just a warm up (last sequel)


good morning guys… this is the third and last part of the story… again, just a reminder to all readers, “leave your fantasies in PL so you can live a normal and happy life in reality”…. Thanks again guys

It was three years after Tina’s three week long abduction and raped by two men, life was almost back to normal. Even though the men were never caught, she tried to put the matter aside and was starting to go on with her life. She was now 18 years old, and was looking forward to going off to collage right after she graduated high School. Tina was a Senior now, and her social life was getting busy. She had dated a few boys at school, but nothing serious. After the experience she had while held captive, sex was out of the question, at least for now. Her body had matured a quite a bit in the last few years – her breasts were no longer small bumps on her chest, but in fact were quite large for her size and build. They would easily fill out a 34C cup bra; they were firm and round. Her nipples were still puffy like when she was younger, which made her tits look very sexy indeed. She had grown some too. Tina was 5′6″ tall now, and weighed about 120 lbs. She kept her hair long knowing the boys liked it that way. She was very active in school also, she was a cheerleader, Captain of the girls swim team, and hoped to get an academic scholarship. Like most girls her age, her body was tight and her skin was smooth. Tina had an ass that looked like an Ice Skaters – muscular and firm.

Tina’s father was away on a foreign work assignment, and would be away for three more months. Since her mother worked full time as a Manager of a restaurant, Tina was always asked to keep an eye on her younger sister Kimberly. Kimberly was just 15, the same age Tina was when she was abducted and raped by the two men. Tina never talked to her sister about the details of the ordeal, just that she was kidnapped, and that they did bad things to her. Kimberly was cute and smart, just like her older sister. She also had a nice firm body. Although her little tits were small, they were beautiful with slight cone shape to them. Like her big sister, her small round ass looked great. Of course, at 15 she didn’t notice nearly as much as the boys at school did.

Tina hadn’t fully reached puberty yet, so her pussy mound was still fatty and almost completely hairless. She really enjoyed Gymnastics, in fact it was her only interest outside of school. One afternoon when Tina got home from a visiting friend, her mother asked her to take the car and pick up Kimberly from a small Gymnastics competition across town. She would have gone herself, but something came up at work, and she had to go in for a couple hours to straighten it out. Her mother offered to write down directions to the place, but at eighteen,

Tina thought she knew her way around town pretty well and didn’t accept her offer. That would soon prove to be a very big mistake. ” Oh, and don’t forget to get gas before you go, it’s getting low” her mother said, as she handed Tina a twenty dollar bill. ” Sure Mom” she said half-heartedly. ” Can I go to the mall and hangout with Michelle after I bring Kim home tonight?” she asked. That was the girls favourite place to go on the weekends. They would meet there, and flirt with the boys from school. ” Okay, but don’t be out too late, I don’t want Kimberly here all alone tonight” ” Thanks Mom” said Tina as she ran upstairs to change clothes. She put on a new dress that she bought the week before. It was mint green in colour, and low cut in the front and in back it dipped nearly to her ass. It was also very short, in fact she had to continually make sure it wasn’t riding up and showing her ass. But Tina liked it because it showed off her sexy legs, and tits. She had to wait for her mom to leave before putting it on because she couldn’t wear a bra with it due to the fact that the straps would show. Her mom would never approve of her wearing it in public.

Later that evening, Tina jumped in the family car and headed off to pick-up her sister. She made a few wrong turns, but did manage to find the place okay. She was about 15 minutes late, so Kimberly was waiting on the curb for her. She was still wearing her yellow leotards, and was carrying her gym bag over her shoulder. Her small breasts made her look quite sexy for a young girl. Several passing cars had honked and whistled at her while she stood waiting, which pissed her off even more than the waiting did. ” Where have been?” she said with a typical teenage attitude. ” Just get in” barked Tina. Kimberly threw her gym bag into the back seat, climbed in, and off they went. Kimberly cooled off quickly, and soon the girls were talking away like usual and not really paying attention to where they were going. Tina drove on for about ten minutes, then suddenly she yelled out. ” Oh Crap” ” What’s the matter?” asked Kim. ” I thought I knew where we were going, but I think we’re lost” ” Oh great!” remarked Kim. ” Don’t you know where you’re going?” ” I thought so, but — Oh, I don’t know” replied Tina. Where’s the directions Mom gave you – I’ll figure it out” Kim was right, she knew how to read a map, and if Tina had one, she could have easily got them home. ” I didn’t write them down” replied Tina. ” Wonderful” Kim said in a sarcastic voice. ” I’ll call Mom on the cell phone, she’ll figure it out” she said as she pulled it out of the glove box. ” Why don’t you just pull over before we get even more lost” Kim said. She turned on the phone, and waited for it to connect to a cell site. ” Oh great” she moaned. ” What’s the matter?” asked Tina. ” It’s not getting a signal. Keep driving, and I’ll tell you when it comes in. I’ve seen Mom do this, and it works.”

