My Ella 4


I was indeed a total pervert.

I moved to my right closer to her and started kissing the left side of her lips. Her focused was still on the movie. My right fingers touched the side of her right breast, stroking it gently. I let go of my dick, and grabbed her left hand and place it on my penis. My heart pounded stronger, when she actually held my tool.

“Alam mo Ella, after nung magkita tayo ulit, ikaw na lang ang palagi kong pina-fantasized”

“Anung, ini-imagin mo kuya?” asked Ella.

“Ini-imagin ko na ka sex kita,” I replied.

“At noon, nahuli mo lang akong nag-jajakol, ngayon, ikaw naman ang jumajakol sa aken baby.”

Ella just looked at me, and I took that opportunity to kiss her on the lips. I grabbed her head with my now free left hand and continued kissing her. Her lips were very soft. We both opened our mouth and played with each other tongue. She continued holding my dick. I kept on kissing her lips switching from soft kisses to firm and tender kisses. Her tongue was small compare to mine and I truly enjoyed playing with it with my tongue.

I was having hard time in our position so I moved to change our position. I positioned her to the center of the bed, completely removed my towel, and lay on top of her. I kissed her all over her face and neck. My hands were all over her. I moved my hips and slowly humped and grind my groin to hers. She liked it a lot. Her soft moan continued and her breathing became heavier.

I untied the knot behind her neck and pulled her dress down to her chest. She just stared back at me. I lowered the straps of her bra from her shoulders and pulled her bra slowly. Her nipples revealed to me fully erect. (Shit, I told myself, aroused na pinsan ko). What really drove me crazy at that moment were her areolas. Hindi tulad nang iba na flat ang areolas. Yung kay Ella ay rounded at matambok. At sa top nang matambok nyang areolas ay yung nipples nyang tayung tayu. Nene pa talaga si Ella.

I did not waste time and started sucking and licking her nipples. All I could hear her say was, “Kuya, kuya, kuya, hhahm, kuyaa”.

I kept sucking her breast while my right hand touched her panty. While sucking her breasts alternately, I rubbed her pussy slowly and very gently. She liked it a lot, for I heard her moaned intensified. Moist na talaga ang cotton panty nang cousin ko. Dito ko na talagang na-realized na grabe and kalibugan ni Ella kase she was very very wet. Itong pasimpleng kumilos, at outgoing na cousin ko ay napaka-horny pala.

While sucking her breasts, I was managed to remove her panties and threw it to the floor.

Hinimas-himas ko ang pekpek nya at para talagang bunuhusan nang baby oil and pekpek nya dahil basing basa. Pati pwet ni Ella ay nilaro laro ku rin nang daliri ko at dahil doon, talagang bumigay na nang todo ang pinsan ko.

“Kuya,..(napalunok sya)..kuya Ricky, ang sarap kuya.”

“Ella, tang-ina, grabe ito”

A stopped for a moment and asked her, “Ella,, virgin ka pa ba?” Hindi sya sumagot at tumango lang.