The Debate Team Part Seven


For those who followed this series before, guys, I’m sorry it took so long (10 months) for the continuation. Let’s just say I lost my mojo for a while

For those who are unfamiliar, please read the previous installments first because you really won’t understand any of this.

I hope you guys will still enjoy my story. =)

The Debate Team Part Seven

* * *

Raffles Hotel

“So what’s this guy like?” Paul asked Rica as they got out of the cab.


“This guy you’re meeting… your date.”

“Oh right… I’m not sure,” Rica said. She really didn’t know because there really wasn’t a date planned with anyone else but Paul.

“Well I hope he’s at least okay looking,” Paul said.

Every time Paul said something insinuating that she had a date with someone else it felt like another stab at her. She didn’t know what to do and they were almost at the restaurant.

“Hey good luck ha, just call me if you need me. I’ll just be here at the bar,” Paul said as he stopped at the adjoining bar.

“Yeah… uhm..Okay,” Rica said. “Wait for me ha?”

“Yup don’t worry… I’ll just entertain myself with all these pretty girls,” Paul said as he nodded towards a group of girls that just got into the hotel.

“Right,” Rica said glumly. She left the bar and went into the restaurant and was immediately given a seat.

Paul settled on his bar stool. From his line of sight, he can see Rica and Rica can see him.

Rica didn’t know what to do. This was not her plan. She needed to do something and she needed to think fast.

A couple of men entered the restaurant, both in their forties from what Rica could tell. One was slightly on the heavy side while the other was actually quite handsome. She overheard them make reservations for tomorrow night and while the manager was listing them down, the first man whispered something to the other and left in a hurry. Rica quickly approached the man.

Paul was looking at the girls who were checking into the hotel. They weren’t particularly pretty but he was bored and had to entertain himself with anything possible. When he looked back at the restaurant, he saw that Rica was talking to a handsome man

Swerte nung gago.

“Hi,” Rica said to the man.

“Hello,” the man said, “You’re talking to me?”

“Well yes… actually I wanted to ask you something… if it’s okay,” Rica said carefully. She didn’t know what to ask yet and was actually stalling.

“Just a minute,” the man turned to the manager, “Two tables for two, 7:30 pm tomorrow.”

“Smoking or non-smoking?” the manager asked

“Non-smoking please,”

“Two tables for two, 7:30 tomorrow, non-smoking,”


“Please confirm an hour before sir,”

“Okay, will do,” the man smiled. “So what were you asking?”

“I wanted to ask if you thought it was sexy for a girl, or a woman to smoke,” Rica asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t smoke. I have, what you call, uhm asthma? Yeah, so I don’t like my lady to smoke either,” the man explained.

“Oh I see,”

“Do you smoke miss…?” the man asked.

“Oh, Rica,” she said. They shook hands.

“John. So do you?”

“Yeah actually I do, quite a lot.” She lied. Rica can’t stand the smell of cigarettes.

“Well that’s too bad, that’s kind of a deal breaker for me,” John said.

“Is it?”

“Yeah,” the man shrugged. “Well I uhhh….If you’ll excuse me I need to meet my wife in about five minutes.” He bowed slightly.

“That’s okay, you’ve helped a lot,”

John smiled and left. As he walked in front of Paul, the first man came back and approached his friend.

“That girl’s pretty hot,” the first man smiled.

“She’s not my type,” John brushed him off.

Not your type? Paul thought as he looked at him. You must be gay. He turned to look at Rica and saw her sitting on her chair again and motioning him over.

“O ano nangyari?” Paul asked as he approached.

“Ayun umalis na,” Rica said

“Oo nga nakita ko. Hindi ka daw type,” he said looking incredulous.

“Talaga?” Rica chuckled.


“Hayaan mo na yun,” she motioned for him to sit.

“So what are we gonna do now?” Paul took a seat.

“Well, nasa restaurant na rin tayo e… so let’s have dinner,” Rica suggested.

Paul looked around and saw the price of the appetizer in the table menu. Bigla syang pinagpawisan ng malamig.

“Rics…I uhh… I can’t afford to eat here,” he whispered, embarrassed that he couldn’t afford the food in a place where Rica is comfortable at dining.

