Amber’s Officemate 1 Part 3


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After what happened to me and Ray that night, I tried to act as normal as I can be especially in front of him. I feel kind of awkward even if he acts like as if nothing happened. That sinful night was unplanned, but the thought that I gave in to him that easy, made me feel a bit ashamed.

I’ve spent a couple of times thinking over and over again what made me do it? Given the fact that I am attracted to Ray, but the fact still remains that he is married. But so what? I think it’s okay for him to cheat because his wife cheated on him anyway. My husband cheated on me as well. So I think its pretty fair for both of us to do the same thing. Quits quits lang as they say…

I am a Freudian believer on pleasure principle — the id, ego and super ego psyche of the human mind. That an individual has to satisfy whatever he thinks has the need to be satisfied. It’s just as easy as stuffing your tummy with food if you feel hungry and drinking water if you feel thirsty – problem solved and pleasure achieved – just like that.

And so we think that getting all the satisfaction we want is just as easy as that? I hope so—but I don’t think so. It’s just a theory, you’ll never know if it’s true unless you experience it yourself. But I strongly believe that my mind functions more of an id – the impulsive portion of the mind that dictates me what I want to do and if it’s already achieved, then disregard all the consequences later. Just do whatever I want now and face the guilt after rather than suppress it then regret it later. And so kahit anong isip gawin ko, it all boils down to one answer – I did it with because I want it. I want it because I need it. Could be wrong and immoral but so what? Damn if I do it, damn if I don’t.

Did I regret it? Of course not! In fact, I enjoyed it. Every second of it. It’s just that parang ang bilis ng pangyayari. Ray knew all along that I’m separated to my husband, and that I don’t have a boyfriend. Malay ko ba na baka he just took advantage of my vulnerability and most especially my need for some action between the sheets. Sana nagpakipot man lang ako. But on a second thought, I’m not the type who makes pakipot. Opportunity knocks only once sabi nga nila.

And I decided that since Ray is pretending to act normal towards me, I’ll just do the same thing to him. It looks so stupid of me to make a big deal out of it when Ray doesn’t seem to care at all. Maybe some guys are just like that, after they get what they want, then that’s it.

It was a good thing my boss gave us an urgent project that needs to be done in two week’s time. I was forced to eat my meals on my desk during break time. It’s literally “ihi lang ang pahinga” and we had to extend our work hours just to meet the deadline. There were times Janna would drop by in our office just to say hi and bring some snacks but during those busy days, I did not saw Ray. I even asked Janna why Ray is not with her and she told me that Ray was busy too.

Things really happen for a reason. My worries and anxieties were set aside to give way to more important matters. My attention and concentration was diverted from Ray to the project, and during those times, I think I have already moved on. I left the issue as it is. Heck! It’s not a big deal after all. It’s just a one night stand and it’s not going to happen again.

One afternoon while I was fixing my table and getting ready to go home, my phone rang. When I picked it up, it was my boss and he told me that I need to extend for a short meeting with him. I stood up and headed to his room and when I was on my way there, I bumped into Ray. He smiled at me and said “Pinapapunta ako ng boss mo sa office nyo.”

“Bakit daw?”

“Meron daw kailangang buhatin sa office nyo yung files na irereview nya sa bahay. Wala raw syang makita na utility sakto naman nag CR ako at nakasalubong ko sya”

“Ahhh. Kunin mo na lang dun. Nandun si Mary”

I turned my back on him and walk towards my boss’ office because I can’t take the heat of his stare. I felt like I was burning inside and I hate this kind of feeling. I can’t help myself not to reminisce what happened between us that night. I felt like I’ve slowed down into a dream like state. It’s been more than a week after Ray and I had a one night stand and I can still clearly remember every detail of it. So intense, so passionate, so full of lust.

I shrugged the idea of our wonderful night together the moment I entered my boss’ office. He asked me to sit down in front of him and take down notes. He was telling me something that I need to revise in the project. I was in the middle of nowhere that moment. I can hear what my boss was saying but I could not understand a word of it. I could not grasp a single thought. I just nodded at him most of the time. All I could think of that moment was Ray. Damn Ray. I need to get you out of my mind.

After thirty minutes of non-stop talking of my boss, he might have sensed that I am not listening. He asked me to run through what he said earlier. Good thing my hands are not as slow as my mind and I was able to jot down some notes. I came back to my senses because of that. I was more focused with our discussion that needs to be done before I leave the office that day. Thirty minutes more passed and the discussion was over.

