Written by: sweetshei09

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Friends are the most wonderful commodities in the world. They are there for us through thick and thin. But sometimes we have the opportunity to cross the line between friends and lovers and that is what my story is about…

Chris and I were long overdue for some R and R. Due to some financial constraints we hadn’t been able to get away from home for some time and we were both looking forward to our weekend away. The weekend was planned for the two of us but at the last minute we had an unexpected guest. Our dear friend Mandy had been going through a tough time for the past few months and had moved several hundred miles away from us. While we had kept in touch via email and phone calls we missed her very much.

When Mandy called on Wednesday to say that she had unexpectedly been given Friday off from work and she’d like to pay us a long awaited visit, we didn’t have the heart to tell her that we had planned to go out of town on Friday. Instead, Chris and I told her that we were ecstatic that she was coming and left it at that. After getting off the phone with Mandy, Chris and I discussed what to do about the weekend. Since we already had reservations at a hotel we liked about 100 miles from our home and since there would be plenty of room for one more…we decided to just wait for Mandy to arrive and the three of us would go for the mini-vacation together. Chris suggested calling Mandy back and telling her our plans but I thought it would be a neat surprise for her to just let her show up at our house and then we’d transfer her things to our car and take off before she had a chance to protest.

That night as Chris and I lay in bed in each other’s arms as usual I asked him if he still fantasized about Mandy and I getting together for some girl-girl action. He grinned and confessed that of course he still thought that was a hot idea. We talked about how I would lick and eat her pussy and show her how much fun two women can have together. I shared my fantasy with Chris of me eating her pussy after he shot a load of cum in her. I imagined licking and sucking his sweet cum out of her dripping cunt. It made my pussy all tingly just thinking about it. Of course, after all this erotic talk, Chris and I made love until the wee hours of the morning. As usual, my lover left me totally drained and satisfied. I fell asleep with a wicked smile on my face.

On Friday, Mandy arrived on time and we all enjoyed a happy reunion. I must confess that while I watched Chris hugging her I was wondering if he was thinking about fucking her. The thought of watching his dick pleasure her made my pussy get juicy. We quickly sprung our surprise weekend trip on Mandy and after some perfunctory speech on her part about not intruding on us we piled into the car and headed off. The first part of the drive was spent catching up on each other’s lives. But I couldn’t stop thinking about “the fantasy” idea, so when we stopped for gas I decided to see what Mandy thought about the idea. When she and I went to the restroom I asked her how her sex life was.

Mandy laughed at the question but confessed that she wasn’t getting as much as she needed. I asked her if she was interested in turning this weekend into a sex festival. Mandy looked at me with her mouth dropped open and started to laugh. I assured her that Chris and I were very serious and wanted her to be part of our sexual play. She didn’t hesitate a half a second before saying, “count me in!” I asked Mandy if she was willing to help me get Chris in the mood and she said she certainly was with a mischievous grin on her face.

When we rejoined Chris at the car, I told him that Mandy was very tired after her long trip and I wanted her to lay down in the back seat. I helped Mandy stretch out and then slid in under her so she could lay her head on my lap. Chris climbed in the driver seat and I caught his eye in the rearview mirror…I couldn’t resist giving him a wink. As soon as we pulled out of the gas station I started gently stroking Mandy’s hair and face. I quickly moved down to touching her neck and shoulders. Mandy closed her eyes and snuggled into my lap.

I kept looking up to make sure Chris was watching us and of course he was. Slowly, I let my caressing progress from Mandy’s shoulders to her breasts. I stroked her tits gently through her shirt and bra. Involuntarily, she began to moan softly. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, the nose and then her lips. I wanted to see what her reaction was. Her reaction was to open her eyes and give me a wickedly sexy grin. I took this as a sign that she was ok with proceeding. My fingers deftly moved down to the buttons of her blouse, unbuttoning each one and then pausing to stroke her face and breasts.

As the last button came undone, her blouse fell open to reveal her perky tits encased in a bra that thankfully had a front clasp. My warm hands cupped her breasts through her bra and I could feel her hard nipples with my fingers. The clasp of her bra came open easily and I at last had her lovely breasts naked. I circled each nipple slowly with my index finger and flicked her nipples to see how hard they would get. They got very hard! My hands roamed freely over the soft skin of her tits and her tummy. Mandy was moaning openly now and wiggling her butt. I asked her if her pussy was tingling and she assured me that it was! My mind was thinking about how good it would feel to slip my finger into her slit and feel her wetness but I wanted to save that for later. So, I just rubbed and tweaked her nipples and tits until she told me that she couldn’t stand it anymore.

I asked Mandy what she wanted and she whispered that she wanted to get (hoy!)! Chris heard her and said that he would be very happy to oblige us both once we reached the hotel. I told them both to be patient and continued my titty massage of Mandy. Fortunately, we reached our destination within about 30 minutes. The three of us checked in and unloaded the car in record time! Once we were in the room I suggested that we change into swimsuits and head out to the hot tub. Mandy and Chris reluctantly agreed…I think they wanted to jump straight in the sack but I had other plans. With a wink I told the two of them to entertain each other while I used the restroom to freshen up and change. As I walked past Chris, I said that it would be a shame if Mandy’s pussy weren’t still wet…he got the message.

