My First


I’ve been a long time reader of PL stories pero now lang ako nagka guts na mag post ng personal experiences ko. And since this is my first time writing, I might as well start sa pinaka unang karanasan ko sa s3x.

p.s. not that good with tagalog so pagpasensyahan na po ^_^

My name’s AJ, and as the name sounds, me pagka boyish ako. 5′4, morena, and chubby. May pagka geeky rin ako kay ewan ko bah ba’t nakukuha ko guys na gusto ko when it comes to sex xD

I was 15 when I was deflowered by my boyfriend who was also a virgin. We met during my Senior year, him being my trainer for the athletics department para sa school division meet. He was older than me by 3 years pero between us, I act much more maturely.

Sa three months na relationship nami, all we ever did was kiss here and there, petting and all the light stuff.. Nothing intense until umabot kami sa 4th month namin.

A couple of weeks before my High school graduation, we had this awarding of honors and stuff like that so I decided to celebrate my achievements with him. He prepared a special dinner for me that night and I super enjoyed it that I didn’t notice how late it was. In the end, I spent the night at his place.

I really like to cuddle when I sleep so I snuggled up to him and kissed his neck. And just like that, everything took an unexpected turn. He faced me and kissed me full on the lips. As first he was being gentle, each kiss was done with care and then suddenly he became very aggressive, very much different form our previous encounters. And because of his boldness I felt myself starting to heat up, letting a moan of pleasure escape from my lips. Having heard my reaction, he started removing my shirt, trailing kisses on my now are shoulders, to my collarbone, and then my neck. He kissed the back of my ear which sent tingling sensations all over my body. But as aggressive as he was, we were both inexperienced in the art of sex. However, when your in such a situation, carnal instincts take over.

We continued kissing, and I could feel his tongue searching mine, sending messages on how much he wants to control me, to take over me, to be inside me. I could feel myself getting dewy and moist in my private part. It wasn’t long before the room started to heat up even if the aircon was on high. Having removed most of our clothing, he gently asked me if I was ready for this and all I could ever say was yes. (The feeling I felt that time was so great I really didn’t want it to stop) My L’ness has reached its peak and from there, I French-kissed him, putting all my emotions in that lustful kiss while stroking his already hard member. He on the other hand was sucking my breast, teasing my nipple with his tantalizing tongue. It was driving me nuts and more noticeably, it was making me wet. He was still sucking my breasts when his right hand went south, straight to my very moist center, stroking my most sensitive flesh. The back and forth rhythm of his hand gave me so much pleasure that it made me moan, almost to the point of shouting. He has to kiss me again just so he could control th noise I was making. Every stroke of his finger sent shivers down my spine, making me wetter. I was very much shocked when he inserted a finger in me. I gushed something on his hand because of what he did and that’s when I found out I had cummed on him.

I was lying, breathing erratically when he asked if he could enter me already. I told him yes, seeing that he was still unfinished but when he did, it was so darn painful, it was like my pussy was being stretched open. But he was considerate, entering me slowly, noticing my discomfort. He settled inside me for a few seconds and I got used to the sensation ans was starting to welcome his thing. He then thrust into me with full force, I could feel his member hitting something inside me. I was like “Oh my God, shit!”, “yes baby, yes” and he was like “Baby, your so tight.. you feel so good.. ohhh”. I bit my lip as he banged me wildly with full force. My voice was rising, “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh shit, baby I’m coming…” I felt my muscles contract and my whole body shivered“ahhh, ahhh,,aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh”. He continued to fuck me until he too was saying, “I’m coming” and he withdrew, with a long moan, he spurted his come all over my tummy. I could feel the heat of his semen but I was too tired to even wipe it of..

That was one mind numbing, body tingling and definitely exhausting experience for me. ^_^

Cenxa na po.. newbie eh..hehe hope you liked it.. comments and suggestions are very much appreciated