The Cold Breeze Arose


I just want to share this guys..

To a girl who give me courage and inspiration..

We found something in common

isa na ang pagbabasa sa PL..

we had fun chatting and talking on the phone..

i know we’re happy..

masaya na nagkakilala kami..

ligaya na hindi namin nadarama at nakukuha sa current relationships namin..

yeah… we’re both committed..

i admit, this is wrong..

but i love this girl..

and i mean it..

i hate myself for falling inlove so easily..

bigyan mo lang ako ng chocnut, tayo na..

we planned to see each other in flesh.

minsan ng pumaltos ang plano..

try again ika nga..

pero sabi ko sarili ko, eto na..

makikita ko na sya sa wakas..

all of a sudden, the plan fails..

masakit na pangyayari na hindi inaasahan..

we both know na darating ang araw na matatapos ang kahibangan namin.

pero hindi ko inaasahan sa ganitong pagkakataon..

masyadong mabilis ang pangyayari..

hindi ako handa..

i received a call from her, suddenly a manly voice from the other line.

her bf, he got my message for her and try to return call.

i know somethings gonna happen that night..

we we’re chatting as she refused to continue our plan.

maraming dahilan..


gustong kong magmakaawa pero hindi dapat..

wala akong karapatang magalit,

hindi ko sya pag aari.

pwede akong magselos,

pero hindi ako pwedeng mag demand.

pwede akong masaktan,

pero hindi ako pwedeng manisi.

This is the last message i received from her while we we’re chatting.

“goodbye and thank you sa mga oras na pinasaya mo ko…

you’re a great guy, in all sense but sad to say we’re not meant to be together…

bye love..

forgive me but for the last time i want to call you love…

(log out)

hindi ko na nakuhang mag paalam.

masakit na iniwan na nya ko..

pero alam kong may dahilan sya..

dahilan na nirerespeto ko, tulad ng pag respeto ko sa kanya..

kinabukasan nakatanggap ako ng email galing sa kanya..

she made a poem for me..

im crying while reading this..

The Cold Breeze Arose

It’s rainy and cold night

The winds might feel the same,

but the breeze is not ordinary to me.

For i will remember this night forever…

I lost something.

A very important to me.

The worst part is that i probably never had it.

He came into my life a cool breeze.

Everyone knows that you can’t catch the air.

But i’m a fool and yes i tried it.

And just when i thought i had him,

he slipped right through my fingers.

Like air.

I close my eyes, i can feel your arms around me.

Grabbing your hand and pointing at orion.

I can feel your breath on my neck, your body calming my cold shivers.

Hold me close and keep me warm,

Look in my eyes and tell me i’m the one for you

Tell me i’m your every wish come true.

Lay me down very gently,

Then make love to me essentially.

Caress my body from head to toe not missing a spot,

Lets play around like connect the dots,

Lets make each other hot till our body heat rise like a rollercoaster ride,

Take my body on a journey that never ends,

It always seems to just begin,

Make me climax like i never done before,

Do what you want to my body, its all yours.

Rub me, lick me, kiss me, tease me do what ever you want to my body

Lets make love, more love until eternity.

Tonight its just you and me…

just you and me..

I felt a gentle breeze on my face

I heard him tell me to open my heart.

I felt him open his.

And for the first time in a long time, i felt safe.

Every fear that i had.

Every insecurity vanished when he told me that he loved me.

So soft. So low. So gentle. So real.

The moment magnified, i could hear the fish swim in the river below.

I could see the fragment of glass on the moon and everything went silent.

So quiet that you could hear my breathless response.

I wanted to cry. I wanted to reach up and slap God high five.

But then like air – it disappeared.

I was left in ruins. Like air – i was gone.

Masarap magmahal.

Pero mas masakit pag iniwan ka ng minamahal..

Umaasa pa din ako na minsan makikita ko pa sya..

hindi man bukas o sa darating na mga araw..

alam ko makikita ko sya..


Thanks for reading this,

pasensya na kung hindi ito ang inaasahan nyo mula sa isang MPILYO.

i just want to share this experience.

i know some of you know her.

i still have stories to share,

but im afraid its not the right time to post it.

again, thanks PL Family..

Peace out…