What Hides Behind Love’s Mask


I still don’t got time to write a story but I had a little to write this one.


You have seen my shadows,though you don’t know it’s me.
A silhouette of darkness that always follow thee.
Watching you closely,behind you I stalk.
Tracing your footsteps in your every walk.

You felt my presence,and you were uneased.
You want to be loved,you want to be pleased.
Your heart,your soul, and your body,they seek
for something to quench them.Before me, they’re weak.

Upon seeing me,your eyes were ablazed.
You can’t help but stare,for you were amazed.
My mask has deceived you,you thought it’s my face.
My eyes they have lured you,to my secret place.

Under my cloak I hid you,and drove away your fears.
In it you’re never lonely,with me there are no tears.
But I know you still doubt me,inside your mind you ask.
Who am I to haunt you? Why do I wear this mask?

I sang to you my answer,at first you’re afraid.
Your ears they’re not used,to music I have made.
But as you listen,you start to desire
for the pleasure I could give,the warmth of it’s fire.

I call for you,you long for me.Now we are one.
I am now inside of you.You can no longer run.
Hate me or love me.Deny me if you want.
But there’s a craving in you that only I can grant.

A simple touch,I’ve given you.And you’re never the same.
The change that I have done to you,made you call for my name.
The memory I left in you sends shivers down your spine.
You may not know,you may not feel,but I have marked you mine.

If I leave you,you’ll look for me.For I’m now part of you.
Without me you’re never complete,you’ll always feel so blue.
Search for me,that’s what I want.Show me that you long
to see my face,to feel my touch,to hear my every song.

You may try to fight me,you may try to resist.
But you have no power to struggle if I insist.
Hide from me but I’ll find you,for I am everywhere.
I hold your body,heart and mind.For lust is always there.