Teacher’s Confession Pt. 2


She kissed me back.

I love the way she kiss. She has nice soft lips that gently nibbles at you and her mouth was open just wide enough to tease you with her tongue. Her eyes was closed but her hands gently stroking my legs.

I tried to hold her on her hips but i found my left hand slightly going upward and found her soft breast. I’ve been with many women before and hers is softer, nicer to the touch.. “Aaahh,” I hear her softly sighing. I know she likes what I’m doing to her so i lifted her shirt to feel more.

Her shirt is gone and I started kissing her neck and shoulder while Im trying to fumble on the straps of her bra. I don’t know why but for some reason I can’t take it off. Anne noticing my difficulty started to laugh. “Sir, ‘di nyo ba matanggal?” she asked me smiling.

“Let’s just leave it on for a while,” I told her, “it’s not everyday I get to see you in your lingerie.” In fact, I prefer to see her this way.

She let go and stand up in front of me. “Do you want to see more Sir Jed?”. I didn’t answer but I never let my eyes look anywhere but her. She teasingly undo the button and unzip her short. “Pull it down for me.” she said.

She came near me. Still sitting on the bed I started kissing her stomach while I’m pulling her shorts down. I started licking the inside of her belly button while she holds pulls my hair. I can hear her moaning louder.

“Uhhmm.. That feels so good.. Shitt..” She is moaning a liitle louder that I was worried their maid might hear us. But I felt her hands is pushing my head, guiding me where she wants me to lick next. At that moment I just didn’t care. I was so horny I think I can’t even let myself stop even if their maid came knocking at her room.

I lowered my head to where her hands seems to push it.. My nose can feel the dampness on the soft fabric of her laced panty. She smells so good I started kissing it. “Ooohh.. Oh yes..” She’s grinding it to me that i had to lift my head to breathe. I looked at her and was surprised that she was watching what I’m doing to her. MOst girls i’ve been through usually closed their eyes. But Anne was different she was staring and like it to watch. I kissed it again while looking at her. I became more arouse as she keeps looking into my eyes while i kiss and lick at her panty. She was very wet and I can taste her now.

I pulled her while I tried to lay in her bed. we end up me below her and her and Anne was stradling my face. “want me to lick you?” I asked.

“Nakakahiya po sa inyo Sir.” her answer seems ironic compre to what is just happening.

“It’s ok. I want to taste you.” I said, excited to do it. I don’t know why but I had this feeling doing that to her would be special.

She didnt answer but she didnt resist when I pulled her underwear. She even shifted her legs so i can easily remove it. And there it was. Right in front of my face. It wasn’t shaved but it’s not too bushy either. Her slit was glistening and I slid my finger to spread it so I can see her clit. I look up at her face and again I found her watching. She was biting her lips in anticipation as I look again at her wet pussy. I kissed her clit first then I used my tongue and lick it. “Uhhmm..” i was starting to moan too. I rolled my tongue in a circular motion at her clit. She is pushing her body on my face. My face and nose was so wet and I tried to push my tongue inside her. I wanted to insert one of my fingers but its kinda hard on this position. So i just lick and kiss.

“Oooohhh Sirrr… Ahhhh.. Sige pa, lick me.” She’s gripping my hair and pushing my head into her. I know she’s near. “Aaaahhh, please don’t stop..” Suddenly I felt her come. She was gushing. I never thought someone can cum that much.

She lay down beside me. I noticed she had removed her bra. My mouth still wet with her cum, i hungrily kissed her nipples. I moved on top of her while she lifted myshirt. I’m still wearing jeans and It’s really uncomfortable. I removed the jeans myself.

I took it all off and we’re both naked now. She slid her hand below me and grab my penis. “Sir, let me take a look”

I shifted to give her a good view of my throbbing dick. She seems to weight it in her hands.

“sir, im not sure it this would fit inside me.”

“Let’s try it then and find out.” I said not willing for this not to happen.

I lifted one of her leg and positioned her for my entry. “Too bad you cant see it going inside you.” I said. She just smiled.

I gently pushed it into her. I din’t put it into her all at once. Just the head first letting it get wet and I pulled out again. A little teasing technique I learned long ago.

“Bilisan nyo na please.. Fuck me now..” She demanded. I would have teased her more and enjoy the moment but I was worried a little about how much time we have left for her yaya to noticed I am taking too long inside her room. So i decided not to let her wait anymore.

I pushed down again, this time a little deeper. I was careful to take it gently for her to feel only pleasure of me coming into her. She was very tight. I can feel her insides gripping me as I go deeper into her. We kissed while I pumped into her. I tried to soften our moans by kissing her hard. the feeling was so good I can fuck her forever.

“Aahhh OOohhh.. I’m coming again don’t stop please.” Anne was really enjoying what we’re doing. She’s scratching my back and kiss my face over and over. She even tried to bite on my shoulder. I was almost coming too and I told her that.

“Just don’t stop. OOh.. I want you deep in me when I cum. Ahhh”

I tried to slow down so I can control myself but she didnt let me. “Sir please don’t stop. you can cum inside me. I want it fast like kanina. Aahh..”

I moved faster and fuck her harder. She’s right it feels so much better when I moved fast. Her pussy is taking me all in and my dick was absorb into that tight grip. It was so good to fuck a young pussy.

She moaned loud as she came. She bit my shoulder so as not to shout her pleasure. “Uhhmmm so good. That’s so sweet..” I remember her saying that. XD

“You came first,” I teased, “now, its my turn.”

“Sir do you want it inside me?” She asked.

“Yes I do. But I want to hear that you want me too.” I said. I was not sure if it’s safe so i asked her. Otherwise I couldnt let it.

“I want it too Sir.. I want it all inside me.”

I put both her legs on my shoulders so I can go in deeper into her. I was so aroused and so near I didnt care if this position would hurt her or not. I got in deep and fast and she started to moan again. Music to my ears.

“Sir, I think Im coming again. Ohh…”

“Let’s come together… Aaahhh.. Anne..” I climax insdide her. and felt my juice seeped into her.

“that was so nice.” she said as we lie together in bed. ” I wanted to try that for a long time.”

“You wanted it to try with me?” I asked.

“Not just that,” Anne answered, “It’s the first time someone kissed me down there. I wanted too feel that for a long time and you are the first one to do that to me. that’s waht nice.”

“don’t you had a boyfriend?” I inquire/

“Before. But we neve do that thing. We had sex but ganun lang. Yung normal sex lang.” she confessed.

I was beggining to relax when suddenly a knocking in the door.

It was their maid…

****Sorry it took a while to publish. Thanks for the comment. For those who are asking, no, I’m not an english teacher nut it ws not an excuse. I didnt took time to edit my work here. ijust typed it as I remember it. Maybe I’ll try to check it next time. Thank you.