One Night Stand

Red Chick


As the crowd danced to the sound of the stereos that take over the room. Something unexpected happened to me with a stranger.This story is about the girl i met last night at one of the premier bar in Timog. Good thing is my mother authorize me for being late at home that I will attend a post-debut party of my friend as an excuse. (Pero palusot lang yun para sa gimik namin magbabarkada). As the night gets even deeper and deeper. The crowd is having a good time all over the place dancing to the music played by the DJ.



a letter for simply_irresistible

if it was a story,it could have merited the title “romantic interlude”.like other stories,it also has it’s own beginning and end.comic or otherwise depending on how one views the role he plays.

ours is a case in point but it is not hereft of some note of consolation.

ours,though brief,is one that afforded me that rare chance to put to test my capacity or incapacity to love.i think the latter best describes the prove my point,i don’t need to delve into unnecessary details.occasions will speak for themselves.

The Bassist in Boots


May kahabaan, but no cuts. Enjoy!



I joined a local band in my first few years here in Japan. I was a student then and had all the time in my hands kaya nag-decide akong hasain muli ang sariling vocal chords on stage. The band was looking for an English-speaking vocalist because they wanted to play late-70s and early 80s American rock and roll. Hindi naman ako mapili sa kakantahin and I was familiar with the songs of Cream and the Eagles kaya sumama na rin ako.



good day to all you readers . its my first time to share so hope yall gonna like it …

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