My encounters with my twin sister were all so ordinary if we take a look at them now that we are a bit older. But when this particular encounter and when we were still starting to shed off the taboos, it was very exciting and ultimately erotic.

While we were having breakfast and seated across each other in the table, Aida’s legs were stretched out to my laps. Aida is my twin sister. This happened when we were 15.

We have extremely different personalities. She’s the gregarious and bubbly type, and I was a bit timid and laid back. I was more the intellectual and introverted, while she was the athletic and extroverted. Despite these differences, we went along very well especially at home. Perhaps, it was because we didn’t compete; we basically complemented each other.

This morning, we had no classes. We had to stay home. It has been a long time since we found ourselves together and really by ourselves. We had been preoccupied with our studies and different interests. And today, we found each other’s company.

As the legs of my sister laid on my lap, I started to rub gently her lower legs and her ankles and toes. Then I massaged her heels and stroked intermittently her toes. This happened as we playfully took our breakfast, and read the papers. In a bit, I saw her stretched in her seat, her head thrown back and her eyes closed. She seemed to be enjoying the sporadic foot massage I was giving her. I stopped a bit as I moved the pages of the papers. She opened her eyes and winked at me, then said: “Ahhh, that’s very relaxing… a foot massage at the breakfast table”. We laughed together.

When we were done with the breakfast, I went to my bedroom while she fixed the dishes. Then she followed me in my room. She said she liked the foot massage and asked me if I could continue. I said yes…

Just a brief background, she was a ballet dancer; and she had a performance the night before. Surely, I understand that she needed the massage.

So she sat at the edge of my bed. I pulled a chair where I sat next to the bed. She stretched her legs to my lap, as she laid her body to the piled pillows in the bed. Then I started to massage her feet, from the toes to the heels, to the ankles, to the lower legs. The massaging of the feet and the lower legs kept on for a while, then I moved up to the knees. I noticed that she got asleep a bit such that her stretched legs loosened a bit as I did the massage. As soon as I noticed that she’s asleep, I stopped massaging her. I just simply sat at the chair near the bed and continued reading the papers.

After reading the paper, I looked at my sister and I started to notice her beautiful body. My eyes moved several times from her head to her feet, stopping from time to time at her breasts and her mound. She was wearing a loose sweat shorts and a tight sleeveless shirt. I was deeply affected by the sight of those voluptuous and firm legs. They looked so smooth, silky and soft. Her mound seemed so firm and protruding a bit. The hemlines of her panties were very apparent through her sweat shorts. Her hands were raised above her head, and I could see her bare, clear and smooth armpits and the sides of her breasts. Her nipples could be seen through the shirt she was wearing.

Though I had seen her many times in shorts and shirt without bra, I never gave much thought about her body. Besides, this was the only time I had all the time scrutinizing her body without much deterrent – we were alone, and she was even asleep. I recall that when we were 12, we were forced by circumstance to shower together but we wore briefs and panties, and we were both anxious to look at each other because we were then starting to grow hairs in our privates, and our mom was with us in the bathroom then.

While seated on the chair, I gave my penis a squeeze. Then, I slowly slipped my hand inside my boxers. I stroked my boner several times, and eventually, my boxers gave way and exposed my penis. I continued to rub it as I looked intently at my sister. It was a great sight.

I was concentrating at her body when my sister suddenly moved and opened her eyes; then looked directly to my direction and closed her eyes at once. She mumbled something like “yeah, right… while don’t you just close the door now and sleep as well”. Then she shifted her body and lied on her side facing the opposite direction. She reached for the comforter and placed it over her.

I was sure then that she did not see what I was doing, because of the angle between her eyes and my private. It was impossible for her to have seen it. But nonetheless, I was a bit embarrassed. With her personality, I could only anticipate that, if ever she saw what I was doing, she’ll be telling mom or dad about it. Yet, even if I was so sure, I could only wish that she didn’t really see me masturbating but rather just seating and staring at her. I then stopped what I was doing and my penis went placid as my thought wandered.

Then my sister spoke again “close the door … and take a hundred wink…”

Almost oblivious about it, I followed the order.

I lied in bed…near her… at her back because she was lying on her side. Then perhaps she felt that I joined her in bed, she moved backward till she felt that her back touched me. Then she leaned on me. So I moved into the comforter. Then I placed my hand on her belly – sort of testing the water if she would react negatively on being touched. She didn’t move, so I kept my hand grope on her belly until I was practically hugging her. She shifted again and lied on her side. I followed her body contour – I also lied on my side at her back. My whole front body part was totally pinned against her back. Later on, I learned that this is the spooning position.

