Under the cherry moon


First off, this story happened three days ago…my friend asked me to accompany him on a party he was to attend, and me, bored to death on a very hot early night, besides from not having too much customers on my mom – in – law’s drugstore (yes, i am married), asked my reliever to substitute for me and decided to tag along with him.

“Phies, at what time are you planning to go home? i can’t go home too late, you know, my work.”

“We’ll go home early, dude. i won’t drink too much naman e,” Phies said.

So after i prepared myself i waited for him in a billiard hall next to my in – law’s drugstore and we both rode a tricycle abound to the next barangay.

When we arrived at his friend’s house at about 7pm, the food was almost already out, save for enough pulutan for the drinkers and some spare for us.

“Jane, sorry we’re late…,” Phies said.

“It’s OK. Go ahead make yourselves at home. Nagtira ako para sa inyo talaga.”

“By the way this is ____ (me), classmate ko sa gym.”

“Hi! Nice to meet you ____, huwag ka mahihiya sa amin ha? just make yourself at home,” Jane told me.

“Nice to meet you too Jane, and a happy birthday to you,” i replied.

Phies and I ate then promptly proceeded to the table wherein Jane’s friends were drinking. Phies quickly joined the group and immmediately held a bottle of beer in his hand.

“Dude, wanna have a swig,” Phies asked me.

“Hell, no, man. you know i don’t drink.”

“Well, OK.”

The drinking session was already on its middle, judging by the alcohol – fueled hormone – driven reactions from the drinkers. I’m sitting beside Phies, drinking juice and eating pulutan, laughing at the jokes cracked by my new “acquaintances”. I noticed a chick throwing side glances on me, she was sitting on my right side, 5 people seperating us. I asked Phies about her.

“Dude, you know who that girl is,” i asked Phies.

“No. Just saw her tonight. Classmate yata ni Jane, e.”

“Ummm, OK.”

I was mesmerized by her devilishly seductive side glances at me, but i could not make moves to her because there were too many drinkers and it would seem to be quite rude to them if i suddenly bust out my stuff in right then and there, plus the fact that some guy may also want to lay down that chick and making my move may spell trouble. So i tried to control myself as hard as i can, with 2 weeks of no fuck or whatsoever making it more the harder.

It was 9pm, the poeple were still indulging themselves, driving alcohol into their systems, some are already drunk, two of them already dead drunk, and there i was, fully stuffed already of the fingerfoods and juice. Suddenly I had the urge to pee.

“Dude, wiwi lang ako.”

“Sige, OK ka lang ba? I’ll just finish three more rounds then we’ll head back home,” Phies said.

“Oo dude. Balik ako agad.”

I courteously exited myself from the drinking crowd and headed towards the door, i looked around, and spotting a tree, i peed right there. i was kinda bored inside Jane’s house, so i strolled on the dirt road and bought myself a cigarette. I walked quite a distance, (their neighbor the sari-sari store is good 50 yards away, i guess) having no streetlights and just the light of the moon to guide me, i slowly walked back.

The surroundings was quite eerie, full of tall grass and trees of varying heights, but it didn’t feel my mind, the thought of the hot chick fully clouds it.

I’m even having a hard – on as i think of her, she was wearing a white halter-top then, and a modest denim skirt, it all accentuated her curves, a modest pair of breasts, not too big but not too small, and a very curvaceous butt…

I was suddenly stopped by a presence about 15 yards ahead of me. it was walking slowly towards me, and then fear dawned upon me instantly.

“Holy shit…”

I’m feeling the urge to run because of the seemingly haunting apparition in front of me, but my feet was planted on the ground. Then the light of the moon shone on her. Damn my problematic eyesight.

Lady luck was smiling at me that night.

There she was, the seductively hot chick, slowly walking towards me, i can see that she was already tipsy from the drinks she had consumed.

“Hey, where ya goin’,” i asked her.

“I’ll just buy cigarettes. Naubusan ako e,” she said.

I offered her my cigarettes, and we both smoked and talked to each other. Her name was Shelly, and she was indeed a classmate of Jane. All the timne thoughts of getting laid was playing on my mind. We were already talking about many things when i suddenly thrown a silly question at her.

“Why were you looking at me all the while?”

