Rhyme Lopez 6 (cagayan de oro chronicles)


To my new ym buddies :

Honey Anne – you inspire me. Thanks.
Grazz – what can I say babe , you rock!!!
Jackal – bro , im just a speck in your sexual universe , ang tindi mo! Hope to hear from you soon.
SAI – magpakita ka naman hehe . I envy you girl your experience has been so rich , I could only drop my jaw in amazement.
Mark a. – salamat sa pagtangkilik bro , regards mo ako sa tropa mo.
Tammy – keep your mind open girl , being in a relationship should not hinder you from exploring new things. (:

Ah , women’s tears , how they melt even the most hardened man. And how adept women are in using such powerful weapon…

Elvie is a looker. Lean physique . Long dark , straight hair. Smooth , brown skin. An hourglass-like figure. Another 3 inches and she could have been a model. Definitely not your typical mom in the neighborhood.

Chris , her husband , a close friend introduced us during one of medical reps’ social gatherings. I remembered grabbing her delicate hand as a gesture of friendship , squeezing it softly as I stared appreciatively at her amazing beauty. Here eyes were cheerful and generous. Her lips full , luscious. The sound of her voice confident , exuding her sensuality . And she seemed to be enjoying the attention she was getting from the guys at the party.

I had to tap Chris’s shoulder as if to say ,” you are one lucky S.O.B. bro!”

She was wearing short , tight black dress with high heels , hindi halata that she was 2 months pregnant at that time.Truly a headturner.I bet a lot of guys in the party had to endure their “hard-ons” through out the night.

At first it was just an innocent crush , but as days and months rolled by , my lust for her had snowballed into a raging inferno – covetous , blind , unyielding …


And there she was in my bedroom , lashing at me for being disrespectful to her feelings after romancing a woman on a blind date she herself helped set up.

She was now sobbing hard , unmindful that other people may be around .

Ako naman , I was stunned. I held her shoulders , trying to think of something to say. Nothing came out.

Then a thunderous slap almost knocked me cold. I never knew a woman could hit that hard , specially sexually attractive women. Then another one. They always come in threes , I thought , so I readied myself to block the next one. Wrong move.

She just jammed a knee right on my clueless groin!

And I dropped like a log into my bed , squirming me in pain , my hands all over momma’s pride.

”SHIT! Rhyme , nasaktan ka ba ? sorry ….sorry…” lumapit siya sa akin , her eyes wary of what she just did.

Well , I played a lead role in my theater days in college , so I made it a bit more painful than it really was. I guess you could say that a played the part , convincingly!

”rhyme , shit! Sorry , talaga ….honey please….i wanna see it…..” she pursued me to the bed.

”See what?!” , sa loob loob ko , and I never heard her call me honey ever …something was coming and I think I know exactly how it’s gonna play out.

Parang naglaho bigla ang sakit sa bayag ko , suddenly I could feel some excitement building in my loin…mapapalaban si manoy…

“rhyme , are you ok? “ she started rubbing my back.

Napansin ko naka boxer shorts lang pala ako , di na ako nakapag sando man lang sa pagmamadaling mabuksan ang pintoan.

After a few minutes , I raised myself up and sit with her sa isang corner ng bed ko. There was a moment of awkward silence. Then I looked at her eyes , nagkasalubong ang mga mata namin…at ewan ko ba , sabay pa kaming natawa …

Natawa sa mga pangyayari , natawa sa kalukohan naming dalawa , natawa dahil alam namin pareho na pagkatapos nito , magbabago na ang buhay namin bilang magkaibigan.

” mare elvie , I’m really sorry , I was being naïve…immature even …”, I finally came up with some lame words to pacify her.

I didn’t hear a reply , instead she snuggled close to me and laid her head on my shoulder. The scent of her hair , the fragrance of her perfume was starting to dull my judgement. All I could think of was to make every moment count , enjoy her , pleasure her , own her.

She teasingly pinched me in the gut , “rhyme , I think im falling…is this wrong?”

Her question floored me.

I studied her face …then a deep sigh escapade me… for the first time I saw her not as another woman who could provide me sexual gratification , but I saw a person , a woman : vulnerable yet compelling , bullheaded yet tolerant , zealous yet submissive…and yes , a woman in-love…

”rhyme , I’ve never seen you look at me like that ….why? “ she said.

I dropped my face down , “I’m sorry I …”

Ah, words … something I always take pride of owning , I could compose profound truths with my poetry , explore philosophies with the most critical eye , pen essays that would envy my professors , but that day , like a dying man grasping for air …I had nothing.

”rhyme , let me just hug you …please free your mind , let this moment be our moment …I’m getting worried about you “ she sweetly muttered.

I held her face as she closed her eyes … I kissed her deep , and long …I ‘d never kissed a woman like that before…so rich , so full , so real…

She was wearing a spaghetti blouse , closely hugging her sensuous body , and a lovely white skirt hanging to her knees.

I sitted her on the bed , while I stood up … then I pulled my boxer shorts down , exposing my hard penis just inches away from her face…

(to be continued…)