I was embracing her. My hands were not moving though because I was so scared. But my boner was now pinned against her butt slice. So I started to make a slow and gentle hump against her butt slice. It was so gentle that I thought it would not be felt anyway. She didn’t move. I continued, though very gently and sporadic. Then, I moved my hand towards her navel. Slowly, I moved my hand towards her mound. She was not moving. Then with my other hand, I reached for my penis, brought it out from my boxers, and rubbed its head against the back of her thighs towards her crotch.

As I was doing this, she stretched herself, shifted her body and lied half way on her belly. I followed her and positioned myself just the same way but half my body was over her body, and my penis was pinned against her butt cheek. I continued to rub it against her butt cheek, with my intermittent humping. I pressed my penis hard against her butt cheek.

She whispered: “What do you think are you doing? Can we just lie down and sleep?”

I continued to hump, and my hand reached out to her mound. Then I tried to slip my hand beneath her shorts. As I tried to reach out for her mound beneath her shorts, she slapped my hand and warded it off. Then she straightened herself and lied totally flat on her belly. Her hands were stretched over her head. Her face was on the pillow.

We were both under the comforter now and I feel so horny. I moved closer to her side and started to rub and stroke her back. Then I tried to caress her side just below her armpit, with the intention to eventually reach for her breast. As I continue caressing her side and reach her breast, she shook herself giving the signal for me to remove my hand. And I obediently complied. I did not want her get angry with me. She could easily tell mom and dad about it, and I did not want to be scolded.

I stared at her back as I tried to gather enough guts to resume my seemingly one sided intimate moment with my sister. Her smell was so erotic that I got so excited and turned on. Her long hair covering her whole face and head and some part of her shoulders was also so seductively rumpled.

I reached for the hemline of her shirt and slowly and gently moved it up towards her shoulders. She did not move. I tried to take it off her head, but she was not moving and I could not let it loose past her head. But my consolation was that I could clearly see now the side of her right breast – very smooth and silky indeed. I moved closer and smelled her armpit and the side of her breast. I was positioned at her right side then.

Beneath the comforter, I moved my left hand to her lower back and rubbed her waists down to her hips. Then I slowly moved to her butt cheeks and tried to push a bit hard the end of her spine. She was not moving. So I continued to move my left hand to the back of her thighs, then to the rim of her shorts. Her skin was so soft and tender, silky and smooth. Then I moved my point finger beneath the rim of her shorts and I was able to reach the hemline of her panties – on her side, at her left hip. I tried to move towards the butt slice, but she wiggled her hips a bit, again giving the signal for me not to continue doing it.

With all that had been done and how we were at this stage, I felt so contented and almost satisfied. My penis was then rock hard, and I was so excited. Being very young, and having sensed that I could take the risk to continue my exploration, I wandered my hand towards her hips again. Then my left hand gently held the left hip of her shorts and my right hand at her right hip. Slowly and very gently, I pulled down the shorts. My sister did not move but mumbled: “UM!”. As if she was telling me that she knew what was happening. I stopped a bit, then I continued to pull her shorts down. It was so easy for the shorts to slid down because it was a loose sweat shorts. I was able to lower it up to the edge of her butt cheeks. I massaged her butt cheeks over her panties which was left when I pulled her shorts down. Then I reached for the panty garter and pulled the panties down as well. She mumbled again: “UMM!” but she didn’t move.

I looked intently at my sister’s butt, butt cheeks and butt slice. Gorgeous! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Such was the first time I saw a teenaged girl’s body. I was so horny that I was intermittently rubbing and stroking my penis. But given the situation, there was only one option which was to continue removing the panties and the sweat shorts, so that hopefully, I might be able to touch her pussy. And that exactly what I tried to do. But I was only able to bring the items half way between the butt and the knees. Her thighs and legs were almost locked side by side that pulling the items all the way off was a bit difficult.

My sister was not moving and kept her legs together giving me no room to reach her pussy. I caressed and squeezed her butt cheeks and slid my fingers back and forth along her butt slice. She continued not to move. But when I tried to dig my finger into her butt hole, she mumbled and wiggled her hips again. And when I tried to reach her pussy through her crotch, she wiggled and mumbled: “what are trying to do?”