The girls drove on for several more blocks, turning this way, and that, trying to get the phone to work, but didn’t seem to be doing any good. They didn’t realize it, but they were getting further and further from home, and further from a place the phone would work. Before long they were driving around a large industrial area. No one was around, and it was getting dark fast. The buildings were old, and many appeared to be abandoned. There was graffiti painted everywhere, it was obviously not a place for two young girls to be at night. Just then the car engine died. ” What’s going on, why did you stop?” asked Kim. ” Shit” yelled Tina, ” I think we’re outta gas” . ” What do you mean, we’re out of gas. Did mom tell you to get some?, — didn’t you notice we were getting low?” she wined. ” Ya, but I forgot okay” she yelled back. ” Now shut up and let me think” ” Let’s just take the phone and start walking” suggested Kim. ” It’s got to start working soon, right?” ” I guess so, I don’t know what else we can do. Well, come on” she said as she climbed out of the car.

The girls walked about two blocks, when Kim noticed a car was coming down the street towards them. ” Here comes someone, see I told you we’d be okay” she said naпvely. ” I don’t know” said Tina. ” What if it’s some kind of sick-o?” Just then the car pulled up along side the girls. It was a big black Mercedes, like their Father drove. The man opened the passenger side window, but it still fairly dark inside, so the girls couldn’t see him very well. ” You girls must be lost” he said. ” You need a ride somewhere?” ” Yes sir, we ran out of gas around the corner, and for some reason our cellular phone doesn’t work either.” Said Tina. ” Can you tell us where we can find a phone around here?” . ” Not around here girls. Besides even if there was one, the punks around here at night would destroy it and steal the money. Jump in, I’ll bring you to my shop, there’s a phone there you can use.” With that, Kim opened the car door, and started to climb in. ” No Kim!” said Tina, as she quickly grabbed her young sister by the arm. ” What?” said Kim in protest. ” Would you rather stay here get mugged?” Tina thought for a minute, then decided her options were pretty limited.

Besides, this guy seemed nice enough, she thought. He also reminded her of someone she knew, but couldn’t place him. She could see that he was dressed nice, and looked pretty clean cut too. ” Okay, sure” said Tina. Kim jumped into the front seat with the man, and Tina sat down in the back. The man spoke to Tina, but never made eye contact with her as they drove off down the street. ” You young ladies are real lucky I came by” he said. ” I forgot something at the shop, and was just going back to pick it up. Otherwise, you’d been out there all alone tonight, and let me tell you, with the gangs that hang out around here, it’s not a place for two pretty young girls to be after dark.”

After driving a couple more blocks, the man turned into a dark ally. The tires splashed through the puddles as he drove down the ally, weaving to avoid the trashcans left on the roadway. Then he slowed down, and turned left into another narrow ally. The headlights shined brightly on a large metal door in front of them. ” Wait here, I’ll go open the door so I can pull the car inside. I don’t like parking it outside in this neighbourhood at night” He said. As the man jumped out to open the large door the girls talked nervously. ” Do you think it’s alright?” asked Kim. ” I guess so” she replied. ” For some reason he looks so familiar, I just can’t place him” . ” What do you mean?” asked Kim. ” I don’t know, he just reminds me of someone, I know I’ve seen him before” Just then the man returned to the car, and pulled it into the building. After shutting off the engine, he went back and closed the steel door behind him. ” Where’s the phone?” asked Tina nervously. ” Oh, I almost forgot, our phone doesn’t work anymore” he said, with a strange look on his face. ” This isn’t funny” said Tina, holding her sisters hand tightly. ” Just open the door and let us go then” she ordered. ” Now listen Tina” the man replied. ” You and your little cunt friend aren’t going anywhere until we say it’s time.” Shocked, Tina looked at the man closely, then asked ” Who are you, how do you know my name, I didn’t tell you my name was Tina” she said. ” Oh, I’m really disappointed in you Tina” the man replied. ” I’m Kurt, don’t you remember me?”

