Rhyme Lopez 10 (Cagayan de Oro chronicles) – The Finale.


guys, this is the final installment to this series. thanks to all those who patiently followed , i hope somehow i’ve made this journey worthwhile to all of you…again , many many thanks!!

Rhyme Lopez 10 (cagayan de oro chronicles)

The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it… I can
resist everything but temptation.
Oscar Wilde

Her dress was simple and elegant her gesture exquisite, Elvie always seemed to have that aura of femininity, a swagger if you will, that I couldn’t quite capture in words. When she walked into that room, you could almost feel the sudden hush as if a princess just entered the ballroom. All eyes including those of envious and appreciative women followed her to her seat. And she knew how to play her part well like a conductor dictating the tone and tempo to his orchestra: confident, proud , in-control .

Chris , her husband , my kumpare , was with her.

”Pare , how lucky can you get, you have the most beautiful date”, I said to Chris.

”There’s no argument on that pare, misis ko eh”, Chris laughingly retorted.

”Tama nga rin naman , pansin ko nga kanina mare,lahat nakatingin sa iyo, Ms. Universe is in the house “, I jokingly muttered.

”Haay nako kayong mga lalaki talaga, friends kasi tayo kaya ganun”, she blushed.

She reminded me of Adam Buragasser describing her girl – “Her smile cannot be contained by her lips.But spreads in sunbeams on her cheeks;Fine lines pinch supple temples,Her dark eyes glimmer with shadowy intensity. As if a concerto were being played on her face;Each musician harmonized upon a pure chord .And that is just her smile.’’

We gathered on one table as we waited for the program to start.

”Pare, I can’t stay long nga pala , aalis din ako in a little while, paki-entertain na lang nitong misis ko mamya at mainitin na ang ulo sa bahay , bored ata” , Chris told me.

”No problem with me pare, wala naman akong date ngayon , don’t worry your most precious gem is safe with me “, sagot ko kay chris while throwing a way a pregnant glance at Elvie.

”Alis ka na nga ng makapaggsayaw na kami ni Rhyme”, Elvie said jokingly to her husband.

”Ikaw babe ha, magseselos na ako kay Rhyme nyan..hahaha”

Tawanan kaming tatlo pero alam ko yun talaga ang gustong mangyari ni Elvie. For us to be alone, loosened, free…

I looked at Elvie, saw a meaningful gleam in her eyes, I just choked, she was as lovely as lovely can be.

My thoughts went back to the time we’ve had in my room , when I had her smooth , curvaceous body rubbing against mine , came so close to owning her , I remembered well that sight and smell of her , and it caused my cock to twitch inside my pants…

The room was slowly being filled. Ate Beth was there with Kuya Brando . Napansin ko ang dami rin pala ng mga bisita , easily more than 50 people were there…

The program was short just a few speakers,welcoming Kuya Brando and thanking him for the generosity he’s had with them. Mostly relatives and a few close friends. After the dinner , sayawan na.

Well, when you pack more than 50 people inside a ballroom ,boozed and weighted and ask them to dance , something is bound to happen. Dance lights were the only illuminations left in the room as the deejay alternated between house and techno music…

Some kids saw it as an opportunity para landiin yung mga dates nila , and after only a while I saw teenagers locked lips , hugging and a few girls trading sensuous dance with their dates, all impervious to the people around.

Sayaw lang kami ng sayaw ni Mareng Elvie at Chris and – boy , Elvie knew how to move and gyrate every single bone of her body. The lust in my loin for her continued to grow . I was having a boner on the dance floor and she seemed to have noticed it , paminsan minsan when Chris wasn’t looking , sinasagi nya crotch ko , teasing me and giving me that c’mon-eat-me-already look. She was hot with a capital H.

Nagpaalam sandali si Chris sa amin at mag c.r. lang … for the first time nasolo ko si Elvie sa dancefloor… pinatalikod ko sya while dancing , grabbed her small waist and grind her behind . I cuddled her , amoy na amoy ko ang naghahalong pawis at perfume sa batok nya …sent my head and my loin loose..

