To Whom It May Concern


I want you to sit on the edge of bed. I’ll be on your back, massaging your tired shoulders from a day’s work. I’ll do this for several minutes until I finally feel you relax under my hand. Then I’d begin to place small, gentle kisses on your nape, your soft moans driving me to boldness.

I’d then lick my way up your right ear. Slowly. Feeling your breath get heavier and deeper each time. I’d nibble on your earlobe (Do you like that?) Then I’d use the tip of my tongue to trace circles on the side of your neck while you lean your head on the other side. I’d gently bite you and suck you. Hmmmm…. Don’t worry I won’t leave a mark.

After that I’d use my tongue and lips to lick and suck my way down to your back. I’d love the way you arch your back and let a moan out each time I’d give you an occasional bite. Then when I’m all the way to the top of your ass, I’d pinch it. Bite it. Suck it. Damn, I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.

Then I’d lick my way up again up to your ear. I’d make love to it with my lips and my tongue. I’d press my breasts on your back so you would feel my hard, erect nipples. Meanwhile, my hands are making a torturous play at your nipples. Rolling them in between my fingers, pinching them. I’d make you suck a finger and use it to tease your nipples into hardness. I can feel myself getting wet as I’m doing this to you.

I’d move down from the bed, slowly open your legs, and settle between them. Then I’d kiss you full on the lips. I just love the way you taste. I’d play with your tongue. They’d mingle and dance to a tune as old as time. I’d use the pointed tip of my tongue to lick your lips, your chin, your neck, your chest, down to your nipples. I’d trace wet circles all around it until you’d ask me to take it into my mouth. But I wouldn’t. I’d flick it using the tip of my tongue over and over again until I can feel it harden more with the assault of my tongue. All the while one of my hands will be playing your other nipple, strumming it like seasoned guitarist.

Then when I feel like it, I’d gently bite your nipples and suck it inside my mouth. Hmmmmm… I close my eyes, savouring the feel of your nipple inside my mouth. I’m getting more aroused thinking that you are watching me suck your nipples. Even with my eyes closed I could feel your eyes boring down at me. Feel your heated gaze. Your eyes filled with controlled lust.

I couldn’t very well leave your other nipple unblessed. I’d make a trail to it using soft kisses. My hands are moving down south, to the object of my lustful affection. I’d forgo the tongue flicking and teasing and just jump right to sucking your other nipple. Hmmm… I’d use my tongue to play with your hardened nub inside my mouth. Hoping, wishing, that you’re liking what I’m doing. Meanwhile, both of my hands would be massaging your thighs. Caressing them, using thumb to draw circles in the insides of your thighs. Getting nearer and nearer to that part of you that craves my attention.

I can feel you biting back your moans, can sense your impatience. I’d lick, kiss, and bite my way down to your abs and belly button. I couldn’t resist taking a teasing dip into your belly button. Would you be ticklish in there? Then I’d continue my downward journey on to your left thigh. I’d bless it with small kisses, gentle bits, and lingering caresses. I’d do the same thing to your left thigh, but this time I’d be using the pointed tip of my tongue to lick a trail from the inside of your thigh to your….

Balls. They’re a little heavy. I’d nuzzle them with my nose and lick them at the same time. Lick them until they’re glistening with my saliva. I wonder whether you’d like that. I wonder whether I’d hear you moan as I take them into my mouth and suck them gently and carefully. Hmmmmm…

From your balls, I’d use my tongue to lick you unto your hard shaft and throbbing head. Finally! I got my cherry. Hmmm… Damn it. You taste as better than I remember. I hold you shaft and lick the head of your cock, my eyes connecting with yours. I want you to see that I am enjoying this. That I am enjoying giving you pleasure.

It’s time. Slowly, my lips would close over the throbbing head of your cock. Would you moan or bite your lower lips? Would you close your eyes and feel the moment? I have yet to know. Inch by inch I’d take you inside the wet recesses of my mouth. I love the feel of you inside my mouth. Not too big, not too small. Just right. I’d let my tongue caress you inside, hoping you wouldn’t stop me and let me do this. But as I was thinking it, I could feel one of your hands guiding my head.

As fast I can, I’d pull back, shove your hand gently away, and say “Don’t touch me. Just enjoy it.” And I’d proceed with eating you. ( Can I eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Lol. ) I’d take my own sweet time. Sucking you slow and gently, sucking you fast and hard. Sucking you gently and hard. Sucking you fast. Licking you. I’d play with you as I have always wanted to do. I’d savour every inch of you, etching every ridge, every taste, every moment in my memory. And I’d make you watch me, look into my eyes as I pay homage to your cock. To see your eyes clouded with desire that would be my prize.
Could I make you cum? Alas, I still don’t have the answer to that. But would you play yourself for me? I want to see how you do it. I want to see how you look as you pleasure yourself when you think that no one else sees you. I want to see you get lost in your own world. I bet that would be enthralling, fascinating. Then I’d want you to cum in my mouth. I’d want to be the one to milk you dry, lick you dry. I’d want to feel you go a little soft in my mouth. Yet not too soft. There’s more to come…