Him Who Made Love Genuine: My NarrativeHim Who Made Love Genuine: My Narrative


Ohhh! Ahhh! Harder baby!”

“Sige pa! Please don’t stop…” I didn’t expect myself to be begging for more.

All you could hear inside the room were sighs of pleasure between two people finding heaven in each others arms. How could I utter words other than my Ohhs and Ahhs when he was down there busy licking and sucking every juice my pussy excretes. I expect the encounter to be a total awkward for both of us but with the desire I see in his eyes made everything possible. He may not be the person worth trusting at that moment but his hugs proved me wrong.

It wasn’t that easy making up my mind to finally meet him after a month affair over the Internet. But I’ve already told him I am meeting him when he gets to the Philippines. And I am not breaking that promise. We’ve exchanged messages online, shared our thoughts, opinions, ideas, perspectives, plans and some kinkyness I do not do with others. Getting to know each other process they say. Then came his “I love you” and “I care for you.” Of course I am one of those who do not believe in cyber love but fate sometimes play on people. But on my part, fate isn’t playing, it’s giving me a favor. A favor to find the man who would be loving and caring for me forever (I am hoping for it). Someone who will love everything about me, my strengths, weaknesses, imperfections and shortcomings. I became his girlfriend after few hours of chatting with him not because I am used to that concept but because I exactly know what I wanted. He’s straighforward, so am I.

He sent me a note that he’s coming. I admit I do not just believe it but I am open to it. It could happen though. I took a day off from work and slept the whole day. He’s scheduled to be in Cebu at seven in the evening. Fly straight here from California to see me first before anything else. I wasn’t in his plan but he pulled it through. He managed to insert me into his hectic schedule. He has work, business and some family matters he need to attend to. Who would ever thought he’s really coming and serious about the whole thing? He might be financially and emotionally stable but I do not know him that much.

Then came the time I have to dress up and prepare for the meeting. He called me up, told me his room number and informed me he was there for a couple of minutes already. I hurried to take the cab and headed to Waterfront Cebu. I took the lift and look for the room he is occupying. Yes people, I know it’s not safe! And I am so fucking nervous!!! I just can’t help it. Maybe I learned to trust him the natural way and with me not knowing it.

I had trouble finding his room. I still have to send him a message to ask for it. Then a door opened and a man who looked in his late twenties opened a door and called my attention. I was even trembling at that time. I do not know if he even noticed it. I went inside the room, he held my hand and gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek. Maybe the greeting helped my nerves relax a bit. I was just there standing, holding my bag and him busying himself with some stuff I do not know.

“Ganda mo!” he praised me. Then his eyes went down the cleavage shown by the plunging neckline I am wearing.

He held me closer to him and kissed me gently on the lips. I returned his kiss until it made him feel the freedom to do more than kissing and make the kiss deeper. He was caressing my bare back until he just can’t get enough of it and his hands began to move to trace every curve he could reach. Everything he was doing didn’t appear abusive or taking advantage of how vulnerable I was at that time because he was just waiting on how I would respond to his touch and kisses. I could have all the chances to push him away and tell him to stop but how would I be able to resist the desire that starts to burn inside me at that time when he was just there in front of me with no space between us?

He’s such a very good kisser, mind you people. He got a gentle masculine look in every aspect. He has great muscles he gained from the regular visit to the gym. It eventually made an impression he can protect me anytime. Strong shoulders I can lean on anytime. He is perfectly beautiful in his ways. A few of his kind may have existed. Should I be lucky? Hell yes!

He started to guide me towards the bed and I lay down obliviously with my eyes sealed into his and let it speak how much I wanted him at that moment. His one hand longingly but passionately kneaded my breasts while the other slid unto my dress only to find out I am not wearing any panty. He let one finger pass through my slice and it made me grasp for air.

He made me so fucking horny!!! He was just right for cumming!!! Maybe he can tell I am a full naughty girl!!! No panty and no bra, he’s not that insensitive to get what I want. I took the initiative to remove my dress before he loose his patience and could just rip it off. I may not be into having sex with him the first time we meet but being touched and kissed that way made me loose my guard. Or he could just be an unrepentant tease. I am far from weak but my body seemed to love his every touch.

He kissed me again and his lips slowly began moving downwards until he reached the treasure between my legs. But to my dismay, he made everything really slow and just right for the teasing part. He licked and sucked every part surrounding my pussy. I have to chase after his tongue everytime it skips my clit and my hole. The more he avoided my clit, the more I craved for it. I loved to be teased but not that way that I have to beg for it.

Then came the part I am longing for. He gently let his tongue pass through my slit making me moan so loud. He peeled my pussy lips apart to get a better view of the clit hidden between it. He was licking, kissing and making traces around it using the tip of his tongue. I could feel his warm breath in my pussy that made me anticipate his tongue to touch my hole and clit. He could see I am aching for it. He kissed it gently, his tongue licking my clit, sucking my juices.