Sa dami ng nagsasayawan at dahil medyo madilim din nagkaroon ako ng lakas ng loob na gawin ang kanina ko pa inaasamasam , I turned her around at hinalikan ko siya sa labi…deep and strong…the warmth , the wetness of her lips , the way they parted and transformed into a smile : she was fabulous!

”Rhyme, I miss you….”, I could see the longing in her eyes.

I just gazed at her lovely eyes, couldn’t form a word in my mouth, I might have stood there speechless even longer if I hadn’t been interrupted . Ate Beth’s voice was at my ear before I noticed her presence. She had come up behind me with Kuya Brando , just checking out if my friends and I were having fun. Ate Beth gave me little nudge on my butt as if to say , “di pa tayo tapos loverboy”.

I greeted Ate Beth and Kuya Brando with a genial smile, told them the party was cool . Kuya Brando gave a generous thump on my shoulder, and then they moved on to other guests.

”Do you even miss me Rhyme?Do you even miss me at all? “, Elvie affectionately asked,her eyes moist , never leaving mine. The seriousness of her countenance made my heart contract.

I dropped my head and held her shoulders …I just couldn’t bring myself to say what I felt inside … here I was falling for the wife of my best friend. I kissed her again , this time more passionately then I reached for her hand and placed it on my chest, allowing her to feel the loudness of my heartbeat amidst the noise, reassuring her that her love for me will not be for naught.

”Rhyme, kuha ka na lang ng isang room dito sa hotel … dito na lang tayo , Chris will fetch me here later “. There was certainty in her voice. She will not be denied.

”Are you sure you wanna do this?”, I asked her.

”Do I even have to answer that? Rhyme, I don’t know what you are doing to me…I know this is all wrong … but nahuhulog na ang loob ko sa iyo” I noticed tears forming in her eyes again then she looked away …. “Rhyme, I have learned to love…”, I put a finger on her lips stopping her …

”You don’t have to say it Elvs , I know…I know…” , I told her.

Just then Chris came at nagpaalam na…

”Babe, alis muna ako , enjoy ka lang dito , balikan kita mamya . Pare, kaw na muna bahala dito , balik ako in an hour.”, nagpaalam na si Chris…

Naiwan kaming dalawa ni Elvie sa table, I held her hand while her head lolled on my shoulder…

”Bakit kaya na in love ako sa iyo? “, lambing nyang tanong.

”Ang gwapo ko kaya “, I jokingly said while poking her nose.

”Hindi lang yun noh , I find you humble and sweet … ba’t ngayon ka lang Rhyme..?”

(Women in my experience have their ways of pinning your back against the wall, they are just way more eloquent in expressing their emotions than most men. )

I held her close, our eyes locked …so much love there…I totally forgot that we barely had an hour to make love…

I scanned the place, people were busy minding their own business, medyo malayo din kami sa dancefloor , no one would notice if got a bit romantic. We kissed …we touched…the bulge on my slack getting more obvious. Then Elvie ran his fingers on my crotch , hinihimashimas nya – massaging , stroking my penis through my pants … then with unusual dexterity , unzipped my pants and grabbed manoy inside my brief…I looked at her … she smiled and just started stroking…

”Tonite this throbbing fellow right here is gonna be mine “, she said , squeezing and stroking my penis …

I was starting to breath heavily…I allowed my hand to crawl through huge slit on the side of her dress , narating ko ang tanga cut nya na undies…she was very wet…then she did something that caught me off guard, she bent a bit got hold of her undies and pulled it down – got rid of it altogether !

”Istorbo lang yan “, sa iyo na yan loverboy.”, she winked at me and let her tongue ran on her lips , teasing…

Malayang Malaya na ang mga kamay ko to explore her love hole I played with her clit, fingered her , all this happening with her head on my shoulder … her moans seemed to have drown out the loud dance music , tuloy naman ang pagsalsal nya sa etits ko…I was watching the crowd dancing and yelling really having a good time, but they couldn’t compare to the excitement Elvie and I had at that moment.