I took my time in the bathroom, putting on my suit and pinning my hair up. My mind was racing trying to imagine what they were doing in the next room. I eased the door open and saw my beautiful, sexy husband kissing Mandy and feeling her ass with his hands INSIDE her pants! Oooooo, that sight made me hot and horny. They sprang apart when they saw me and I kissed them both on the cheeks and encouraged them to get ready. Finally, the three of us made it to the hot tub.

My darling Chris opened a cold beer for each of us and we laid back against the sides of the tub and let the warm water caress our bodies. There were several other people in the hot tub but it is quite large and we had one end to ourselves. I started frolicking about a bit and playfully splashing Chris and Mandy. Chris said that if I didn’t settle down he was going to have to spank me, which bumped my horniness up a whole notch. I sat back down on the other side of Mandy so that she was between Chris and I. I lay my head back and closed my eyes and just relaxed.

I let my hand rest on Mandy’s thigh and stroked her slowly. When I opened my eyes and looked over it appeared that Mandy’s left hand was in Chris’s lap. I looked closer through the water and could see that she had her hand inside his bathing suit and was stroking his cock. Well, I didn’t want to miss out on the fun so I slid my hand inside Mandy’s swimsuit and began to stroke her smooth pussy. It felt delicious. Mandy stroked my pussy from outside my suit. We switched around positions and eventually Mandy and I were stroking Chris’s dick at the same time. Chris decided that this would be a good time to head back to our room.

As soon as we got in the room, Miss Horny Mandy began to kiss Chris and beg to be (hoy!). He felt her up and he and I sandwiched her body between us while our hands roamed over her ass and tits. Things were certainly heating up and I could feel how slick my own pussy was getting. Reluctantly, Chris pulled away from us and said that he had to get a shower first. We begged him to hurry and he went into the bathroom. Mandy turned to me and said that she was so horny that she didn’t think she could stand it much longer. I led her over to the bed and laid her down. I knelt over her body and began to kiss and caress her. I peeled her wet bathing suit off and licked and sucked her nipples until I had her moaning and wiggling beneath me. I asked her if I could eat her pussy and in reply she spread her legs and parted her cunt lips with her fingers. I slid down her belly nibbling and licking my way to her slit. Licking my way around the outside of her pussy, I could feel her body tense up. She was moaning and begging me to eat her out. My head dipped to her cunt and I got my first taste of her juices. The woman was dripping wet! I lapped up her juices and then concentrated on her clit while my hands wondered up to her breasts and stroked and pinched her hard nipples.

Just when I felt I had Mandy on the brink of coming on my face, I felt my bathing suit bottoms being pulled down. The next thing I knew there was an extremely hard cock pushing into my sopping wet pussy. It was an incredibly erotic feeling with my face buried in Mandy’s pussy and Chris’s hot cock buried in my cunt! I immediately thrust two fingers hard into Mandy’s wet hole and locked onto her clit with my sucking mouth. She and I came hard together with me being (hoy!) from behind. I collapsed onto Mandy and gave her a big tongue kiss so she could taste her own juices on my mouth. Chris pulled out of me and stood there watching us with his big dick standing out like a sword and glistening with my cunt juices. Mandy rolled out from under me and took my man’s pole in her mouth and proceeded to lick my hot juices off of him.

I suggested that Chris lay down which he did very quickly, he’s so cooperative. Somehow the idea came to me to sit on his face, which is what I did. My darlin’ then gave me a wonderful pussy eating experience with his talented tongue. I took Mandy’s hand and pulled her up on the bed and helped her to sit down on Chris’s dick facing me. The sight of his thick cock disappearing into her juicy slit was enough to cause me to have another powerful orgasm. I was moaning and wiggling on his face while my hands held tight to Mandy’s tits, I was pinching those nipples like there was no tomorrow. She was bouncing on his dick like the woman was on a trampoline. She and I kissed passionately and played with each other’s tits. Mandy seemed to be having multiple orgasms as she moaned and screamed and road my baby’s cock.

Just as I was wondering how in the hell Chris was keeping from coming this long, he pushed me up off his face and let out a loud moan as his whole body tensed in a mind blowing orgasm. Mandy felt his dick swell as he came and girlfriend came with him screaming and riding him like a stallion! It was a beautiful sight.

As quickly as I decently could I helped Mandy slide off my boy’s dick…because I had more business in mind. I laid her head on his lower belly just above his dripping wet cock and put it in her mouth. She started slurping up her own juice and his cum from his still hard dick. I quickly spread her legs and buried my head between her thighs. My tongue lapped up the outside of her pussy and then I pushed my tongue inside her cunt to lick and suck all my baby’s cum from her dripping hole. It was truly a fantasy come true!

We lay on the bed exhausted and satisfied, cuddling and caressing each other…then it hit me…this was only Friday…we have two more whole days!!