Taboo 101


It is not the intention of this story to make you horny or please your sexual fantasy but rather to submerge your thoughts into the minds of the characters. Lets us delve into the personalities and inner motions of the character and find relevance and justification on their actions.

WARNING: This is based on a true story in which the names are changed and the source is undisclosed. This contains explicit events beyond the norms of what our society define as normal.

The Characters:

Charlie – a 48 year old widower who work as a Security Officer in one of the mall in the Philippines. His wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer ten years back. Charlie dedicated his time in the remaining 2 years of his wife’s life by taking care of her.

Carla – the 27 year old daughter and only child of Charlie. She was spoiled by her parents that is why she is often described as fat or obese. But what she lack in beauty she makes up in her character, for Carla is a kind, caring and passionate in nature. She works as a Shift Supervisor in a call center in Ortigas.

Brief Background:

Charlie works from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening. He don’t usually hangout with people he work with, he rather chose to stay at home and watch cable or DVD.

Carla is a workaholic and very much devoted with her work. Her colleagues brand her as a slave worker slash snowball not because she is cold hearted but she doesn’t entertain any relationship other than friends.

Charlie like other men has a knack for porn. Being a bachelor for almost 10 years with no urge or liking for another relation, Charlie escapes boredom and loneliness thru gardening and reading books.

Much like her dad Carla has tendencies of being an introvert. She seldom goes out with her friends. When she goes shopping or wants to watch a movie she goes by herself. Carla had a boyfriend when she was in college but she broke it of when she discovered that it was only a bet between her friends and another group. She was very devastated with that experience which leads her to change school. She thought that her boyfriend loved her that she gave away her virginity and innocence.

Charlie had a long standing crush with on of the sales lady in his work but because of their age gap he didn’t pursue his feelings.

Carla had some flings in her new school but never materialized to a full blown relationship. She even went through a few ventures of one-night-stands to quench her curiosity. After college Carla became more focused on her new job as a trainee on an new company venturing on call centers.


One night Carla came across to a conspicuous shop in Pasay city while visiting one employment agency. It is the first time she set her eyes on wide variety of adult paraphernalia’s and one which she has an inner urge to purchase. Thinking it over and over, evaluating every scenario she decided to buy a small but worthy partner – a dildo. The night became for Carla became intimate and satisfying.

“For me my friend (the dildo) will be my forever intimate companion in my cold lonely nights.”

Carla hid her friend deep in her closet where no one even her dad can see.

“It will be embarrassing if my dad finds out what I am to.”


Out of the entire available adult genre Charlie has two favorites. Teens and Interracial are his likes. The old man has a box full of these smuts hiding from his bed. A few months back Charlie started to divert to a new but old source for some people, he started looking at the internet a new way of satisfying his flesh. He often visits free websites and even started chatting with a few women online.

“The feeling of doing something for the first time like starting a conversation is like going back to my teenage days.”

In his new found treasure, Charlie even went on reading adult stories online. One category strikes him and even aroused his curiosity. Charlie would then read all night about virgin teens and incestual encounters.


One night Carla came home late from doing her errands, she ate on her way home so she went straight up to her room. The house was quite and she taught maybe her dad was in bed early. After changing she went to the downstairs bathroom to take a warm shower. She intentionally uses the downstairs bathroom instead of the one near their room because she doesn’t want to wake her father from the shower noise. After a soothing bath Carla went up and changed into her sleeping clothes when she wondered if there could be something wrong with her dad or he could be sick. She went her dad’s room and unfortunately her timing was all wrong. She got the shock of her life when she opened her dad’s bedroom door. What she witnessed hit her like a mixed brick wall of awe and disgust. With full lights on her dad was half sitting on the bed, wearing a long corded earphone attached to the television fully naked and vigorously stroking his lubricated cock. Carla stood in shock for ten seconds then when she realized what she have done she quickly closed the door and ran to her room.

Buried Treasure:

One night was feeling horny so she went to closet to get her dildo. She began digging in her stuff but she didn’t find her toy. She began to feel worried after searching pile after pile for her dildo. She thought that her dad must have found it and threw it away and she knew that Charlie will soon confront her about it.

The next morning while preparing to go to work when she pulled out the left drawer of her vanity closet she found her dildo together with her curling iron and other paraphernalia. She got a knock on the door so she quickly pulled out her Dr. Hair brush and opened the door.