Kurt had cut his long hair off, and was now clean shaven. He also must have lost weight, because he was much thinner than she remembered. Tina almost fainted.Her heart pounded in her chest, sweat began to bead up on her forehead. That’s who he was, it was the same bastard who kidnapped and rapped her three years ago. ” How could I be so stupid?” she thought. ” How did I not recognize this asshole?” ” Run Kim, run” she yelled out, pushing her sister towards the door. But it didn’t do any good. The heavy metal door was locked tight, and the girls had no way out. Just then another voice called out from across the empty room. ” What did you find out there tonight Kurt? a familiar voice asked. Tina looked over her shoulder at the man.

Just as she feared, it was Jim. ” Well, well, look who came to visit us again” he said as he stepped into the light of the room. ” I see you brought a friend this time” he joked. ” It’s my sister” Tina barked. ” If you bastards lay a finger on her I’ll kill you!” Jim started walking towards Kim, ” You look awfully cute in that leotard sweetheart. It’s so tight I can see your little cunt” he said with a grin on his face. ” I mean it” yelled Tina, stepping between her sister and the two men. ” You better not….” Uuummmppppp” Tina was stopped mid-sentence when Kurt hit her the stomach so hard she doubled over, and fell to her knees. ” Did you forget you manners Tina?” asked Kurt. ” Next time you fucking tell either one of us something, it better be how good our cum tastes, you got it.” He said, stepping over her slumped on the floor in front of him. ” Now these are some nice tits” Kurt said as reached out and rubbed Kim’s breasts through her leotard. ” Stop it” yelled Kim, as she brushed his hand away from her young body.

Kurt grabbed Kim by the pony tail, and jerked her head back hard. Putting his face next to hers, he whispered in her ear. ” Listen good you little fucking whore, if you ever talk to me like that, or push me away again, I’m going to cut your bitch sisters head off and mail it to your parents in a God dammed box. Now, do you understand me?” Kim was horrified. She couldn’t say a word, she just stood there, and nodded her head. ” That’s better” he said, releasing his grip on her hair. ” Now for starters, let’s see how good you suck cock you little slut” ” Please don’t, don’t make her do that” Tina pleaded. ” Okay sweetheart, I’m feeling nice right now. Then I guess you get to show her how it’s done Tina. I seem to remember you turned out to be a pretty cock sucker” With that he grabbed Tina’s arm and pulled her over close to where he and Kim were standing.

”I want little Kim here to get a good look at how big sister sucks my cock, and swallows my cum” he said, as he pulled his big cock out of his pants. Kurt is hung like a horse, his cock is about 9-inches long, and two inches thick. Tina knew that her only option was to do as she was told. She knelt down at Kurt’s feet while Jim held Kim’s arms behind her back, forcing her to watch as her older sister started licking and sucking the mans veined penis.

All the while Jim was rubbing and squeezing Kim’s virgin cunt through her tight leotards. ” Um, um, your littlepussy feels nice and hot” he commented. It was all Tina could do not to react to the man assaulting her little sister. Tina knew it was a matter of life, and death, so she went on sucking his fat dick. It was nearly impossible for Tina to get Kurt’s huge cock fully in her mouth. But she did her best to please him. Within minutes Tina was bobbing up and down on Kurt’s cock like she had done so many times before. As his long cock disappeared into her mouth time and time again, as her saliva dripped from her chin. Kim wondered how she could do it without choking on it.