“Cuz i am attracted to you,” Shelly answered, without batting an eyelash.

That was enough of an answer to me.

I’m in for a good night.

I grabbed her by the nape and gently kissed her lips. She didn’t budge, she answered me back with a lusty wet kiss. My testosterone went into overdrive. I kissed her back, full, passionate, torrid kisses…i started caressing her back, put my hand inside her top and gently unhooked her brassiere.

“Let’s not do it here…someone might see us…,” Shelly told me.

“E, saan?”

“Behind the grass.”

I was too driven beyond my norms…we walked toward the towering cogon grass, and not too far we found a bush undergrowth. we went there.

I started kissing her again, this time my hands were already caressing her full breasts…playing with her already hardening nipples. i continued kissing her…behind her ears, her neck, underneath her chin, then down to her cleavage…she was already getting hot from the kisses, and i can clearly hear her moans in the dead of the night.

“Oh, God…dilaan mo nipples ko…”

I removed her top and her bra, and let my tongue play with her hardened nipples. She was moaning like crazy, she pushed my head on her breast so hard i can’t breathe.

My intrusive hands were going everywhere…it found its place on her very voluptous butt…i gently lifted her skirt to grab her butt.

“Don’t lift it, remove it,” she commanded.

Like a enchanted slave, i removed her skirt and under the light of the moon i took a break and looked at her figure…she was so damn hot. i continued to play with her nipples while my left hand was already making its way to her warm pussy.

It was bloody wet.

I stuck a finger inside her panty and felt her clit. I played her hot, wet pussy with it.

“Oh, shit…stick a finger inside it…oohhhh…”

“Not yet, my lady,” i said to my mind.

I rubbed her clit with my finger, in alternating speeds, delaying her orgasm as i play with it. She was screaming in ecstacy.

“huwag mo akong bitinin, pleasee….pleaseee…”

Driven, i removed her panty, spread her legs, and helped myself to the pussy in front of me. i started licking her very wet pussy, i stroked her clit with circular motions and up and down strikes, all deliberately slow and delicate.

“shit bilisan mo naman..bilisan mo naman…”

“i want you to enjoy the night, lady…,” i told her.

My cock was already rock-hard at that time, and i already wanna stick it inside her, but i want her to enjoy from the pleasure she was getting…i raised my strokes a little RPM high, she was already raising her hips, a sign that she’s really enjoying it so much. I licked her clit with fast strokes, while sucking her clit and her cum like crazy.

“oh my God…oh my….sige ganyan nga…bilisan mo pa pagdila sa akin…”

That raised my motivation straight off the roof, i continually licked her clit then stuck what she wanted a while ago…my finger.
My finger went in and outside her pussy, like a piston in overdrive. Her hips once again reached for the sky, and she forced my head into her pussy in blinding ecstacy. i pressed on to her G-spot fast.

“im cumming na…i’m cumming….”


She came like a guy who hasn’t had a fuck for days…her cum was all over my face…i loved every drop of her cum. i savored its taste, and stood up.

she still had her legs eagle – spread, and i positioned myself and held my dick in front of her still wet pussy. i played her clit with my dick, and she cursed me.

“Tangina, ipasok mo na kasi yan e…please naman…”

I willfully obliged…i placed my cock in front of her pussy and with one deep thrust, i filled her in.

Like a madman, i rocked myself back and forth, my cock going in and out of her tight wet pussy. I’m trying my hardest not to cum immediately, and so far i am successful. I can see her face and hear her voice…it turned me on so much that it made my thrusts more wilder, faster, and harder.

“Faster…faster…i’m cumming again…” Shelly said.

“Me too…i’m gonna cum now…i can’t take it anymore…”

“Cum inside me, baby…”


“Don’t worry, i’m safe. Rock me faster…i’m cumming now…”

She raised her hips while i rocked her, and then i felt a new wave of wetness envelop my dick…After a few fast deep thrusts i popped my load inside her…it must’ve been three tablespoons…she clipped my hips with her legs and savored my seed inside her…She was panting and sweating, and all i can hear from her were just moans of pleasure.

“Oh, ____….you just made my night so damn good…”

“Yeah…you’re so hot, Shelly…i will never forget this night…”

I took off my woody off her and we both got dressed, and she headed back Jane’s home first.