Twin Bro


I am not promoting what society has condemned as morally wrong, nor am I disagreeing with the values embedded in each of us. All I’m saying is, this happened to me, it felt like the best thing ever and I never once regretted it.

My name is Hailee , I’m 25 and I’ve an identical twin brother, Kenneth. Being twins, Ken and I are very close but I never thought it would be possible to take this closeness up a different level. We started to sleep in our own rooms when we were 8 years old. We shared a bathroom. There’s never been anything sexual between me and Ken until 3 years ago.

Ken was taking unbelievably long in the shower and we were going to be late for school. The bathroom door was left unlocked while he was taking a shower and waltzed right in and started putting on my makeup. From the mirror I could see his silhouette’s reflection from behind the shower curtain. I couldn’t help but notice how brawny my brother had become. He had muscular arms and legs and for a moment I stopped what I was doing and just stared. I had to shake myself out of my reverie and told myself this my twin brother I am fantasizing about.

On the way to school, I couldn’t help but notice how well my brother dresses, how perfectly chiseled he is, how his tan looks perfect on him and how good looking he is. So it went on like this for a couple of weeks until I decided that I have to got to do something about it.

Friday night, I woke up at around 1am very horny. I just had a dream of having wild sex with Ken and woke up in the middle of a dream of him fucking me hard and passionately. I stood up, walked over to my full length mirror and was pleased with my reflection. I was wearing a black lace nightie that was see through so you could see my cup C breasts and pink pert nipples. The nightie stopped at just below my butt so that when I turn sideways you could see the perfect curve of my ass and my thighs. I slipped into a thong, ruffled my long hair a little and walked through the bathroom door linking my room to Ken’s.

Ken was on his back, the covers just below his waist. He had no shirt on and from the light outside I could see his chiseled abs. I walked over to the foot of the bed, snuck under and slowly lowered down his boxers to expose his cock. I started licking the tip of his cock, holding it steady with my right hand while my left daintily played with his balls. I heard Ken moan and his cock harden slightly. I put his whole cock in my mouth and sucked slowly upwards, down again and upwards, savoring every inch of that cock. I’m proud to say that Ken’s cock is big and as I imagined this inside me, I felt myself getting wet. Ken parted his legs slightly and I took this willing gesture as a sign that he wanted more. I licked the sides of his cock, put his balls in my mouth, licked it while stroking his cock. Ken moved the covers and caught me with my mouth halfway down his cock and he seemed surprised.

“Hailee…..what are you doing?” Ken asked, surprised and unsure.

“ I have to do this Ken, you don’t have to fuck me if you don’t think you would be able to live with it but please just let me suck your cock. Please let me make you cum.”

He didn’t say anything but continued to give me that bewildered look. Thinking this is it, no turning back now, I put his cock in my mouth again and sucked. I have never tasted a cock so good and no cock has ever filled my whole mouth. I have never had a cock in my mouth that’s so big I have to be careful when putting the whole thing in, in fear of choking. I sucked, licked from the small crack on the tip of his cock to his balls. I have never had a cock that tasted so good. I couldn’t help it anymore, I was so wet that I turned to my side, parted my thong and with my left hand played with my pussy. While sucking him and stroking his cock with my right hand, I was playing with my clit and fingering myself with my left. Soft moans escaped me.

“Hailee….stop,” he panted.

Nothing was going to stop me at this point. I wasn’t sure at that point why he wanted me to stop but I continued to eat his cock. Then I realized why he wanted me to stop. I began to taste a very small amount of cum coming from the tip of his cock. This made me even hornier and though I could feel a slight strain in my jaw from sucking him for about an hour, I couldn’t stop. He sat up, forced me up and kissed me. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and grabbed my arms keeping me firmly in place as he kissed me aggressively. He took off my nightie, grabbed my left breast, licked it and sucked it. I let out a loud moan as his mouth moved to my right breast licking and sucking hungrily.

He laid me on my back, parted my legs and stuck his head in my pussy. He started licking the lips of my pussy, making his way to my clit. I moaned loudly as he sucked my clit. He inserted his finger in my hole and pumped it while licking and sucking my clit. I moaned and panted, pushed his head further in my pussy. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter and I could hear him slurping at my juices. My moans became more frantic and he grabbed my hips to make sure I couldn’t inch away. I gave out the loudest moan as I felt warm liquid gush out and saw spots. He stuck his tongue inside my pussy and I could feel it writhing inside me as he licked my cum and swallowed my cum clean. Not yet satisfied, he licked and sucked my clit again, fingering my pussy furiously and as I moaned and moaned, he sucked, licked and fingered me faster until I once again felt all my hot juices come out which he licked hungrily.

He turned me on my side and from behind me whispered in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you Hailee. I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re only going to want me.” And with that, he parted my thong, he slipped in his cock, put his hand in my mouth to stifle my very loud moans and pumped me hard and fast. I arched myself making it easier for him and as I felt his cock slide furiously inside me, I felt that sensation again,he was hitting my g-spot. His hand moved to my breast and he grabbed firmly while fucking me from the side. And then I felt myself get all flushed and before I knew it, I had cum again. He took out his cock, laid me on my back and placed his cock near my lips. I willingly opened my mouth, his cock slipped in and soon I felt how sweet cum in my mouth.

We lay in bed in each other’s arms in content for a good two hours, not saying anything. We both had the best fuck of our lives. I knew then this was something I didn’t want to stop, not then and not now.

“Hailee, what did we just do?” he asked.

“I don’t know Ken. All I know is that that was the best fuck of my life and I don’t want to stop doing this,” I replied. With this he kissed me gently. I felt myself being aroused again and I knew he was too. His cock hardened slightly.

“So you would let your older twin brother fuck you again?” he said as his hand slipped to touch my pussy.

“Hmmmm…..yes Ken yes….and I would do anything you ask so you would keep fucking me. It’ll be our biggest little secret,” I answered. With that he went under the covers, sucked and played with my tits. I was so wet. He resurfaced, lay on top of me, pinned my wrists and slipped his cock inside me. After another wonderful fuck as the sun rose that completely blew our heads off, I went back to my room and slept half the day.

Ken and I fucked many more times after that and it’s been three years now. He has a girlfriend now and I’m also seeing someone but we manage to slip a fuck two to three times a week in all the places you can imagine. Ken and I fucked in the car, in the movie house, in the shower and each time he has never failed to make me cum.

So that’s how it all started. You can think what you want but up until today I have never regretted that night.