Before long, Kurt could feel himself getting ready to shoot his load. He reached down and pulled Tina’s head away just enough so that her sister could see his cum squirt from his cock, and into Tina’s mouth. Kim had never seen such a thing, she was a total virgin, and had planned to stay that way until marriage. ” Uuugggghhh yea” he grunted, as the first jet of semen shot from his dickhead, landing deep in Tina’s throat. Then he shoved it back into to Tina’s waiting mouth. ” Ooooohhhh ya Tina, suck the cum from my cock you fucking whore” he moaned as he pumped the rest of his sperm into her mouth. Tina gagged slightly at first, but managed to swallow it all. All the while young Kim stared at the act before her. Scared, confused and not knowing what was going to happen next, Kim trembled, and a tear ran down her cheek. ” Why don’t you put Tina in her old room upstairs” said Jim. ” I’m want to take little Kim to my office and fuck her tight little cunt” ” Finders keepers dude, I’ve been looking forward to fucking that little bitch ever since I saw her standing there on the street with her sister” . ” All right, but don’t keep her all night, I’d like a piece of her too” said Jim. ” We’ll girls, it’s great that you ran into Kurt tonight, we we’ve been looking for a new girl for a few days now” .

With that, Kurt grabbed little Kim around the waist, picked her up and threw her small body over his shoulder. Kim was screaming as he carried her down the hall and into a small room. Tina jumped up and started to run after her sister, but Jim kicked her feet out from under her, sending Tina crashing to the floor. ” Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” he asked. ” Please don’t let him rape my sister, she’s a virgin” pleaded Tina, with tears streaming down her face. ” Don’t worry, he’ll be gentle” replied Jim with a shitty smile on his face. ” Come on slut, I want to see your tits again, it’s been a long time” .

Jim reached out with both hands and slipped the thin straps that held her dress up off her shoulders. Her tight dress clung to her body, held up by her full breasts. ” My, my, you’ve filled out some since I last saw you.” Jim slowly pealed down her dress, exposing her firm tits. ” Oh ya, you look real nice Tina” he said as he grabbed her left tit, squeezing it gently. Then he pulled her dress down to her waist, exposing her flat stomach, and the top of her white panties. He placed both hands around her thin waist line. ” I see you’ve been keeping your girlish figure Tina, I’m impressed” . Then he continued slipping off her dress. After it was pulled below her hips, it fell to her feet. Tina stood there, with nothing more than her high heal shoes, and panties. Her cunt mound was sticking out nicely, so Jim stroked it through her panties, then slipped his finger under the waistband, and then trailed it down the leg opening to her pussy.

Tina stood still, trembling in fear. Just then, she heard a scream from down the hall. It startled her back to reality. Her sister was going to be raped, and needed her help. Thinking she could help her sister before it was too late, she foolishly doubled up her fist, and tried to hit Jim. He quickly grabbed her arm, and twisted it behind her back. ” Owww, stop it hurts” Tina cried out. ” I’m warning you bitch, you keep that shit up, and you’re never going to see your little sister again. You understand me whore?” he asked. Crying, Tina nodded her head. These men were experts in driving in fear and intimidation. And Tina knew that they meant business. ” Come on, I’m horny lets fuck” Jim said. He took Tina by the arm, and led her down the same hall Kurt had taken her sister. When they passed by the second doorway, she saw her sister Kim standing naked in front of Kurt. He was making her watch as he jacked off his cock in front of her. ” Maybe he wasn’t going to rape her after all” Tina prayed. But she knew she was very wrong. ” Why don’t we join them” said Jim as he stopped in the doorway. ” Hey, I’ve got an idea, lets let the girls play while we just sit and watch” suggested Jim. ” That way they’ll be nice and warmed up for us.” ” Sounds like a good idea” replied Kurt. ” Tina, come here and lick your little sisters cunt” ordered Kurt. Tina just stood there. ” This guys crazy” she thought to herself. ” I’ll never do that!” she exclaimed. From nowhere, Jim pulled out a large knife and put it to Kim’s neck. ” Eat her cunt or I’ll slit her fucking throat” he yelled. Kurt pushed Kim onto the couch that was against the wall. ” Get over here and give her a good long tongue lashing, you little slut” .

