Friends With Benefits


Wouldn’t it be nice to experience and participate in a relationship without the stress of making a mistake; without having to constantly try to please your significant other; to enjoy and be pleasured without the need of commitment?

But how long can one truly stand to be just a friend with benefits? Does one honestly believe in having a sex buddy without caring for them? Can one sincerely agree to these non-committal terms without being loved or cared for?

We watch so many movies where the guy and the girl fall in love, think about each other constantly and stare at each other as though they’ve never seen anything so beautiful, so miraculous… Those movies that we watch, where at certain parts, make us sigh in earnest; in hope; in longing – those scenes that express that love is true and that love is attainable.

Everyone wants to be loved by someone, whether they know it or not. To have someone who thinks about them; who craves their company; who cherishes their shared memories. To have someone who would fight for them in their time of need, other than your parents of course, and to whisper to them in truth and innocence that they love you.

If one were to be stranded on a deserted island, supplied with the proper amount of food, water and shelter, but completely alone, how could they stand to live? Man can suffer from loneliness, or at least go slightly insane and befriend a volleyball from a FED-EX package.

I think that, in the end, we all need to settle down, whether it takes a longer time or not, and find their special someone who makes them smile at the saddest of times; someone who goes out of their way to see you for just 5 minutes; someone who makes you feel warm inside and safe when they hold you; someone who respects you and values your opinions above all others; someone who you love and who loves you back.

Friends with benefits may be fun, convenient, make you feel like you’re free from commitment and heartbreak, make you feel empowered.

But in the end, your heart only breaks because it was real. There was something there, something special, and you had a chance to have it. At least you can really say that you truly have been in love.