“Paul, the manager, the waitresses and everybody else knows that I’m supposed to be in a date right now. If I don’t have dinner here it would be embarrassing and they would know that I got stood up. Nakakahiya,” Rica said, whispering. Paul looked around. He saw the waiter and he smiled at him.

“Yeah okay I get that, but I still can’t afford it,” he looked at the appetizer and nearly fainted.

“You don’t have to worry. The guy said I can order anything and charge it to his room. For my troubles daw,” Rica said.

Paul hesitated. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she pleaded. He put her hand over his hand.

“Because I’m not good at washing dishes…”


“Seriously…plates hate me. I put soap on them and they run away…”

“Diyos ko…” Rica smiled. She knew he was joking and she liked his humor.

“If I break ‘em, I’ll have o pay for them so dalawa na yung babayaran ko…”

“Paul, relax… it’s covered”

“Okay, sige,” Paul said, hesitatingly. In his mind he was already washing dishes in the kitchen.

Rica put her hand on Paul’s arm. “Paul?”


“You’re gonna have to pretend to be my date,” she said as she looked at him.

“Haha…,” Paul began to laugh.

Rica smiled.

ROOM 507




A second slap hit Robbie’s face. His face is now red on both sides with the mark of Cherry’s hand and fingers.

Robbie stood there silently and took three more slaps to his face.

When it stopped he looked at Cherry and saw that she was crying. Robbie went over and embraced her

“Baby, I’m sorry…” Robbie began.

“What were you thinking?!” Cherry said between sobs.

“I…. It was a surprise… I mean, you said it was one of your fantasies so I thought… you know…”

“You thought you’d rape me?” Cherry said, incredulous with what happened.

“Well… I don’t know… please… I’m sorry.”

Cherry didn’t say anything and just cried.

“I’m sorry baby… I really did not think that… I’m sorry, I’m sorry” Robbie said as he embraced her tighter.

Her naked flesh pressed against his and by this time, he has recovered from his orgasm. He began to get hard again.

Cherry felt it and momentarily pushed off against Robbie.

“Wha..,” she said as she looked down on Robbie’s now fully erect cock.

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t help it…” Robbie said, slightly ashamed with himself.

Cherry kept staring at his dick and said nothing.

“Babe… you have to admit though… it was kinda fun,” Robbie said.


“Come on! Baby! You fucked me back!”


“You came much more than I did!”


Robbie’s face was red now but he kept at it.

“Baby, admit it. You enjoyed it.”


“Ang kapal ng mukha mo!” Cherry shouted at him. She was mad. But also turned on. Rape really was one of her fantasies and she really did have a good time in some weird level.

Robbie stuck his finger in her pussy and found out that she was getting wet again.

“Then how come you’re so wet?”

Cherry tried to say something but as she looked into Robbie’s eyes she struggled. Every time she tried to say something, Rob would rub her inside her pussy in her special spot. It was a spot that Rob knew well and used to full advantage.

Cherry whimpered.

“Ohhhhh…” Cherry said and she punched his arm. She tried to push him away, first by pushing his arm and hen his hand. But Rob would only flick his finger and Cherry was again powerless.

“Shit,” Cherry said. “I hate you…. Ohhh”

Rob knew he had her. What began as a push was now a hug as Cherry held on to his arm for support.

“You enjoyed it didn’t you baby?”

“No… ohhhhhh”

“Tell me baby. Did you enjoy it or not?” Rob rubbed faster, hitting her special spot inside her everytime.

“Oh shit…. No!” Cherry shook her head.

Rob rubbed more and more.

Faster. And faster.

“No… oh Rob don’t stop… I’m near”

Cherry couldn’t handle the ecstasy and she bit on Rob’s shoulder. Rob was used to this as evidenced by the numerous bite marks he had on both shoulders.

Rob continued to rub. She was now dripping again. His hand was filled with her love juice and her pussy became more and more slippery.

“Yeah… ohhhh… ahh ahhh ahhh Ohhh fuck. Yan… Lapit na…”

But Rob stopped.

“He- hey… why’d you stop? Don’t stop!” Cherry looked at him. She began pumping and grinding her pussy up and down his stiff finger and while it felt good, it wasn’t the same.

