This is my story. I know I’m supposed to forget this but for some deliciously wicked reason, I just can’t.

The night is young and the temperature is just too warm to go to sleep. A little skinny-dipping to relieve the heat sounds enticing right now. I slowly rose from my bed and went downstairs. Walking towards the water, I removed my clothing one by one until it’s just me and nothing else. I inched towards the pool and savored the cool water touching my feet. Little by little, I fully submerged myself and instantly felt glorious- the water lapping down your body making you exquisitely aware of your nakedness.

Lazily, I swam a few laps and felt refreshed. Just when I was at my final lap executing a perfect breast stroke, I felt an odd sensation of being watched. I looked around to make certain that I am still alone. Then I felt it- as in really felt it. At first it was just a light touch all over my body. I didn’t bother to acknowledge it as I continued doing my swim around the pool. Then the caresses became insistent as I felt a ghostly pair of rough hands touching my breast. My breathing stopped as does my swimming and I situated myself on the shallow part of the pool.

The touching continued and strangely enough I am beginning to like the experience. I love the way his hands roamed all over my body, bringing every nerve endings awake. My eyes closed when I felt his- I am sure it’s a man though I can not say how I knew it- lips on my neck down to my collar bone. It was such a delicious feeling. My nipples puckered as he fondled my breast. He gently rolled my nipples between his fingertips and somehow imitates the action of sucking it. A moan escaped my lips as I fully immersed myself in the experience.

He continued giving both of my breast an equal time of fondling and caressing and as the pleasure escalates so is the wetness between my thighs. As if sensing my distress, the invisible stranger slowly traced his hand down to my abdomen, giving time to play with my navel and finally down to the folds between my thighs. The unseen hands massaged and teased my sex eliciting a whimper from me then he slowly parted my folds and decided to play with the little muscle that gives off concentrated pleasure all over my body. He gently rubbed it in tiny circles that made my hips thrust forward and made my pussy wetter by the second. When I’m almost reaching my peak, the hands disappeared leaving me frustrated and wanting the release only he can give. His hand closed over my wrist, guiding it to the place he left. I was hesitant. I never pleasured myself before.

The unseen stranger spoke… go ahead, my love, I’m waiting for you. It sounded familiar but the heat between my thighs was too strong to ignore. I relented and he guided my hand past my curls to slip my fingers between my folds. Guiding my fingertips to my clitoris, he instructed me to rub it in tiny circles. Instantly the pleasure is back. His hands returned to my breast as he rhythmically pinched and released my nipples and this heightened the building pleasure within. I started to rub faster as I feel the pleasure pouring out of my clitoris, out of my sex and into my body. “Place your fingers inside you. Imagine your fingers as mine as you push it inside. Yes, do it” I was so aroused by his voice and started to do as he instructed. I inserted a finger and I felt my walls clenching around it. I started to push and pull it out of my vagina. The pleasure is so intense. I believe I am nearing an out-of-this-world-orgasm. Just as the thought crossed my mind, my clit clenched suddenly, sending ripples of blissfully intense pleasure shuddering through my body. My eyes squeezed shut and I cried out from the blinding release. Spent and exhausted, I sat down the steps of the pool. I noticed that the odd sensation was gone as was the unseen stranger’s hand on my body.

What a night, I said to myself, but I believe I know who the stranger is… Is it him or was it just my overactive imagination? How did he do it? I continued pondering this question until I lay down on my bed. Morning will come soon enough then I will know it…