So I retreated a bit, then I just caressed her back with my left, her sides, her hips and waists, then to the back of her thighs. My right hand was stroking my hard on by her side. Since she was not moving, I was encouraged to continue. I positioned myself at her back. I was still in my boxers and t-shirt. I was kneeling with her body in between my legs. Then I crouched over her back, then reached out to her shirt and tried hard to pull it off her head. She slowly let loose the shirt past her head.

I was so excited then that I lied at her back, fully stretched as she was. Then I placed my hands at her sides trying to reach her breasts but she stopped me with her mumbling. With that position, I tried to part her legs, but she wiggled her hips and pushed back her butt giving me a signal to stop.

I then reached for her shorts, still pinning her body against the bed, and pushed them down up to her knees, then I used my left foot to push the shorts and panties further down past her ankle, then her feet. I succeeded in removing her panties and shorts. She tried very hard to lock herself against the bed. I then quickly removed my t-shirt and boxerss

I continued to lie at her back, totally parallel her body. I gyrated my whole body against her back. I humped her butt. I tried to insert my penis into her crotch to reach her pussy but she would wiggle her hips and continued to mumble: “UM!”

I caressed her sides and breasts, almost reaching her nipples now. I smelled through her nape, I ran my face through her shoulders and back. I planted several kisses and smacks on her nape. I breathed on her ears. I felt her warm body. Very electrifying.

Things were happening so fast then. Then when I gather enough guts, I said to her: “Aydz, I like you. Am so excited to have you. I wanna make love to you.” And as I was saying these, I reached out to her tummy, then to her navel, then to her mound.

She didn’t move her body, but she warded my hand. Finally, she spoke: “why don’t you just do want you want to do, you horny bastard. But please don’t touch me, ok? If you do, I will leave you now, and I will tell mom about you.”

Not wanting her to leave me, I froze myself and just lied at her back. Then, to break the brief silence, I asked her if she would like me to massage her body, her back and legs especially. She replied: “no need now. Just don’t touch me. You’ve taken off my clothes. So don’t touch me. And please get off my back now, I couldn’t breath, you heavy horny bastard.”

At this point, the comforter had been warded off. So when I lifted my body from her back, I saw her naked back, her butt, her very beautiful crotch, soft butt cheeks, firm thighs – my lovely sister. I slowly and gently rubbed my crest against her soft back, from shoulder blades down to her hips, then to her butt cheeks. Her body was so warm. I smelled her butts and rubbed my face against her butt cheeks. She pushed my head away, and said: “I said, don’t touch me, ok?”

So I obliged. As I was about to sit next to her, I saw her panties, so I grabbed it and looked at the crotch area. It was her cotton light blue panties. The crotch area was stained a bit. I took it to my nose and smelled it and it was so good. It was her panty since last night after her ballet dance. It smelled very good, the aroma of her very young pussy. Very erotic.

Then I sat near her head, with my back against the headboard of my bed. My legs were stretched out. I caressed her head and I said: “ok, I won’t touch you if you don’t like, and I will do what I wanna do?”

Then she replied: “good… very obedient horny bastard.” She shifted her head and faced my direction. She smiled and looked at my face then to my hips and, perhaps, to my penis. Then she immediately shifted her face to the other side. She said: “finish it off, so we can sleep.”

With that, I became more excited. I immediately imagined us sleeping together naked. We’re both naked now, and if she had just told me to finish it off so we could sleep already, then the possibility for us to sleep naked together was very high.

I now started to pre-cum. My penis became harder. I stroked and rubbed it hard and tenderly, and really passionately, as I continued to gaze at the lovely back of my sister. The bed was rocking and a bit swaying. The cushion was dribbling in rhythm with my pumping.

I let loose my legs. And my right legs wandered to her side, then I placed it over her back. She shifted her face back towards my direction, and she watched closely as I pumped my penis. She said teasingly: “That’s what you really want to do, buddy?” Then she moved her hand to my right leg and stroked my upper thigh. She had not lifted her body from the bed, maybe for fear to show off her breasts.

In no time, I squirted my cum on my belly. I kept on pumping, stroking and rubbing my shaft until I squirted the last drop of my semen. All along, my sister was looking at me. She was smiling, and tapping her hand against my right thigh.

I reached out for the tissue paper, and cleaned the sperm off my belly. Then I stood up and went to the CR to pee. When I went back, my sister was still in bed, but was already, again, under the comforter. She was still lying on her belly. So I joined her. And we slept together, naked. I hugged her very closely and passionately.