It was already 6:20 in the evening. The workstations at the front of my boss’ office were already deserted. When I passed by the comfort room, I was about to go inside when I decided to bring my notebook first in our office and to check if Mary was still there. Damn. Obviously Mary went home already. Damn damn damn! I peeked in the Accounting office to see if they are still there. And unluckily, I’m left all alone. Our office is sort of creepy at night.

I headed to the comfort room which is almost 10 feet away from the office. I decided that it is better to pee now while it is still early. I’ll just compose a rough draft and go to work early the following day. Heck! I’m not going to stay late in our office alone.

I stopped by my locker to get my wash room stuff. It is my habit that every time I pee, I wash my privys literally with water so I have a dipper inside my locker. I’m not used to just wiping it off with tissue. I feel icky about it.

I started peeing and after that I washed my privys. While I was washing, I heard the door opened and somebody occupied the cubicle next to mine. I felt kinda creepy about it knowing that I am the only female left in the office. I shook the idea of it and just continued washing my privys. I hurriedly pulled up my undies and zipped my pants and went out of my cubicle. Few seconds after I went out, the door of the next cubicle opened and I was terrified to see Ray smirking at me.

“Kanina pa kita hinihintay. Naramdaman ko na mag oovertime ka ngayon at wala ka ng ibang kasama, kaya sasamahan na lang kita.”

“Anong ginagawa mo dito? Baka may makakita sa’yo!”

“Wala na sila. Ikaw na lang ang andito at sina Sir Mario. For sure, hindi naman sila gagamit ng CR ng girls?”

I ran out of words. The next thing I knew he was standing in front of me and grabbed me towards him. He stretched out his hand to lock the door. He turned off the lights as well.

“Bakit mo pinatay ang ilaw? Nakakatakot…”

Ray did not answer. I just felt his lips locked with mine. For a second I felt my body stiffened. I have mixed feelings of what is happening then. My heart pounded like mad. I could not move. I pushed him away from me then I tried to reach for the door knob but before I could do it, he leaned on the door so it won’t open.

“You’re crazy! I’m not going to stay here with you so please, palabasin mo na ako!”

“Babe, wag ka matakot, wala naman makaka alam eh. Then later, pwede naman tayo pumunta ulit sa motel”

“Nababaliw ka na talaga! I told you ayaw ko na gawin ulit yun. Not here inside the CR or not anywhere else. Not anymore Ray!”

He grabbed my waist and moved me closer to him so we were face to face with each other. His voice no louder than a whisper when he asked me “Are you sure you don’t want to do it again with me babe?” I did not say a word. I just looked at him straight into his eyes and let out a deep sigh.

We stared at each other for like almost five minutes then I looked down. “Just let me go please?”

I patiently waited for him to step aside so I can go out of that place but he did not move. His eyes were still fixed at me. I would be hypocrite if I say I don’t want him right there and then but I don’t want to give in to another temptation because if I do it again, chances are I might do it with him over and over again.

“Palabasin mo na ako please?” I begged once more but he did not listen. Our faces were only inches apart but our bodies were so close I could feel his throbbing manhood touching my upper leg. He put his pointer finger on my lips signaling me to shut up. His other hand started to fondle my left breast and that’s the time I lost control of myself. I gave in to the idea of doing it again with him right there inside our office comfort room.

I removed his finger on my lips and put it on my butt and I kissed his lips aggressively. “Ganito ba ang gusto mo, huh?” I kissed him again with too much pressure then I bit his lower lips.

“Aray! What’s that for?”

“That one is for being insistent. Silly you!”

I turned my back on him, grabbed the door knob, opened the door and I hurriedly left the comfort room. I stopped a bit to check if the coast is clear. The marketing department is still occupied – Sir Mario and his staff were still working on something and Ray was supposed to be there too.

Our office was a straight hallway. At the far end of the hall is my boss’ office. Before you get there, you will pass by the Sales and Marketing Department and the Purchasing department, there’s also the lobby and the some offices that were unoccupied and used as stock room. Next to that is the clinic and the 201 File room. After the 201 File room is the Fire exit and the comfort room.

I crept into the Fire exit and waited for Ray to go out of the comfort room. When I heard the door open and Ray’s footsteps, I gently opened the door and pulled him into the Fire Exit.