“Finger me!” Cherry commanded.

“Answer me first,” Rob looked down on her.

“What?” Cherry asked as she continued to pump up and down his finger.

“Did you enjoy being raped?”

“No!” Cherry said. She raised her leg and tried to wrap it around his leg so she can grind on his finger deeper.

Rob folded his finger as soon as it got out of her wet cunt. When Cherry pumped down, there was nothing.

Rob… come on…,” Cherry pleaded. She was grinding against his knuckles.

Cherry grabbed his hand and tried to straighten his fingers and ram one into her. She got one in but then Rob took his hand away.

“Did you enjoy it or not?” Rob repeated.

Cherry was silent. Her pussy was aching, aching bad.




“Okay what?”

Cherry sighed. “Okay, I enjoyed it… sorta”

Rob smiled.

“Sorta lang ha..” Cherry said.

“Okay, if you say so.”

“Now can we fuck?” Cherry asked.

Rob put her face in his hands and gave her a deep kiss. When he was done he looked at her and then tilted her head down. Cherry stared as his dick again.

“Suck mo muna ako,”

Cherry looked up at him again and said, “Thank you.”

Raffles Hotel

It’s been more than two hours since their date began and they haven’t realized it. They’ve downed a couple of bottles of wine, and a couple of steaks plus desserts all ordered by Rica. She said that they should abuse the privilege that was given to them and in a way, it’s a chance to get back at the guy for turning her down.

“No I don’t think I’ve seen “The Notebook”,” Rob said.

“Really? Wala ka kasing girlfriend e… It’s really good. Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams…”

“Wait is that the girl from Wedding Crashers?”

“I don’t think I’ve seen that one. I don’t know…”

“You haven’t seen it? Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn…”

“Ah yeah sorry I was thinking of The Wedding Date!”

“Hahaha!” Rob chuckled, she’s so pretty, he thought.

“Yeah Rachel McAdams nga yun,” Rica nodded after taking a sip from her wine. Paul’s not so bad… he’s actually quite funny. She was really having a good time.

“You should really watch “The Notebook”,” Rica said.

“Yeah well parang ang pangit naman na I’ll buy a DVD of it tapos manonood ako mag-isa. That’s kinda lame, and gay,”

“Well oo nga naman.” The wine was taking a nice effect on Rica and her inhibitions are slowly losing their grip on her. She got a bit bolder.

“If you want I’ll watch it with you,” Rica suggested. She took a huge sip of wine as she heard herself invite Paul to the most romantic movie in the world.

Paul was slightly taken aback. “You and me?”


“The Notebook?”

“Yeah…why?” Rica was beginning to worry.

“Are you sure?”

Embarrassed, Rica said, “Di sige wag na, forget I said anything,” She shook her head and looked away. She could feel her face burn red with embarrassment but it was masked with the alcohol that has already gotten there ahead of it.

“No, I’d love to,”

“Really?” Rica said, surprised. She caught herself as she sounded a little to surprised for her own good.

“Yeah… and in that case I don’t have to buy my own copy,” Paul said as he took a sip. Is this really happening?

“Yeah… that’s actually what I meant!” Rica chuckled as she was given an out.

“Hahahaha! Sige sabihin mo lang when.”

Rica looked at the bottle of wine and realized it was empty.

“Should we order another one?”

Paul thought of it. He was having so much fun but at the same time he knew it wasn’t a good idea. They had an early wake up call and they’re both a little tipsy. He actually wanted at least one more glass but he knew that they had to get back.

“We should head back…,” Paul suggested.

Rica was slightly saddened by that. Isn’t he enjoying my company?

As if to reassure her, Paul continued, “This has been great, really, we could continue it some other time, if ok lang sayo…?” Paul was actually hankering for another date.

Rica perked up. “Yeah that would be nice”

“Of course it wouldn’t be this fancy ha…” Paul said.

“Yeah it’s okay… treat me to a typical night out your style,”

“No it would be slightly better than my style. Trust me, my style would be eating home,” Paul smiled.

“That doesn’t sound so bad,”


“I’ll just go to the ladies room okay?”


Rica left for the comfort room and along the way passed by the counter to leave her card with the cashier. When she got back it was already ready for pick up.

