Imagine and Masturbate


This is dedicated to my special someone who’s far away from me now…..For being so nice and giving me………

“What I Want”

I want to be completely free, completely exposed without a care in the world.

I want you to dance with me in a crowded bar, rip off my shirt,
unhook my bra, let it pop off my breasts and fall to the floor. I want to feel the fresh air on my nipples, to feel them harden as I see others stare at them, watching the lust well up in their eyes as I playfully fondle them. My nipples are so large and so sexy, so erect and inviting. I want to massage my big tits in front of other men, while you watch. You want to suckle my nipples in front of them, and I tell you to wait…

Because this is about what I want.

So I let you put your face an inch away from them, breathe on them and long for them But I only wiggle them in your face teasing you, taunting the other men, arousing jealousy from their girlfriends and wives, as I stand in my miniskirt and high heels, topless, so my perfect naked breasts are there for all to see.

I want you to become possessed with passion and say,

“Kiss me” and I say “No…” and you throw me down on the
floor, hiking up my skirt so my panties will show.

“Let me kiss you, or I’ll take them off, slutty girl!” you tease, as you kiss one nipple…then the other.

I spread my legs wider, showing my black lacy g-string to the crowd that has formed around us. The men are drooling and the women are either stunned or aghast, as they try to cover their man’s eyes, but they have to see…they just have to.

“I want you to take them off, my lover…I want them to see the pussy you get to fuck…take them off, now!”

You do as I say and you tear my black panties completely off and throw them to a stranger, who catches them in his hand and holds them to his nose, quivering as he inhales my sex aroma. You yank off my skirt and push my legs wide open, so I am completely naked on the floor, my big tits on display and my bald pussy lips spread apart.

“Look at my favorite pussy…isn’t it so pink and pretty?” you say,lustfully and proudly while you run your fingers over the opening of it. “I get to fuck it all the time….”

“I want you to eat it for them…” I moan, as my arousal takes over my body.

You look into my eyes and I glare at you, mouthing the phrase,
“Eat…my…cunt, baby…”

You want to give me what I want, so you begin to gently kiss my flesh between my legs, my inner thighs, then run your tongue up my inner labia and stop just above my clit.

You put a little pressure there with the tip of your tongue and wiggle it around as you glance up at your captive audience. I look down at your head buried in my pussy while you are licking my clit and begin fondling my big nipples, because that turns me on so immensely to play with my nipples while I am getting
eaten out.

Suddenly I see all the faces staring at my swollen spread-open pussy while you eat it, and they are thinking that they wish they could give pleasure such as this, or that they could feast
upon my delicious cunt themselves and their envy only adds to my excitement.

I ask one of the women to suck on my large erect nipples while you attempt to make me cum with your mouth. She starts to play with my nipples and squeeze my full breasts to assist my aousal, and I say,

“Do you like my tits? They are new!”

“Ohhh, yes….they are so perfect and sexy” she says as she
pushes them together and massages them, yearning to feel my flesh in her hands.

“You can suck on them if you’d like…it will help me cum
faster…please, please suck on my tits,” I beg.

She leans over and wraps her lips around one of my big nipples and sucks it all the way into her mouth, her hand squeezing my other breast. Her long black hair is spread across my chest and neck and I can feel her trembling with ecstasy as she suckles my erect elongated nipple in and out of her wet mouth. I can feel my pussy getting juicier as you delve your tongue inside of me and rub my clit with your fingers.

“Watch how he eats my fucking pussy…”I gasp, so turned on that I am being watched.

They all lean in closer to see the exact placement of your tongue and lips, how much pressure you put on my clit, how you insert your fingers inside of me, slowly fucking me with them. As their eyes fixate on my pussy, I feel it swelling and burning inside, and this totally fucking turns me on.

“Oh,…your pussy is so wet, honey,” You pant excitedly. “Now
watch me make my sweet little girl cum all over my mouth!”

The beautiful woman is sucking on my other nipple now, then the other,going back and forth between them. She rubs her cheeks all over my full breasts, licking them, caressing them, and yearning for them. You tenderly take my clit into your mouth and suck on it, fucking me with two fingers, faster and faster. I am losing my mind, losing control of my body as I feel my pussy instantly heat up and erupt juices all into your mouth, my passionate screams filling the room.

Everyone watched me…they wanted to have that kind of power… they wanted me…to be in me…tasting me…touching me…they wanted to be you….they wanted to be me.

It is what I want that matters, and I only want them to watch. I want them to know how insane you make me, and good you eat me. I want them to see my pretty pussy, and I want you to touch it. I want you to taste it, I want you to tease it, I want you to fuck it.

What I want is you…how I love you so!