Day 2 in NoypiPages


Clothes: Wearing a white tank top, athletic bra inside and jeans, white sandals and brown shades

Client: Gym Instructor

Checked my PDA. Dang, I’m going to be late! My client phoned me that he’ll be late too (good thing though, traffic was heavy at EDSA… As always). He changed the venue from Trinoma to Padis Point at Antipolo, City (this messed my schedules for the next day!) since he’ll be coming from Marikina now. I was dropped by my driver and I told him to pick me up at Cloud 9 the following day. My client arrived and we ordered lunch. He talked about his trainees and how working out with weights could improve your metabolism compared with aerobic training alone. He talked about diet and how diet software’s are now being utilized in his training. We finished lunch and checked in at Cloud 9. He talked about building his own gym nearby with a perfect view of Metro Manila.

While he blabbers about his work, I removed my tank top and jeans just to get comfortable. He also removed his clothing leaving his underwear and kept on talking (jeez…). We ordered drinks, SanMig Lights (for a gym trainer, he sure drinks a lot).

He asked me to masturbate. I removed my thong and started playing with myself. So, to tease him, I rubbed the mouth of my beer bottle on my nether-lips and gave it to him to drink. He smelled it first and gave a silly smile. I played with my clit using my index finger. He removed his underwear and started whacking off while watching me finger myself. He removed my bra and started kissing my nipples (so much for foreplay!). I grabbed his shaft and jacked him slowly at first, he moaned with pleasure. He started kissing me. His tongue met mine. We kissed torridly, his left hand supporting me while his right hand toyed my nether-lips. I guess his teasing me. I’m getting kinda wet so he thrusted his finger in my hole and started fingering me. I savored the feeling of his finger coming in and out my love hole slowly – while we kissed. I found his rock hard crotch and started caressing his sensitive part using my thumb. He sorta shivers when I do this (he told me that my hands are like butter – sensation is like butter slowly trickling from the top of his cock down on the underside of his shaft). I tickled his sensitive part using the tip of my fingernails. He pushed three fingers in me so I gave a soft yelp (it hurt, kinda but also pleasurable). After satisfying himself with my dripping nether-lips, he positioned my hole on his face. He laid down on the bed, me on a sitting position, he inserted his tongue inside my love hole. I moaned with pleasure (sure it was pleasure, never had it in a while, lol). He kissed my nether-lips while caressing my thighs. He reached for my breasts and started fondling it. He pinched my nipples and caressed my belly working his way up again on my breasts (like doing yoga or something. Being a gym trainer is paying off, lol). I bended over to return him the favor. I found a mint candy on the bedside table and ate it. I then took his cock inside my mouth. We are like yin and yang at this point, him having a dark complexion and me, having a fair skin. I struggled swallowing his cock and almost gagged. I managed to deep throat him though only for a few seconds. I swallowed his head and licked it like a lollipop inside while caressing his balls and shaft. I swirled my tongue to let him feel the candy and distribute the cooling effect. He shivered a little, his hand found my breasts and squeezed it. His tongue flicking my clit while he fingers me (Dang, that felt good). After minutes of foreplay I positioned myself on top of him to do an acrobatic style (I like doing profiles about my clients to know who they are and what the want). I took his cock and sled it in my hole. I begun gyrating and savored the pleasure. This position is good for stimulating the G-spot (yum!). The only sound you would hear is the sound of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, just like a little farting sound, besides from our oooh’s and aaahh’s. I got up and took his cock again inside my mouth to blow him. His shaft tasted like my love juice. I licked his scrotum and up his shaft then teased his sensitive part by flicking my tongue on it. He then positioned me for a spoon and entered my ASSet. He humped me while fondling my breasts. He removed his shaft from my ASSet and placed it in my love hole. He continued to pump me until we came.

We made love again after he recuperated for round 2 .

The following day, my phone rang and my driver called that he’s on his way. Checked my PDA for other appointments, day-off. He did not schedule for another appointment. He gave me the envelop. He kissed me torridly and said bye.

My driver arrived and I went home.

*It’s kinda short Sorry. Just copied and pasted it from my journal. Enjoy!