Elvs,how game are you? , I whispered to her ear and licked it.

What do you have in mind, handsome?, she dared.

”Halika nga dito”! I pulled her close at pinakandong ko siya sa lap ko.

I unbuttoned my slack and totally freed my cock.

”Shit, Rhyme – napakaexciting nito…”, inangat nya bum nya , made a few adjustments to her dress then she held my cock , pointed it to the portal of her pussy..and gradually, inch by inch, went down on me, the deeper I got to her the harder my penis got. Ang sarap ni Kumareng Elvie ..After a while, I had my entire cock buried inside my kumare’s pussy.

Nakatalikod siya sa akin so I had access better access din to her clit , she parted her legs a bit then started grinding …

”Puta ka Rhyme , ang sarap nito…”Ahhhh’…ooohhhhhhhhh” …she tried to muffle her moans , pero alam ko if the deejay would only turn down the music a bit , maririnig ng karamihan ungol nya. I noticed a few curious eyes going our way , pero wala na akong pakialam. When lust takes over, nothing else matters.

”ahhhhhhhh…..ohhhhhhhh….ano ba ito rhyme, sarap ng cock mo , she leaned her body against mine , ang bango ng buhok nya ng batok nya…dinilaan ko pa leeg nya , taenga nya…Elvie guided my right hand to her clit…

”Sige Rhyme, rub your fingers on my pearl …” , and obligingly I did , sending her slender body shaking.

I could feel the walls of her vagina clamping on my cock, she would grind her pussy on it slowly and then would make sudden quick pumps , grabeh ang muscle control ni Elvie.

”Rhyme, make me come…malapit na ako babe….”

I was enjoying the sensation …after a few minutes , malapit na rin akong labasan..

”Rhyme, I want this cock in my mouth”, she was more demanding now.

”Elv’s you really want to take this experience to an entirely new plain ha , sige ka pagnahuli tayo , lagot tayo pareho .”, we both laughed.

She was very good at making mini pumps , no one would have noticed that we were having sex …

Then she let out a loud shrill , “ Ahhhhhh , Rhymme…shit , im cumming …..ahhhhhh….oohhhhhhhh….

She shuddered a lot, as waves of orgasms overtook her…she stayed there for a while…then she lifted her warm bun …pulling away from my still aching cock…

Lumuhod na siya sa harapan ko , hidden by the table sheets …held my cock and started pumping and licking away…

She traced every ridge and bulge of my manoy with her tongue, I pushed my cock deeper and deeper until I pressed my head against the back of her mouth. My cock almost disappeared in her. Not that I was in shock, pero di pa rin ako makapaniwala na ang magandang asawa ng bestfriend ko ay andito ngayon , giving me the biggest blow job of my life…She was doing things to my cock that had my head spinning.

Elvie disengaged her lips from my throbbing stick for a while to speak her mind.

” Ano ba’t tamimi ka dyan , nasasarapan ka ba?”

”Shit Mare, tuloy mo pa , napakasarap mong chumupa … the best ever !”

Elvie pushed her tongue down the underside of my shaft , applying her expertise in giving oral sex on my penis , glancing at me with a hungry look in her gaze…
She squeezed and pumped my cock harder habang tuloy lang ang paglarolaro ng dila nya sa ulo nito…

”Ohhhhhhh…..mare, ito na ahhhh…sheeeeet….arghh…….”

I exploded right there …some of my cum went to her face and to her dress…

There was silence for a while….then we went out of the ballroom, got a room in the hotel.

Nag half bath kami sabay touching and kissing… both naked, uhaw na uhaw pa rin sa isa’t isa … I took Elvie to bed….

I still had my guilt trying to hold me back , pero I had to take care of that later , right now andito si Elvie , and I needed all of her…

Hiniga ko siya sa kama , couldn’t help but squeeze her breasts . It had been something I had wanted to do for a long time. They were a perfect pair. I played with them , softly pinching her nipples . She closed her eyes and moaned in appreciation.