He was running his tongue up and down between the layers of my pussy flesh. It was total heaven to be licked that way. I opened my legs wider and urged him on. His tongue began fucking me. I am dying for it. He pushed his tongue in and out of my wet pussy alternating his fast and slow thrusts. His fingers explored deeply into my wet treasure hole making me wetter that I am dripping down my leg. We were catching our breath and I am moaning out so loud and even have to let out minor screams at times.

He might think I was just faking it but holding back my moans was like hell because of the senses his tongue and fingers sent through my veins. He exactly knew his best in licking my pussy. I kept on shivering out of pleasure and tiny volts his tongue caused. I just have to give up all my inhibitions and pushed him down my pussy. I want more! Crave for more! I wanna be taken! I want his cock inside me! I wanna be filled with his massive flesh!

Then came my turn for the taste test. I pushed down his boxers and held his beautifully crafted cock in my hand. He groaned as my lips closed about him and began sucking his manhood like my favorite lollipop. The wet heat of my mouth surrounded him, seduced him and his eyes rolled in bliss. My tongue danced on the head of his cock. I sucked his balls. I wanna please him as much as I could. He pulled me up after few minutes and gave me that so passionate wet kiss again.

He rolled on top of me and continue licking every exposed flesh. Imagine then him licking up my torso and sucking on my ripe nipples and luscious neck as the fat head of his cock pressing up against my pussy lips trying to enter my hole. I could feel him having to push even harder untill all of a sudden, his hard cock breaches my threshold and slides deeply into me as I gasp with excitement, slight pain and erotic pleasure I’ve never felt before. As he slide in and out of me, the slight pain turns into ecstacy and my body and mind go wild as he pump harder and harder, deeper and deeper. My back arched as he push himself deeper onto me and he let out a deep groan as my pussy convulses and flows my hot juice all over his groin dug inside my pussy.

“Oh….fuck! Fuck me harder baby please…” I begged him. I needed more, needed to be filled up, taken hard and fast. He obliged and dug his manhood faster and deeper into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist urging him on. Sweat shone on his forehead and trickled down the muscles in his chest. I felt the warmth in my belly grow more intense as I am aching for more of his thrusts to reach orgasm. The warmth spread to my pussy and breasts causing my nipples to harden almost painfully and making my cunt dampen with hightened desire. It was sinfully and fuckingly awesome being fucked by a boyfriend I do not even know the name.

I clung to him and received his every thrust with him almost feeling the fire in my pussy. I moaned and screamed at the same time. Even barely catching few air to breath and didn’t know where to turn my head because of the flash of ecstasy. He was panting and groaning like a strong lion deavouring his very willing victim. He was doing it all like he had taken a good rest.

“Wala pa akong tulog nyan,” he boasted between his thrusts. Conceited as he can be but it was true.

“Do you know ano una kong nakain dito sa Pilipinas?” he asked me. He grew up in California. He came to check on the business he will be launching soon.


“Pekpek mo!” He honestly or just playfully told me. I didn’t know if he was serious but it really made me crack a big laugh.

He picked up the phone while his manhood was still dug deep inside me. He was ordering food with me trying to hold back my moans to prevent the telephone operator from hearing me and get the idea that the man she is talking to is fucking somebody right at that moment. I told him to stop but he just smiled at me. I am not so into those naughty stuff but the way he did it made me more horny.

We cleaned up before his order came. He decided to see my place after he ate. He promised to just check it and let me change then leave afterwards. But he could just barely manage to control himself when I am around. Then we repeated everything that happended inside the hotel room. I just smiled and let him do his thing. How could I resist him? He’s damn hot in every way. However, he complained of the thin mattress. We headed back to the hotel room after the hot steamy sex in my place.

The moment we entered his room, he started it again. This time, we are facing the mirror and he could see how much pleasure he’s giving me. And seeing him plunging himself inside me made the whole scene more erotic and sensual in every way. I am learning his rhythm and returning it with equal force. I could hear the wet slapping sounds. His one hand was holding me while the other fondled my luscious breasts he kept on praising because of its size, feeling the round fullness of them in his palm and teasing my stiff hard nipples.

“I’m afraid you’d become my sweetest drug baby!” he told me between the tiny kisses he showered all over my face. “Not afraid to get addicted though.”
We hurriedly went back to the bed after few minutes in front of the mirror. He groaned as I wailed and convulsed, my inner muscles wrapping his cock. Then his thrusts went faster before roaring out his pleasure as he came burying his cock inside my wetness and rocking his hips as his seep spurted inside my womb.

We took the shower together and he asked me things he wanna know about me.

We went back to bed together and slept, too tired of the long hours of fucking.

