The Chatroom 2


Guys, to fully appreciate this series I suggest that you read the first installment, for those who waited , my apologies…

The myth of the beautiful woman…well, beware of the absolute moment, a moment like this – when we sit, or lie, close together, muscles ticking, limbs at their most relaxed, bathed in the certainty of love. The absolute moment, when conversations soars, confidences are shared, coincidences between you and your lover pop up like crocuses in April.

The absolute moment – when we forget that most loves aren’t forever, that most words are mere vibrations of the insubstantial air, that most unions are a nest of comic and aching differences that no other animal in the world would tolerate, let alone desperately pursue…-Thomas Sebastian

Series continues..

Jason looked at me like a starving beast, no one was denying him his meal! I curled in one corner crying, tears freely falling from my face. “What have I just gotten my self into?”, I asked myself. Jason just stood there with his stiff member, studying me …then lumapit siya , grabbed my shoulder and kissed me, I just melted right there, my defenses crumbling with every kiss , every touch…my soaked lower nature taking over…

Andre, how bad am I in your eyes right now?

(Andre let out a big sigh, her confession was affecting him in ways that he even he couldn’t figure out …for the first time he was actually bothered, nothing could have prepared him for this..)

Andre: oh, you are sooo bad! You deserve a little (: but seriously , I don’t think I’m in a position to judge you girl … I may just be as fragile or even worse in resisting temptation …

Angela: sorry for stealing your time Andre , but I’m about to implode , you might be the only guy in here who can help me, tuloy ko lang ha? Please?

Andre: told you, I’m here to listen…

Angela: so there he was , with his raging hard on … he laid me down on bed …and then he went down on me again … by this time , I was so wet I could feel my juices trickling down to the pillow he placed under my butt. He was really good, waves after waves after waves of orgasm overtook me, I especially loved it when his tongue lingered on my clit.

Then he mounted me, let the head of his cock rub against my pussy slit … the feeling was electric, it made me shudder, at that point I knew it was useless to fight him…how do you fight the unwavering lust building between your thighs? How do you stop a guy possessed with uncontrollable urge? How do you thwart the inevitable?

Jason held his cock and let its head nestle at the opening of my v agina, I just closed my eyes and prepared myself for what was about to come…I made one last plea , begging for him to stop…but my body language, my voice betrayed me … he saw the signs , he took advantage…I was his…The anxiety and excitement of the moment consumed me …he wrapped his hand around his cock and aimed it at my wet hole…I trembled as I felt the head of his huge cock reach the portal of my pussy…he moved closer, pushing the head deeper.

A loud scream came off me as he reached halfway, I felt my hymen give way…he pulled back , nabigla din si Jason sa pagtili ko and then he viciously jammed his cock inside of me, I took every inch of what he had to offer…gradually the speed of his thrusting increased, he worked in and out of me in wild abandon, it was so painful, whatever pleasure I had earlier was now gone. I kept pleading for Jason to stop , but he had caught some rhythm, whatever I said only fueled him more, I bucked and twisted under him, sobrang sakit talaga…I remember telling him not to spray his load inside me at baka mabuntis ako..

But he wouldn’t listen…his hips moved up and down in a blur…I buried my nails on his back…. then I heard him groan, and then in a blink of an eye his semen began to squirt deep inside me …

Andre, Jason had sex with me that night, not once, not twice, but so many times I’ve lost count – he was insatiable, a young sexual machine . I went home wasted.

When I saw my boyfriend the following day I felt horrible, guilt is something I’m not good handling…I couldn’t even kiss him nor bear to look in his eyes.

Ang nangyari sa amin ni Jason naulit pa ng maraming beses, I’m so powerless against him, he threatened me na pag di ko daw gawin ang gusto nya magiiskandalo siya ang he would tell my boyfriend about us…natatakot ako Andre, I ‘ve tried many times to stop this madness. But he just keeps showing up my front door .

He’s been making all these impossible demands, minsan in the middle of work he wants me to leave and have sex with him, and almost always I’d give in to his whims…minsan bigla na lang siyan susulpot sa bahay, kahit andon ang mga parents ko, insist on a “quickie”, we would do it sa kotse nya , minsan I would sneak him into my room …

I dunno what to do Andre, lately my boyfriend has been making moves for us to have sex , but I couldn’t give in to him, takot ako that he might find out that I’m no longer the same virgin woman he fell in love with…and what if he finds out about Jason, a minor, whom I allowed to beat him to it.

And then there was one time , just an hour after lunch , Jason brought me to his friend’s house … gusto nyang gawin was for us to have sex while his friend was present …. He even wanted to record the whole thing by video…I slapped his face and told him that he’d gone too far, but he reminded me once again of the possible damage he could do to me kung magmatigas ako. My life is getting ridiculous I’m being blackmailed by at 17- year old kid! And the worse thing, I actually allowed his friend to take a video of us…having sex…

Andre, I need to stop here…I need to go … Jason is here… thanks and bye…

Andre: Angel, wait …can we chat again? would you share your number with me? hey!!

She was gone.

Andre raised his arms and let them rest precariously on his head. He stared at his monitor… “Who are you Angela? Who are you…(to be continued)