First Timer with Old Timer



I am Gwen, 20 years old and a graduating student from Quezon city. Let me share with you a sexual escapade that happened to me a few months back. I have always wondered how it feels like to be in bed with an older man. They say that the older they get, the better they become in bed. I had two boys friends before who’s the same age as me but I never had the courage to go out or be seen with an older guy. So this is my story.

I texted my friend and classmate Shella that I will be stopping by at their house to pick up the books that we will be using for our defense at school. When I came there her dad told me that she just went out to buy some groceries. While I waited I had a small conversation with Shella’s dad. Shella and I have been classmates since junior college so I am already acquainted with her family. A few minutes later Shella arrived and told me she got my message but was unable to text back because she doesn’t have any load and that’s why she went out to buy groceries and prepaid text card. She gave me what I came for and we said our goodbyes.

One Saturday, I woke up so horny that I can’t think of anything but sex. Unfortunately my boyfriend is out of town for two months for a family emergency. I went to have my morning shower and there I pleasure myself. But still after that morning ritual I am hornier that before and I usually get this a week before my period. To preoccupy myself I cleaned my room but ended up thinking of my boyfriend and how we had sex all around my room when my parents are not around. While cleaning my make-up drawer I saw a receipt from the video rental shop where I get my DVD’s.

“Dang! Shella borrowed the DVD and it is already a week due.”

I said to myself. I called house but all I get is a busy signal, so I went to get my cellphone and texted her.

“She, nid d dvd asap. i wil dropby 2day”

I didn’t waited for her reply so I changed and headed to her house. While on the FX, Shella’s dad suddenly popped into my mind. Still the panic of an overdue DVD didn’t seem to dampen my horniness. When I came to Shella’s house her dad told me that she went out last night to stay at another classmates house for some projects. I told her dad the situation and he said he will try to find the spare keys for Shella’s room to get my DVD. I can tell that Shella’s dad just came out of the shower because of his wet hair and soft cologne. I seated on the sofa while waiting for Shella’s dad. I looked around and saw that their computer was on. I figured out that probably Shella’s dad is online that is why the phone was busy. I went to it and suddenly the screen saver deactivated and refreshes the screen. I was surprised to see some porn sites minimized on the taskbar. I was shocked when Shella’s dad saw me standing in front of the computer.

“Gwen, di ko makita un spare key sa room ni Shella…” And he paused.

“Sorry uncle I didn’t mean to pry.” I explained.

Then I was literally saved by the bell when my cellphone rang as I received a text message. It was from Shella.

“Sori sis but u can ask dad 2 get d keys its n his lowr drwer by d bed.”

I relay the message to Shella’s dad as I showed him the message from my phone. I went with him to their room and it was nice and neat. He found the keys and we went out to Shella’s room and got my DVD. Then I stupidly blurted…

“Uncle, I you want I can rent porn for you so you don’t need to go online, ha ha.”

Shella’s dad blushed and replied.

“Ha ha ha, Okey lang nagkakakalyo na nga itong kamay ko eh. ”

“Ganyan talaga uncle pagnag-iisa na.” I continued.

“Buti ikaw meron nobyo eh ako wala.” He responded.

“Wrong timing nga uncle, wala siya ngayon.” I answered.

“Pareho pala tayo.” He answered and smiled.

Then I felt this eerie feeling inside of the that’s like a magnet’s attraction and repulsion all together.

“Haay… ganyan talaga buhay.” He sighed.

I was standing beside the sofa while he was standing at the close to the door. Then I blurted another stupid comment.

“Mahirap talaga pag horny no, uncle, nag sasarili na lang ha ha ha.”

He walked toward me and we sat at the sofa.

“Samahan mo nga muna ako sandali.” He suggested.

“Sure uncle hindi naman ako nagmamadali eh.” I answered.

“Magkasintanda lang kayo ni Shella di ba?” He asked.

“No uncle, matanda si Shella sa akin the 1 year.” I replied.

“Buti ikaw meron nang boyfriend si Shella simula nang magbreak sila nuong matagal niyang boyfriend hindi na ata interesado sa mga lalaki.” He said.

“Ha ha ha, di naman uncle.” I replied.

“Madalas siguro kayo magcheck-in ng boyfriend mo ano?” He asked openly.

“Minsan minsan. Ngayon isang buwan na siya wala at isa buwan pa ulit.” I told him.

“Eh di tigang ka na ren tulad ko? Ha ha ha, sori biro lang.” He teased.

