How it Started (older women fantasy)



Hi im new to this site! my name is Licker(for women). Cause i really love the smell and taste(HAHAHA!) Since i was a kid i always find older woman attractive than my same age. For physiologic reasons ofcourse. (when it comes to sex). When i was a kid i often see my aunt or other women undressing infront of me, or i see nipple slip, or upskirt and all of those kinds of instances that i find erotic. Maybe because i look so inocent and goodboy image maybe they dont even care that i was there. But before that i really dont know anything about those kinds of things what do you EXPECT im a kid! All i know is that every time i see flesh of an older women or sexy hot lady or wat ever you call it MY PiTuTOY or junior (dick) is standing like a fucking flag pole! And i really dont know the reason. As it goes on and on. I was in grade one when i devoloped this shit! My brind had an advance development about sex! OF all things! OMG! BUt i kinda liked it then.


There are many incendents that i have my big chance of getting into hot matured woman but im scared of approaching them. Even if i know she is already saying something to me. Like a mental telapathy communicating through actions e.g.; like shy eyes rolling, vouyersim (tama ba spelling?) sa fx when i still have THE MUSKELS! heheh! NOW im a bit thin like sasagiin yun siko mo bago bumaba sabay aantayin kang bumaba with tempting looks and suddenly patay malisya ka lng na parang di mo sya naintindihan kahit gusto mo rin. Nakakafrustrate! i admit im scared maybe mali pala pagkakaintindi ko. Kahit saan may naiingcounter ako. Like sa jeep i looked at her and and she looked at me and she liked the way i look. [The looks that has a Flaming desire yet with respect. I found out that women liked it and is i still have it. One time at BANDCAMP! haha!] ayun d tumitig sya at napating na ako, she looking at me and i can understand her but without saying a word. Bagu sya bumaba ibinuka nya ang legs nya pero naka pants and she is waiting for me to go down. Her age i think she is at mid 30’s the 2ND incendent was she showed me her thong. the 3RD one is she went down near the sogo hotel and she was staring mad (demanding) at me at the jeepney. but i was just a 17 years old then. But there are alot of incedents na pinalampas ko because i dont know what to do. That was my jeepney experience. (one of the many instances that i recalled) SOME THINGS Were NON – intetional, happened unexpectedly! ok DONT JUDGE! i know myself.


When i was in 5th grade i had a chinita kayumangi teacher! her name is MJ i. Math was my waterloo but she is really eager and very persuasive teacher. And when she asked the answer to a certain math problem she will pursue to you till the last drop. i dont know the answer and i cried like a stupid 6 yr. old hahaha! stupid me. Try to imagine a 5″6 grade 5 studend crying. Diba an laking bulas! Ayun napahiya ako sa klase and she ask one of my classmates to teach me. I group up very sensitive to things. I sometimes wonder am i man? HAHA! Fuck men! im A man! Then i kept on staring at her cause at that time i find attractive. Her smell, her smile and danng her when she putt damn jeans it like a delicious chicken drumstick that u want to eat. Im already hungry! And then my Pagiging manyakis to her grew when i saw her panty while she was sitting and from switching cross legs! I dont have any intention of being a pervert but since i looked at her alot i noticed everything. But thats not really my intention! but the time(MOMENTUM) i cant believe that all things happen acciedentally. Then one time (at bandcamp) The end of class semester i went into the room where i can see the ball players playing basketball i was there at the window looking the event. And she was there also recording the grades i dont know if she noticed me but im with my friends when i went in. Then suddenly my went out and stayed there forever. But she looked at me and showed me no reaction. And i went to highschool to a different instituion when i was about to fetch my sister i saw her walking to me. When she arrived from where im standing i felt different. I know she’s telling me something. She ask me if im going to transfer back to my school its a private school by the way and may highschool din. She waiting for me to say something and i know that she telling me like Comon take me home. You can tell by the looks and gestures. And apparently nothing happened TORPEPOT ME! fuck I HATE myself! Maybe because im a scared or GOODBOY bullshit.