never felt before pt.4


It’s almost 2pm when we arrived at the place, which is actually a town away from Lucena, which is Pagbilao. Now I’ve been to this place only twice, both with my mom and during the town’s fiesta.

So I’m a bit relaxed, because at least I think nobody knows me there. It’s a big enough house, probably two stories high. Then Mark rang the doorbell.

A guy who looks a bit familiar opened the gate. He looks like a teenager too but definitely 3-5 years older than me. He is a bit shorter than Mark but a lot cuter.

“Tuloy .” he said, just passing a glance at me and then showing a huge grin to Mark.

“Thanks tol ha.”

“Basta ikaw dude. He he…” he then looked at me, “hi.”

“hello poh. “ I just said looking down on the ground.

“Kumain na ba kayo?”

“Yes, thanks. Okay na kami, “ Mark replied.

It was an awkward moment standing between two older guys alone in a house. And I still can’t figure surely if I know for sure who this guy is.

“Ganda naman ng girlfriend mo.” The other guy said.

Girlfriend? Mejo naloka me dun.

“Nga pala, Luke, si kace.”

I’m waiting for him to say something like”Ah I think I’ve seen you before.” But instead he just remarked.

“Jackpot ka jan ‘tol.” He smiled wickedly and then..”Joke lang miss ha, taga Lucena city ka ba?”

Tango lang ako. “Ilan taon ka na nga ulit?”

“Seventeen” si Mark ang sumagot.

Di na ko nag-react.

Anyway, di ko lam ang usapan nila kasi I stayed muna in the sala, while they talked more in the kitchen, while they got some drinks. But when they came back with a glass of juice for me, a few minutes later, Luke said goodbye. My heart started beating so fast. Actually I don’t know what to feel. I just realized na I’m alone with a complete stranger who is probably more than twice my age, in a far place from home.

I sipped my juice. Half-way through the drink…

“May gayuma yan” he joked. I didn’t smile. I realized he could’ve put anything on it to make me sleep for days. I stopped.

“Joke lang kaw naman”.

He then pulls out his phone with camera. He focused it on me, and I covered my face. “Why?“ I said.

“It’s okay, remembrance lang. Minsan lang ako makakita ng kasing ganda mo.”

I was a bit flattered so I gave him some smiles while he took a video of me in the couch..After that, “Let’s go.” He said.

After I finished my drink, he sat beside me in the sofa. “Solo natin tong house kace.” He kissed me lightly in the lips. It was a good slow kiss. His hands are again inside my skirt.. Caressing while kissing me .Then he tugged a bit at my panty. I pulled it back up.”No,”I said. But we kept kissing. His tongue forced its way into my mouth. Slithering and sucking my mouth. I did also what he did para di me mapahiya. While at it, he would tug at my panty from time to time, and I would pull back.

He continued kissing but this time my face, I just closed my eyes, he laid my back on the sofa, na parang nakapatong na sya saken. I felt like a small baby in his arms cause when I touched his arms, It’s very hard and muscular. He kissed my ears, where my kiliti was, and I went” UMPPPPPPPPhh shit Mark stop stop…”

But he didn’t,and then he tugged at my panty again. This time I didn’t have the power to stop him. He pulled so hard, It might have ripped.

And then muntik na me mahulog because he was kissing may neck at di ako mapakali, He then stood up and led me to a room.

“You promised Mark..”

“ok, but you have to do something else.”

We continued kissing again on the lips longer after we went inside. He kissed my neck again ands tarted unbuttoning my bouse..”No Mark..” I said that, but I just closed my eyes and let him.

Now on th bed, after removing my trainer bra, he licked very slowly at my nipples. Each touch of his tongue makes me nginig to the bones. I felt really hot all over my body. Then I moaned louder, when he tried to swallow a whole tit in his mouth.inside I feel his tonguse sweping at my nipples, now, he touched my pussy, “wet ka na” he said. He was sliding his finger on my pussy lips while sucking at my tits. And I went crazy, I started shouting “Shit, Puta , Fuck” in random order. I felt a huge build up of hot liquid inside my puson.

Then I had this instinct of kissing his mouth again. And then his ear. Then I said. “Kiss me there”

I then placed his face inside my skirt.

He didn’t dissappoint, He licked my pussy very slowly and thoroughly until my puson ached, Then I felt his tongue, went inside and out of my wet pussy. I was saying curses again.” Shit shit shit”

He knew I was enjoying . He kissed my thighs,then back to my pussy and slid it back and fort again. “Oooh

“ I woul moan from time to time. “Don’t stop please..”

And then I burst. Steaming liquid flowed out my virgin puss.. Nanginig me nun. Sorbra, as in arms. Knees legs ko nanginginig. He even stopped kissing and just watched me, enjoy my orgasm.

He went down again, But when he sucked at my puss again, it hurts na, “Stop, msakit poh, “

Then he licked my wetness. Sarap ng feeling, Specially when I hear him slurp, slrp..

Hinang hina po me nun.

“Sarap ba?” he asked.

I just smiled.

And then I saw him remove his shirt and shorts, kasabay na yung brief binaba. And that’s the first time I saw a real cock. It was big I think and mataba. A lot of pubic hair, it looked really scary.

“Ako naman pasarapin mo ha.”


“Kailangan lahat ng ginawa ko sa yo gawin mo sakin.”

He then lied on the bed. He wasn’t moving, he just laid there. “game” he said. His dick is standing straight up. I didn’t know what to do,..