“I think it will be better if we do it here…”

I leaned him on the wall and went on top of him. I kissed him slowly and passionately. I put my right hand on his neck for support while my left hand is stroking his hair. Ray put his hands on my waist. I can hear his soft moans while I’m kissing him.

“Keep it low okay? They might hear us” I whispered to him.

Ray’s left hand crept from my waist to my back to unhook my bra. It then moved to my front to unbutton my blouse. His hand left hand fondled my breasts alternately while gently pinching my nipples. Every pinch he made sent tingles to my spine.

His right hand trailed down to unbutton my slacks. He unzipped it and started playing with my already dripping wet pussy. His middle finger teased my clit with a circular motion. I can feel his hard cock quivering inside his trousers. I felt like my whole body is covered with lust.

I ran my tongue on his ears, flicked and sucked his earlobes then I whispered to him “I want that inside me now” Ray responded like as if I’m his master and he’s my slave. He pulled my slacks together with my undies down to my knees. He knelt in front of me and started flicking his tongue on my clit. He inserted his middle finger inside my pussy. I felt like thousand bolts of electricity traveled to my whole body when he started sucking my clit while his fingers moved in and out of my pussy. Low moans escaped my lips while my chest heaved with desire.

I pulled away from him and totally removed my slacks. I can’t believe I’m now butt naked inside our office’s Fire exit. I remembered telling Ray earlier “Nababaliw ka na talaga! I told you ayaw ko na gawin ulit yun. Not here inside the CR or not anywhere else. Not anymore Ray!”

I felt like a dork but I don’t care. Ray pulled his trousers down and folded it so my knees have a support while I’m kneeling. I positioned myself on all fours on the stairs. Ray stood behind me two steps lower on the stairs so that his cock is perfectly positioned next to my pussy. He gently slid it inside my wet pussy and gently thrusts in and out of it.

He leaned closer to me and reached for my breasts and fondled it aggressively. I let out low moans mixed with muffled cries because it hurts a bit. He kept on thrusting in and out until I felt a hot liquid burst inside me. Ray came and I did not.

“Don’t worry” He said. He sat down and I sat on his lap facing him.

“Play with me and make it real good” He inserted his middle finger on my pussy again and in and out it goes. His other hand was caressing my breasts and after a while it trailed down to my clit. He rubbed it rhythmically. Slow at first and eventually getting faster and faster. “I’m coming.. I’m coming Ray…Ohhh God, I’m commiinggg”

We put our clothes on and fixed ourselves. It was already 7:30 in the evening. I still have a report to revise.

“You make me want you everyday” Ray murmured.

“No, you can’t do that. That can’t be”

“I can’t get you out of my senses. Napapanaginipan na kita palagi”

“Delikado yan. Baka marining ng asawa mo na pangalan ko ang sinasabi mo”

“It happened na nga once buti hindi name mo kundi babe lang nasabi ko. I ended up getting slaps from her”

“This is so addicting we might get really hooked with this. You know this is not right. Baka ma-inlove ako sayo, mahirap na”

“Pero mahal na kita Amber”

“No. Hindi mo ako mahal. Aminin mo yan. Kailangan mo lang ako. Kailangan lang kita. Nakikinabang tayo sa isa’t-isa. Pero mahal? Hindi natin mahal ang isa’t isa”

“Basta ako mahal kita Amber”

“Sige na, mauna ka na lumabas. Alis na, bilis!”

Ray kissed me on my forehead then looked at me before he stealthily left the Fire exit. I was left all alone in the semi-pitch black room. I stood up trying to hear the heavy silence of loss. I lost control of myself once again. And I hate myself for that.

“No. Hindi mo ako mahal. Aminin mo yan. Kailangan mo lang ako. Kailangan lang kita. Nakikinabang tayo sa isa’t-isa. Pero mahal? Hindi natin mahal ang isa’t isa” this kept on echoing inside my mind. I don’t want to admit it but, “Yeah Ray, Mahal din kita” I heard myself murmur this words. Damn.

My super ego is haunting me. It’s wrong. Everything is wrong. But I need it. I want it. Pleasure principle. Oh my, Freud! Yeah I did it, pleasure achieved. I’m damned I did it. Damned if I don’t. What part of the world should I be?

An invisible threat crept inside me. I let out a heavy sigh and shrugged my shoulders – I guess I’ll always hate myself forever. I gently opened the door, headed to the comfort room and washed myself clean. But, I’ll never be clean – never.