawa sa aming kama, ako ang unang naging guilty kahit na walang ipinakikita o ipinadadama ni mises ang unti-unting panlalamig n gaming pagtatalik.

Happy New Year PL Community


Hi to all PL peeps!

I’m writing this post for 2 reasons:

First, I would like to apologize for all the promises I made that I will post the continuation of my Amber’s Officemate series a few weeks after the second post was published. I found it hard to concentrate on making the third because my attention was diverted to somebody else and because of some other personal reasons I don’t want to divulge.

Para sayo ‘bigan….


Before I left to Singapore, I passed by an old house in Taytay.. I looked up to the right-most side of the window and closed my eyes to say a small prayer. “Musta na ‘bigan. Miss na kita.” I wiped off a tear from the corner of my eye as I put on my helmet, then looked at the house again for the last time. I turned my scooter’s engine on and headed home. That old house is filled with memories.. horny, happy, exciting and sad.

my hot mama..


ang aking mama ay mganda at may maalindog na katawan.

palagi akong nalilibugan sakanya.pero ndi nya un alam.

palagi syang walang bra pag nasa bahay sya.

kaya bakat na bakat ang mga utong nya..para saknya

wlang malisya un,kc magkapamilya naman kami. palagi kong tinitingnan ang utong nya. ang mama ko pla ay 36 years old.

malaki ang suso nang mama ko. kitang kita mo ang kalakihan nito lalo na pag nakasuot sya nang masisikip na damit.

minsan habang nag bibihis sya kc bagong ligo sya..ndi ko sinasadyang pumasok sa kwarto kc akala ko walang tao..

Humaling – Chapter I


Maagang nagising si Jennifer nung araw na yun, agad s’yang pinatawag ng kanyang ina dahil meron daw email message galing sa kanyang ama mula sa Dubai, “anak dalawin mo ang Ninong Rey mo, nagbilin akong turuan ka niya ng piano, dahil balak kong ibili kita ng piano anak pag uwi ko sa susunod na buwan”, excited naman sa natanggap na mensahe si Jenn, di lang dahil sa balitang uuwi na ang ama, kundi dahil matagal na din kasi niyang pangarap ang matuto ng piano.

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