What I Truly Mean


I was trying to write the next part of “The Dance” pero iba yung pumapasok sa isip ko.
So I just put it into writing at eto nga yung kinalabasan…


When I say “Hi”, it means “You’re on my mind”.
But I just can’t say it,so I’d rather hide.

When I say “How are you?”, it means that “I care”.
Hoping you’re fine,though I’m not there.

When I say “I miss you”, It means that “I’m lonely”.
So a simple thought from you is all I need to cheer me.

When I say “I think of you”, it means “I wish you’re here”.
To see you,to feel you.I wish you’re just near.

When I say “Take care”, it means that “I’m worried”.
Though you often don’t listen,no matter how I plead.

When I say “I love you”, it means I really do.
I know you can feel it,don’t ever doubt, it’s true.

When I say “I want you”, it means “Please be mine”.
Selfish I may be,I’m willing to cross the line.

Whenever I hug you, it means that “I’m yours”.
Would you accept me? Or would you close your doors?

Whenever I kiss you, it means “Are you mine?”.
Kiss me back if you are,that would be my sign.

When I say “I’m ok”, it’s more that I’m not.
But you’ll never know it,coz I say it a lot.

When I say “I need you”, it means “You’re my life”.
But I’m afraid to take you,within me there’s strife.

Each time I smile, it means that “I’m happy”.
It’s my best way of showing.I’m shallow,but that’s me.

Whenever I laugh, it means that “I’m wordless”.
For I’m filled with emotions, it could be joy or sadness.

When I say “Leave me alone”, it means “Do you accept me?”
For if you do,you won’t leave and just stay here beside me.

When I say “Goodbye”, it means “Would you come with me?”.
If you can’t, it’s fine.You can just let me be.