“It’s a good thing that I was the one who found your stuff in your closet. Manang Lety usually does that but I let her clean the whole room instead and she help me discard some old stuff especially the old beddings where you hide your dildo.”

Charlie told to her daughter in a straight voice then walk out of the room.

“Bilisan mo at dadaan pa tayo sa ATM”


Since Charlie discovered her daughter’s secret he began imagining in bed playing with it. Everything he sees a girl playing with a dildo in his video he imagine that it was Carla. Charlie began having sexual interest with his own daughter but that is only when he watches his porn or reading adult stories online. He began reading father-daughter stories online and trying to chat with guys with the same fantasy.

Carla on night out of curiosity sneaked into her father’s bed room door and took a peak on what is he doing. Same as before she saw him watching porn and listening to it via headphones and masturbating at the same time. It will give Carla the chills but knowing that she is not the only one who have secret sessions at night.

“Tao ay tao, there’s nothing much about that”

Carla quipped.

Breaking Out:

One time Carla got a weird text message from someone.

Wana mit? I lyk chubby women lyk u?

She texted the sender and got him in a good clean conversation. After a week of texting and calling each other, Leo suggested Carla to meet with him. Carla knew Leo’s intention and she was willing to try again and explore her sexuality. But after thinking it over Carla chickened out and said no and Leo didn’t texted or called her back ever since. All of a sudden Carla began receiving sexual text messages and SEB (sex eyeball) messages. She often text them back and ride along but discourage them after a while when they try asking her to go out. Carla feeds on this fantasy a night while masturbating much like a role playing game for her.

Revelation – Blood to Blood:

One occasion Charlie and Carla attended a huge party. It was the 75th birthday of Carla’s maternal grandmother. Everybody was there and it is one of the few occasions that they get to see and meet their relatives.

After the party the two went home. When the two got into their house they closed the house and went to their respected room. Both were buzzed from drinking and eating at the party. Carla went to the shower as usual and head back to the room. She was so tired and sleepy that she just laid in the bed naked. Charlie just came out also from the downstairs bathroom and went to his room. Charlie was shocked to see Carla laying in his bed. He stood there staring at her big plump body. Looking at her fair white skin, 40C breasts, two layered tummy and huge legs, Charlie began stroking his cock inside his towel that is wrapped around his waist. Suddenly Carla moved and started caressing her pussy but her eyes were still closed. Charlie stopped and then continued to masturbate his now hard cock, his stroking cause his towel to fell on the floor. Carla started moaning a little while her finger very slowly rubs inside her pussy crack. Charlie continued watching his daughter masturbate in her sleep. Unknowingly, Carla was awake and she thought that she is in the comfort of her own room while doing her motions. She said to herself that she needs her dildo to satisfy her heating body. Carla saw her dad in front of her stroking his cock.

“Dad! What the…”

Just before Carla could scream she realized that she was in the wrong room. Charlie ran towards Carla to calm her down. The inevitable accident happened.

What happens when two naked body touch?

Carla’s slight struggle made her hands accidentally went to his dad’s hard cock. Charlie’s hand landed on Carla’s shoulder.

They got to feel how warm each other’s skin.

Carla got to touch a real cock. It is hard and warm and inviting.

Charlie felt the soft skin of his daughter.

Carla closed her eyes for a while to think it was all but a dream.

Charlie’s deprived lust lead him to press his cock in her pussy. In one synchronous moan the two plunge into taboo. For once Charlie’s cock was wrapped inside a soft but warm and wet pussy. Carla felt a hard and throbbing cock inside her almost filling her womanhood in mass and in excitement.


Charlie began moving and Carla can feel his swollen cock sliding in and out her. She kept her eyes close while he slowly thrusting his cock in her pussy. In that instance their longing and sexual thirst was in fulfillment. The two moan silently trying not to disturb the trance like atmosphere of the room.

Carla’s pussy started to wet some more and Charlie response was a strong and deep stokes. The feeling was irresistible and yet wrong. Just right before the two started drowning with addictive sensation and intimacies.

“Dad… ohhhh… this is not right…”

The two bodies pause as if they were awakening from a deep sleep. Charlie pulled away and Carla ran to her room. The two were not in speaking terms for a month after that night. But in their own room at their own time they fantasize that night wishing it didn’t ended. For them it will be just a dream, a reality that will never be touched again.

“How could something so good be so bad”


I will leave this section to the readers.