Her sister spread her legs as Tina crawled in between them. ” I’m sorry” she whispered to Kim. Kim jumped as Tina’s tongue first touched her down there. She had never felt such a thing before. Tina started licking her sisters hairless pussy like she was told, as the two men stroked their cocks. ” Oh ya, Tina, suck that little cunt. Make your sister cum for us” said Jim. Tina knew well enough that this was an order, so she started sucking and licking her sister’s pussy with a passion. It wasn’t as bad as she expected. Her sister was very funny about cleanliness, so she kept herself smelling fresh all the time. Before long she was sticking her tongue up her young cunt, and the juices were flowing. Kim was getting into it, her hips were gyrating and she was breathing heavily. Tina sensed an impending orgasm, so she continued her probing and sucking. Kim was getting close now, her breathing was short and shallow, and she instinctively placed her hand on the back of Tina’s head giving her encouragement.

The men were really enjoying the show. Jim wanted to get a closer look, so he moved onto the couch next to Kim.Kurt moved in behind Tina, and stood over her and watched as she knelt on the floor, eating her own sisters pussy. ” Ooooohhhhh, oooohhhhh” Kim moaned. She had never had an orgasm before, so she didn’t quite know what was happening. She started to push Tina’s head away, but Tina was persistent. She knew the men wouldn’t be happy if she didn’t bring Kim to an orgasm. Reaching up between her sisters outstretched legs, Tina stuck a finger up Kim’s cunt, and twisted it about while continuing her sucking. That was all it took. ” Ooooohhhhhh God, oooooohhhhhh, oooohhhhhhhhh” Kim moaned loudly as the orgasm swept through her body. She was trembling and shaking now. The sight was too much for both Jim and Kurt.

Just as Kim’s orgasm reached it’s peak, Jim knelt down behind Tina and shoved his 7-inch cock up Tina’s cunt in one push. Her excitement in getting her sister off, made her pussy very wet. He then pulled her backwards, and onto his lap. Tina was now sitting on his cock as he started jabbing it upward into her pussy. Kurt moved in between Kim’s spread legs, and put the head of his monster sized cock up against Kim’s tiny pussy hole. Her eyes widened as he pushed his beast up into her virgin sex canal. ” Owwww, please stop. It hurts!, oooowwww” cried Kim, as his fat pecker tore her hymen open. Her fingernails dug into the fabric of the sofa as Kurt continued pushing into her tight hole. ” Ooooowww, oooohhhhhh, no, please no” she cried. Tina’s face was only inches from Kurt’s ass as he was raping her little sisters cunt. She could see his ass muscles tighten as he forced his meat into her cunt. Kurt’s cock was only half way in, and he was determined to bury it fully in her small pussy. ” Ugh” he grunted as he pushed it the rest of the way in. After the show the two girls had given them, he was already close to cumming. Now her tightness was too much for him. He pumped two or three times, and that was all he could take. ” Ohhhhhhh yea” he moaned, as his hot semen began flowing from his cock, and into Kim’s virgin pussy.

Kim could feel his hard penis pulsing in her vagina as his sperm flooded her womb. A tear ran down her cheek. She wanted her first time to be gentle, and with her future husband, not some grunting man raping her like some kind of whore. Jim pushed Tina off his lap, and continued fucking her doggy style. Her face was only two feet from her sisters crotch when Kurt pulled his dripping cock out of her virgin pussy. It was covered with a bloody semen mixture. Kim sat there staring at the ceiling while Tina’s rapist fucked her sister like a dog in heat. ” Did — you — like — having a — big cock — up your — little — cunt — bitch?” Jim asked Kimberly, as he continued pounding into Tina’s wet pussy. Kim said nothing, she just stared. She was still in a state of shock. ” Ughhhhh yea” grunted Jim, as his nuts tightened. He was going to cum real soon. He pushed his cock into Tina’s cunt, and held it still as the cum shot into her body. Oooohhhh shit, Tina, your pussy’s so good” He held her hips tightly as he finished pumping his sperm into her teenage pussy.

After the two men recovered from their orgasm’s, they took the girls and placed them in each in separate rooms. Tina was in a familiar setting. It was the same room she had been put in three years ago. It was painted white and had more furniture now, but it was still hauntingly familiar. Kim was placed in a similar room, it had a king-sized bed and an attached bathroom, but had no windows. The men had changed their tactics on the girls they abducted over the years since Tina was held captive. They allowed them to have beds and other furnishings, but were much more physically abusive. Any way they could gain control of them faster was their only concern.

Thanks guys… just a little qoute to ponder ” a man is an architect of his own destiny”… till next time