Babe isang smile mo lang


it happend last year… lets call her Babe. (this is the most memorable one because she was totally BEAUTIFUL!!)

i picked her up from her school in Q.C. (this is the first time i will meet her, she saw me thru the pic i send her thru email), and by GOD! she was a knockout! mestiza, 36-26-34, 5′4″ and a smile to die for!

i thought i will be ackward at 1st but as soon as Babe entered my car and sat at the passenger seat, she gave me a big wet one on the lips! ohhh wat sweat succulent lips!!!

we agreed to have lunch and watch a movie that day… but during lunch she was so malambing. sinusubuan pa nya ako, feeling ko baby eh! hehehe so im not using my hands while eating, i manage to find a more productive actvity for my hands… i rubbed Babe’s back while we wer eating. seeing she will not stop me, i brought my hands to her balbon arms, feeling the tenderness and slenderness… then Babe came closer to me and kissed me on the lips. i placed my hand on her lap and gently nudged her breast. she whispered in my ear to fondle her breasts, and so i did. i can feel thru her uniform and bra that it was firm and big. while fondling her left breast, she place her hand on my thigh and went straight to my manhood. boy was i hard!

underneath the table as she was massaging my manhood, she opened my fly and inserted her hand inside, pulled aside my briefs and let man erect rod out of its confinement. she gave me a handjob with those soft and smooth hands. i returned the favor by putting my hand down her skirt, pulled it up and place my hand on panty, just above her pussy… IT WAS SOAKING WET! i played with her pussy over her panty, tracing her crack with my fingers. when i couldnt stand it anymore, i pull aside her panty and i inserted a finger between the cracks. my thumb playing with her clit as my finger and thumb go up and down.

she whispered again in my ear to skip the movie and go directly to some place private…. so i immediately payed the bill and we drove off to sta. mesa (motel haven). during the drive to sta. mesa, she would not take off her hand off my manhood. it was rock hard and i was having a hard time concentrating on the road. she pulled it out again and suddenly she lowered her head and gave my cock a lick and a sweet kiss! then she straighten up and gave me a flirty smile! boy did i made my car fly to get to sta. mesa fast! hehehehe

i went to ANITO and immediately pulled into the 1st open garage i could see, showed my discount card to the attendant then gave instructions, i assisted Babe up the stairs and into the room. as i closed and locked the door, Babe turn down the light, not off just dimmed. she wants me to see her! boy oh boy!!!

she sat on the bed and beckoned me to come to her, she had me kneel to the floor infront of her and she stood up and slowly undress while keeping eye to eye contact with me. she kept her bra and thongs on, boy did her skin GLOWED in the dark!!! she pulled me by my shirt collar and kissed me hard on the lips. we frenched kissed until she pulled me all the way on top of her as she layed back on the bed. i let my lips explore her beautiful face, her sweet smelling ear (and back ear), suck her ear lobes, putting my tongue in her ear which made her moan, i kissed her neck, shoulders and chest. i went back up to her lips and placed my hand on her firm wonderful breast.

we maintained in that position for 10 minutes before i move my hand and pulled down her bra and let her left nipple exposed. i pinched her hard protuding pinkish nipple with two fingers… playing with it, squeezing it until it grew more harder and stiffer. then i lowered my lips to it and i heard Babe moan even before my lips touched her nipple. i kissed it, flick my tongue over and over it, placed it between my lips while my tongue continued playing with it inside my mouth and i sucked it… long and hard. Babe pulled me thigher to her… her legs have embraced me by my waist.

in this position i manuvered my free hand to her back to unclip her bra (i dont know how girls do it, but its darn hard to do it one hand!), so that her other nipple was also exposed… my hands and lips alternately kiss and played with her breasts and nipples. she loved it when i licked underneath her breasts. she alternately pulled my hair away and pulled it back down again.

by now my adventurous hand moves south and i placed it on her panty above her thong. IT WAS WET! so i pulled aside her thong, spread her legs wider and i placed my fingers on her pussy lips. she was so wet that my finger immediately entered her. she moaned and rotated her hips. i added another finger and she lifted her ass off the bed. i continued to suck her nipples and finger her pussy till her breathe quicken, moans louder and her hips grinded more profusely… i know she will cum soon so i kissed her on the lips hard and quicken my fingers and i rubbed her clit with my thumb. she came! and she embraced me and i thought she will cut off my circulation!

when she was slowly moving down from the orgasm, i pulled off her and started to remove my clothes (yes ladies and gentlemen, i have not yet removed my clothes at this point). she wanted to help me undress but i prevented her from getting up. as soon as my briefs and socks were off, i kissed her again and played with her clit. when she was getting the mood again, i moved my lips to her lotion smelling body. down the chest, stomach, pelvis, thighs, legs, feet, toes (yes! i sucked each one). i moved back up to her pelvis and i pulled down her panties using my teeth. then i showed her how i love the taste and smell of her cum on thongs. then i worked my lips up from her foot all the way up to her pussy. IT WAS SO SWEET! her cum tasted like freshly squeezed strawberry juice. i cleaned her pussy lips and then placed my tongue deep down her pussy. i really tried to get as deep as possible. then i tongue fucked her while my fingers played with her clit. then i ate her clit and fingerred her pussy. as she was nearing another orgasm, i moved up, kiss her on the lips and positioned my cock ready and entered her! … SHE CAME! she came again just as i entered her! (sabi ko, libog nito ah! inunhan nanaman ako! hehehe)

so i had to wait for her to regain her strength. i kissed her more, fondled her breast and make my cock twitch inside her pussy… we here like this for almost 15 mins. before she started grinding her hips, signaling that she is ready again.

so i let go of of my patience and pounded her! hard and fast, then slow and soft alternating and changing pace when ever i feel i could not control myself… we change to spoon position then scissors and doggie style. she came 2 more times and before i shot my load inside her.

we took a short nap then when i woke she was already holding my hard rod. she sat in my front and played with my thing…she placed in between her walls and try to rub it in between. I can feel that the juice is coming out again…kinilig talaga ako….she made my rod wet with all her juice..then rub it around the walls and the clith. She inserted my rod inside her then sit on top of me.
I can still feel her juice coming out as she moves up and down my rod….slowly..then fast..faster…faster..until i felt another squirt of juice onto my rod….realy awesome feeling as i also came….

we took a bath then i brought her home…and before we parted she again gave me a looong wet kiss…