Lust’s Playground


Once upon a time, A Man and woman eloped and had seven children.

The first child was Pride. He was vain, judgmental and boastful. He wanted to be the best and failed to acknowledge other’s good work. Being the eldest, he would compete and not give way to his siblings.

The second was Greed, he wanted everything, money, power and status for himself. He never got along with everyone especially with Pride. He’s a competitive fellow and he hates to loose.

The third was Envy, She was such a resentful child, always wanting what other’s have and more. She’d keep her friends close and enemies closer, she’d whisper falsity amongs her friends to ruin others. Amongst her closest kin was Wrath.

Wrath was the seventh and youngest of the siblings, He was such an angry and rambunctious fellow, never thinking of consequences, he would throw tantrums and everywhere he went there was pain, disaster and destruction. He was much more active than his elder brothers Gluttony and Sloth, They were not much harm but they were not much helpful either. They just stayed at home eating and sleeping.

The fourth was Lust; she succumbs to her carnal fantasies and desires. Men and women wanted her. Reason enough for Pride, Greed and especially Envy to despise her. Growing up, Lust was made to be loathed and shamed by her own siblings that made her crawl and hide in the darkness of secrecy. For the land that they lived in was ruled and governed by super egoistic preachers and politicians who were overpowered by the towering might of Pride and Greed.

For years, the society have accepted the siblings, you will see plainly who befriends Pride, Greed, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony and Wrath but you would rarely see those who befriends Lust for the society has branded her a shame.

Lust however is as busy as her other siblings; she would crawl into the night and dance with every man and woman who seeks her and when morning comes, those who found her and have danced with her would only bury it in secrecy never to tell another soul for they will be shamed. Lust lived in this manner; secrecy, deception and lies became her companions until one day, an invitation came.

Lust eagerly opened the invitation, it was for a masquerade! Lust was filled in ecstasy, she searched for a suitable dress and mask for the occasion and soon found herself mingling with men and women in masks.

Lust enjoyed each and every moment listening to the songs and stories of them accepting and fulfilling their own carnal desires. This is her place. This is her sanctuary away from Pride’s judgment, away from Greed’s dominance, away from Envy’s poison and Wrath’s fire.

Amidst the crowd was a bard, he was different from all others that he had Lust by intrigue. He sang the sweetest songs of love, lust and romance. There was something about his songs that struck a string in Lust’s soul.

Lust pushed against the thick crowd that envelopes the bard but just before she reached out him, he ran away and left. Murmurs of pain and deception filled the air devouring the remains of the bard’s sweet words and song. The masquerade continues and Lust continued to dance with the men and women.

Soon, a gentleman came to the masquerade; he wore such elegant and stylish suit and an appropriate mask. He sang and spoke of love, pain, romance and lust so sweet that it seduced almost all the women in the ball. Soon enough, a thick number of people were enveloped around him listening to his songs and words.

Lust stood still from where she was standing, listening to the newcomer’s songs and words. It seems too familiar she said. The words lead to his soul, though there were twists and turns and the tune may have been rearranged but the soul and tone is the same… the same as the bard’s.

She smiled as she approached the newcomer eager to fill in her intrigue. No, she does not wish to dance with him. She wanted to look into his soul. She wanted to understand why he knows her too well or why she dreamt of those songs long before this masquerade. She pushed through the thickness of the crowd but alas…

When she came close enough to touch him, she tripped and accidentally took off his mask and again a loud murmur of pain, agony and deception filled the air erasing the songs and sweet melody. Enraged, the bard/the newcomer threatened to leave the masquerade forever that made Lust feel sadness.

All of the sudden, Lust was enlightened. She looked at the people around her only to find her siblings among these people. Pride has spread his judgment to shame, Greed dominated them, Envy poisoned them and Wrath has already lit up his fire.

The masquerade will soon be over. Lust’s playground has been infiltrated and dominated by her siblings. What happens next will be uncovered in due time…..