still fresh


we were watching tv after our fun bathroom romp. i flip it onto the news channel, jan says “you want sad stories? just keep watching haha” true enough you start hearing murders, corruption and what not on the local scene. hey, it’s the philippines! so i start channel surfing trying to find something light to watch. we came across an infomercial channel. it’s funny that almost everything in this world can be achieved within 3 minutes a day for these guys. chisseled abs in only 3 mins! sculpted butt in only 3 mins! prepare a full meal in 3 mins! you get the picture. we just left it on, sort of like white noise. we began talking, still tired from all that activity in the tub. “ann… si nikki..” i didnt even let him finish, and told him “don’t worry about it, nobody will know” and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. him and nikki were engaged. i both knew them, weve met on some occasions and she is very nice. the kind of girl that everyone loved. she was easy to talk to, and pretty. you might be thinking… “what a slut! she sleeps with a guy who she knows will get married!” honestly, this is the first time i’ve did that. i’ve never really had a thing with “attached” men. except jan, i’ve been wanting him for 4 months now but refused the urge to flirt with him because of that.

there was an awkward moment of silence lingering in the room, “so…you said it was your first time someone swallowed you” i said jokingly. “grabe ann, that was so hot!”

me: sinungaling!
jan: di nga, totoo!
me: doesn’t nikki try it?
jan: yun?!? ann naman, you know her. ang demure demure nun! i wanted to let her try, but she
thinks its gross.
me: bawi na lang sya sa sex haha
jan: buti nga kung may sex. ann, we never do it.
me: what?! stop kidding! haha
jan: she’s saving herself for marriage. she believes strongly in that.
me: talaga? so what do you guys do? parang ang boring naman if you two don’t spice it up a little
from time to time.
jan: well, we make out and kiss, she gives me a hand job every now and then. a blow job if i’m lucky
on that day! i don’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to, but it gets boring na
me: well… you got lucky tonight mister! haha
jan: yea… and i wanna return the favor….

He started kissing me deeply, we were just under the sheets, naked. he started feeling me up, caressing my boobs slowly making sure he avoided my nipples. i knew he wanted to tease me, i just kept on kissing him getting all the more excited. he was grabbing my hair, and squeezing my butt now “grabe ka mang gigil” i told him. “sorry ann, sabik lang talaga” from that point on i thought to myself, i’m gonna let him do whatever he wants to me. The make out session was so hot, he started to kiss me on left nipple first. slowly licking it in circles, and trying to suck on it. i loved it! i was just lying in the be enjoying every moment of this. he starts to alternate between my boobs, all the while massaging the lips of my pussy. “ann, you’re so wet na… i wanna taste you” i just pushed his head downward and anticipated the moment. he was kissing his way down there, i can feel his tongue making small circles around the top of mound. “ann, i wanna taste you so bad” i just grabbed his hair more, he finally put his tongue on the lips, making long strokes up and down. it was just bliss for me. i started moaning now, he was slowly licking my clit. i felt the sensation all over my body, he was going faster and faster. “jan…don’t stop, don’t stop” se started flicking his tongue faster, now inserting a finger. i couldnt stand it any longer i just let out a loud moan and pushed his head into my pussy. “jan, i’m gonna cum… don’s stop baby” i love it when my man doesn’t stop licking my clit until AFTER i’ve orgasmed.

i told him “i want you…” i was so wet now, he got up and put my legs in a V position. he started to slowly put his dick inside me, i could feel the girth just stretching me a little more than my comfort zone. i let out a small “ugh” he said “ann, you’re so tight, grabe” “go slow jan, it’s been a while for me” he started pumping in small and slow strokes, i can feel my wetness dripping onto my butt. the pain was now turning into pleasure. he started fucking me faster all the time he was just saying “ann, ang sikip mo talaga” i told him i wanted to ride him, it was the only position i knew that i would reach orgasm again. he laid down on his back, and i started to straddle him. putting his dick in was as painful now, i started moving with him, getting faster and faster. while i was riding him, he was sucking on my nipples, we didnt stop our motion. i was breathing heavily now, and i whispered to his ear “you’re gonne make me cum again…” after a few more minutes of semi rough sex i came on him again, this time on his dick. he had a face of surprise, he wasn’t expecting it. i just got a lot wetter, “ann, yung juice mo, i can feel it on my balls dripping. grabe mag cum” i still didnt stop pumping him. i wanted him to reach orgasm also “shit ann, get off… malapit na ako” i told him “i’ll get off until the very last moment, just tell me. pag hindi mo na talaga kaya” he was moaning louder now, our strokes getting faster and harder “ann… i’m close na talaga” to which i smiled at him and said “hindi ako naniniwala” i didnt stop and i could feel him tryin to lift me off. “ann….shit….” and i just rode him on feeling his cum shoot inside of me. it was a lot, and i could feel the warmth filling me inside. i was still riding him until he couldn’t take it any longer. “ann…..” i just kissed him on the lips and said “shhhhhh” i was resting on his chest, feeling him getting softer while still inside of me.

after 20 minutes or so, i told him it was time for us to leave. i didn’t want to sleep there. we both got dresses and left the place. on the way back he didnt say anything in the car. when we were at the parking lot where my car was at i told him. “it was a fun night!”

jan: yea…
me: sige na, it’s kinda late na rin
jan: ann, what if mabun…
me: highly unlikely, im on rythm at the moment
jan: oh…
me: you worry too much! *kiss
jan: i hope we can still work together
me: yea, of course… but this is the last time. you just got lucky tonight

we both laughed. i was satisfied at what happened that night, and i won’t forget it.