Wala akong sinayang na oras , descending into my kumare’s nipples , engulfing each into my mouth. Elvie’s nipples were hard, I rolled my tongue and sucked them gently…but like a baby hungry for his meal.

”Fuck me now, Rhyme….I want you inside me again….please…”

This time I wasn’t in a hurry, I wanted to enjoy her as long as I could.

I descended to her tummy, to her navel , flicking it with my tongue …then I reached lower , revealing her neatly trimmed cunt.

”What a lovely view”, I thought.

I started kissing her pussy, she was drenched again. Flicking my tongue on her clit , ang sarap kainin ni Elvie , ang bango ng pussy nya..

”Rhyme, ahhhhhh…..ohhhhhhh……..”

I licked my middle finger, lubricating it with my own saliva at pinadulas ko yun sa kanyang hiwa. I fingered her, habang pinaglaroan ng dila ko ang kanyang maliit na perlas.

”Ahhhhhhhhh….Ohhhhhhh…..Rhyme….sheetttt ka ahhhhhhhhhh”

Ilang beses rin nilabasan si Elvie habang ginagawa ko yun sa kanya , then I mounted her…

My conscience was beaten by my love and lust for my kumare…

Grabbing her lovely thighs , I lined up my cock-head with my kumare’s wet pussy…Once they made contact , binalot ng mga paa nya ang behind ko , pulling me inside her . Binaon ko ng dahan dahan ang etits ko sa pussy nya , sarap tingnan ng pussy lips nya parting as I thrust inside her , the sight of her clitoris on top , made me even more hungry of her.

”Oh, Rhyme….sarap talaga ng cock mo….fuck me now please….”, she was closed to begging.

Without even moving, I could feel her muscles working on my cock . He was born to do this I guess, never been with a woman who had such a gift. She would have made me come without moving. Ang tindi talaga ng muscle control nya.

Elvie began to move in gentle gyrations, swirling my meat inside of her.

We made love. Softly. Rhythmically.

As I made love with her, I realized how much this woman truly meant to me.

”Oh, Rhyme …this is so wrong, but I’ve wanted you for so long”

I continued to trail kisses, down her neck and into her rebelling nipples. I suckled on them no end. I am further encouraged by the involuntary movements of her body responding to whatever I do with it. Ang kinis kasi ng katawan ni Elvie , di mo talaga malalaman that just a few month’s ago she had given birth.

Our bodies continued to gyrate passionately against each other as we dance to the tune of our moans and groans. Each step, each swing bringing us together to a kind of climax both new to us.

I toyed with her clit as I continued to hump …

”Ohhhhhhh…..Rhyme…no one has ever made love to me like you do….not my husband , not anyone…ahhhhhhhh…..ang galing mo…..ahhhhhhh”

”I want to come inside you Elvs , I want my seed in you…..”

”Do whatever pleases you …..ahhhhhhhh…..ahhhhhhhhh …Rhyme…..please come inside me….”

Bawat ulos , bawat bayo…brought me closer to the edge…

I closed my eyes on a groan of bliss as I spilled all of my cum inside of her. Elvie’s hips moved involuntarily forward as she chased my orgasm, milking my cock for more…

”Sabay tayo Rhyme….Ahhhhhhhh…..ahhhhh…….” waves of pleasure overtook her . A few more moments passed before we finally arrived at a place where we could freely breath. Bagsak kami pareho …

I cuddled her close to me.

”I will never forget this night , Rhyme ….you just made me the happiest girl on earth…”

I kisser her lips …. “ Elvs, whatever happens after tonight, let me just tell you that you mean everything to me now…” , I whispered in her ear.

We hugged and kissed and made love a few more times …


To this day, I will always remember Elvie as the woman who gave me a glimpse of what true love was like. The affair lasted for 2 wonderful years. Kahit patago , we somehow made it work. I still text her every now and then, but I’d decided not to bother her nor her family anymore. Marami na rin mga babae nagdaan sa buhay ko , but if there was one girl I would love to relive my memories with , si Elvie yun , the wife of my bestfriend…