His wet tongue on my pussy woke me up very early in the morning. Little did he knew I sooooooooo appreciate what he did. A dose of sex first thing in the morning is scientifically proven to be healthy and can help prevent heart diseases. And the feeling of being wanted by this man early in the morning feels so great. I so love how he made me feel sexy and wanted.

Then he felt like doing another naughtiness again. He told me to pick up the phone to order for our breakfast. I really don’t feel like following him at that time because I exactly know what he’s gonna do.

“Just make the call baby. I will not do anything,” he assured me.

But the moment I started ordering, he quickly positioned himself between my legs, spread it wider and began diving again. I couldn’t help but make sighs of pleasure while trying not to moan. I have to sigh between the foods I am ordering because he’s still down there busy eating his favorite meal between my legs. He was licking my pussy the whole time I was on the phone for quite a long time. But he was just cruel enough to just smile at me everytime I tell him to stop and even got the nerve to tell me to stop shivering! He then proceeded to fuck me after I made the phone call and never failed to give me the same intense pleasure he gave me the first time we made love.

He took the shower after minutes of fucking me, afraid to face the attendant with my scent all over him.

I don’t know how to tell him but I am certain I will surely fall for him. I didn’t see it coming that fast so I was a bit offguard. I do not fear of falling for him but it could be too difficult for me because I do not know if he’s really into me emotionally. Physically, yes it’s possible because men are easily tempted. But I do not know if I can make him love me the way I want him to.

He will be flying to Palawan that morning but promised to come back October 29. Who would ever consider his promise to come back genuine? I could not help but think it will be our first and last meeting because he already got what he wanted (some women think that way too). Getting me laid that easy, yes. There’s no way I have to resist if I also like it.

However, as serious as he might be, he wanted to get a morning after pill for the next week event because I am not safe at that time and he could get me pregnant which is not part of his plan. He’s a man who plans everything he does but I am somebody who might just shutter it all.

We head it one last time before getting ready to leave. We asked the physician of the hotel for the prescription but she referred us to a certain hospital because only obstetricians are legally allowed to prescribe the pill. He has the flight to catch so we’ve decided to go straight to the airport and I will be in-charge on getting the pill.

However, days passed and I failed to get one. He talked on the phone so often. When I told him I didn’t get the pill, he told me “Usap lang tayo.”

“That would surely suck!” I objected.

Who would not consider it hell? I’d be staying with a man whose really good in bed and we would just be talking?

“Maybe I just have to learn to accept the fact na magiging mama na ako,” I told him and he was like “Shit! Magkakaanak na nga bah ako? Hell no!”

October 29 and true to his words, he really came. We agreed to sleep when we get to the hotel room because we are both tired. Me of the whole day work at the office and him on all his travels. We went into a five-star hotel different from where he stayed the previous week. However, maybe it’s just so hard for him to keep his promise not to touch me since we are both tired and we don’t have the morning-after pill. Then the supposed rest ended up into another longing and passionate sex, more intense, more pleasurable.

I could feel the same desire through his touch and kisses. He was touching me again like the most delicate thing in his world. Kissing and caressing every inch of my whole body. He’s an absolute expert on human anatomy. He explained to me every part of my pussy and touched me in places that could make me shiver. Things happen again. The room was filled with my moans and screams of pleasure. He never failed to make me want him more. It’s the feeling I could find every pleasure I want from this man.

He was thrusting again like there’s no tomorrow but stopped everytime he feel like cumming, afraid to shoot his load inside me because he will surely make me pregnant. After urging him to just finish it and assuring him I will never get pregnant, he went through and then emptied himself inside me. He buried his cock inside and waited for the last drop of the league of nurses to fill my hole.

We talked after that. Then he made a decision to marry me. It could also be just a promise to ease the fear I might be feeling at that time. Getting pregnant without knowing he will father the child or to come back for me, who would not fear for it? I’ve always been so optimistic before he came and made promises and statements I never thought he will really keep.

One thing is certain though. I am falling for him. Don’t even want to depart from his side. I want him to trust me. He’s somebody who can be my everything. He can be a lover, a brother, a counselor and a guide to do things the better way and make brilliant decisions. He’s starting to make me part of his life.

I have to stay strong and understand the situation that he has to go back to work. I have to make things easier for me. I should not be crying just because I misses him. I should be emotionally stable because it could affect our Kyra Leigh (if it’s a baby girl/still looking for a baby boy’s name). He repeated the reminders before the plane takes off. Stop smoking (I am not addicted to it). Refrain from drinking alcohol (easy). And avoid people with sickness (self-quarantine for two or three months). As much as I wanna hold back my tears, it’s how hard not to miss him.

I do not know if he feared or excited to get me pregnant but I just have to trust him.

He’ll be back after a couple of days. Earlier than his plan when we have our Kyra. I just hope everything will be fine too.

How could I not know his plans? But how could I know either?

Then came my realization. I love him — love worth to keep for a lifetime.