Despera [not a sex story] by in_the_zone


Written by: in_the_zone

a random read [something to ponder on]

What’s in a bottle of beer?

Laughter? Joy? Fear? Or the inevitable truth that no one can handle the pressure that this world has to offer?

Questions lingered my subconscious mind as I take another gulp in my mug full of San Mig Strong Ice.

Perfect as the night may seem – there was something lacking – the night went on and on as if no one cared about what tomorrow could bring them.

I woke up in the morning still dizzy with hang over in the bed with a random girl I had sex with last night. There was a sudden sense of guilt and disbelief.

It was never my intention to do it – I never intended to be a traitor to my beloved.

But what’s done has already been done – perhaps it was my fault … no doubt it definitely is. But its too late to take it back – the mistake has been done and I can never undo it.

Perhaps the quotation by Mignon McLaughlin is true…

“The chief reason for drinking is the desire to behave in a certain way, and to be able to blame it on alcohol.”


Did I just wish this to happen? Did I act the trigger of my libido?

Indefinite as my mind may seem. All is lost.

The night has fallen for a wonderful relationship – and its all my fault.

As invincible as you may seem behind the bottle of beer – it will never be enough to protect you from your own guilt.

A woman is a gift from heaven itself – so grab hold of it – grip it tight and never let it go.

Desperation awaits those who loses grip.