“Ha ha ha, oo nga eh, kailangan na kailangan na.” I jokingly replied.

Then we pause for a little while almost staring at each other.

“Gusto mo pasok tayo sa kuwarto ulit?” He teased.

“Si uncle talaga, mamaya nyan sumama nga ako tapos tumawag ka ng pulis sabihin mo ni-rape kita. Ha ha ha”.

We both laugh. Then he stood up and stood beside me.

“Sige nga rapin mo ako… biro lang.” He said.

I stood up and like instinct we went inside the room. I feel weird following him to the room.

“Ok lang ba sayo ha?” He softly asked me.

“Ok lang ho, eh kayo?” I asked him back.

” Sandali maghahanap lang ako ng protection. ”

I asked him what for and he said he didn’t want me to get pregnant but I explained to him that I am on pills. I didn’t even notice how we removed our clothes and I can remember is that I was sitting on the bed while he was standing beside me. We are both kinda on the large side. I am chubby, 5 feet 4 inches, 180 pounds while uncle is a bit taller and bigger that me.

He asked me to lay down on the center of the bed. Once his lips touched my shoulder I felt the electricity surging around me. I feel hotter than that morning in my bed or in the shower.

“Laki pala ng boobs mo.” He complimented.

My boobs never misses to amaze my boyfriends. Who can sports a nice large cup of mammaries but us fat women right? Uncle started caressing left breast while he suck on the other. I was in heaven and I can feel his tongue sent electricity to my skin to my bones down to my feet. I moaned and moaned while uncle feast himself with my boobs. He went down further more and said.

“Wow, walang ka pa lang buhok dito?” Surprized.

He went straight and buried his hot tongue in my clit. I arched with ecstasy while I feel his lips and tongue play around my pussy, thinking this man knows how to eat pussy. It didn’t took long before I felt a surge of pending climax coming. I held his head and grinded my pussy on his face as I release the pending tension I have in me. We both groaned and moaned that moment.

He went up and wiped his mouth.

“Grabe, sarap mo. Tagal ko nang hindi nakakatikim ng ganito ah.” He said.

He went top of me his chest pressed to mine. I was looking at him and thinking this is my fantasy fulfilled. I held my breathe as I feel the head of his cock slipped inside me.

“Eto na.” He announced.

One thrust and I felt that my whole body was ripped into two. It was a little painful like my pussy is chocking. I tried to contain my voice but the feeling was overwhelming.

“Ahhhh… shiiit…”

He started pumping fast as eager and excited like there is no tomorrow.

“Mmmmp… mmmp….” He groaned.

“Ahhh… uncle… ohhh… mmmm….”

I can feel like there is a ball pushing in and out of my pussy as he pump on top of me.

“Ahhh… mmmm… ahhh… ano ito?… uncle… ahhhhhhh” Broken I spoke.

“Sarap mo Gwen… nakakalibog ka lalu… ahhhh sikip…” He groaned.”

“Ahhh… ohhh shit… mmmmppp” I moaned.

He drilled me like horsed jockey on steroids. We literally shock the bed. I can feel his hard inward thrust as his big body bumped into me. His cock touched the inner wall of my pussy.

“Ahhhh… shit… I’m cumming… ahhh… uncle don’t stop I’m cumming… ahhh” I said.

I saw his hands clenched on the bed as he pump harder and harder.

“Ahhh… uncle… shit… aaaaaahhhhhhhhh.. ohhhhhh!!!” I scream while I reached my climax.

He gave me long and hard thrusts.

“Mmmp… mmmm… grabe ang dulas na…” He said

A few more strokes and he said he is about to come. He asked me where he can go.

“Inside… don’t stop… ahhhhhhh….” I told me.

“Mmmmppp… ohhhh…. mmmmp….”

Then I felt another climax coming. It seldom happen to me to have multiple climax but as horny as I was I am in a verge of getting to a new level.

“Uncle… ahhhhh… harder… I coming again…. ahhh ahhhh…”

“Sige Gwen sabay tayo…. ahhhh sarap talaga….”

“Mpppp… unc… ahhhh…. mmmm…. ayannna….. ahhhhh” I moaned hard.

“Sige pa Gwen malapit na ren ako… ahhhh shit…. ahhhhhh”

“Uncle… mmmm…. mmmm…. mmmm…”

“Shit Gwen…. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” He shouted.

I felt a surge of hot liquid inside me and his cock pulsating.

We were both exhausted but satisfied. That is the first time I had sex with an older guy. A wild side I never though I will experience.