While Rica was in the ladies room, Paul took the opportunity to grab a couple of jams from the table. It wasn’t his habit but he thought it was part of his retribution against the guy who stood up Rica. He pocketed it before Rica returned.

Paul watched as Rica walked towards him. She was absolutely a goddess.

She smiled at him. “Let’s go?”

Debate Team Hotel Lobby

“Ah … Snap back to reality…,” Paul said.

“Yeah… well it was fun,” Rica said as they walked towards the elevator. It immediately opened and they went in.

“Are you going to rest already?” Rica asked.

“Maybe. It depends on Cherry. If she’s already asleep, I’ll sleep na rin. If she isn’t there, I’ll probably soak in the tub for a while.”

The image of Paul in the bathtub made Rica smile.

“Ba’t ka nakangiti?”

“Nothing, I was just thinking that I … had a good time, and thank you,”

The elevator opened and they stepped out and walked towards Rica’s room.

“Well, here I am…,” Rica said.

“Yeah,” Paul said. His hands inside his pockets, shaking.

“Well…,” Rica said.

An awkward silence befell them.

Paul couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Well goodnight Rics,” Paul said and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. As he did so he put his hand behind the small of her back to give her a mini-hug. Rica, for her part, kissed his cheek as well and put her hand on Paul’s left forearm. Then they let go.

“Goodnight,” Rica said and went in.

As the door closed, Paul slumped to the wall, tired with all the play acting and the play-play acting.

Rica dove on her bed, similarly tired and she didn’t even know if she was able to achieve her goal or not. She reached for her phone and called up Cherry. It was busy.

She got up and undressed and went into her empty tub. She turned on the shower. If I can’t be with him, might as well do what he’s doing.

Paul turned to his room. I need to think about this, he thought.

Paul slid his key in and entered. Seeing that no one is around, he began unbuttoning his shirt and headed for the comfort room. As soon as he turned towards the comfort room however, he was stunned.

Right on the toilet, he saw Cherry facing him going up and down on a guy. She was impaling herself on the guy’s pole and was grinding her hips on her way down. She had her eyes closed which prevented her from seeing Paul merely three feet away. She was clearly loving it from the look of ecstasy in her face and her biting of her lower lip. He could see the entirety of Cherry’s lithe body. Her light colored skin sparkled with the small droplets of sweat and water. Her hair was wet but she had fixed it in such a way so as to clearly see her angelic face. She had her right hand on her right nipple while her left hand was rubbing her clit. She moaned softly and whimpered as well.

Paul was mesmerized. He stared at Cherry’s pussy which was clearly eating the cock as she goes up and down on it. Then it stopped. Surprised, he looked at Cherry’s face and caught her eyes staring back at him in surprise.

“Paul!” Cherry shouted as she scrambled to cover herself. She slipped and further impaled her cunt to the hilt.

“Awww!” Robbie and Cherry yelped. They got out of that position and Cherry covered herself with a towel. Robbie got out of the comfort room and confronted Paul who was just about to get out the room.

“Pare, teka!” Robbie yelled.

Paul stopped and turned around.

“Sorry pare, sorry!” Paul said, his hands up. “Hindi ko naman alam e!”

“What the fuck are you doing here??” Robbie pushed Paul against the wall. As hard as that was, it wasn’t as uncomfortable as the fact that Robbie was naked.

“Dude, sorry… roo- roommate ko si Cherry,” Paul explained.


“Hey, it wasn’t my idea!”

Robbie Paul pushed him again.

“Get out!”

“Fine, but where am I supposed to sleep?”

“Does it look like I give a fuck?”

“Obviously you give a fuck…,” as soon as he said it, he regretted it. But it was too late.

Robbie pushed him again against the door.

“Tangina niloloko mo ba ako???”

“Dude sorry, wrong choice of words. Look I understand where you’re coming from ok? I didn’t plan this. Cherry and I don’t like this. Believe me we tried to change things short of getting another room.”

Paul and Robbie talked the situation over. Cherry on the other hand remained in the comfort room. She locked it. She didn’t know how she felt but she remembered seeing Paul seeing her fuck Robbie. And it turned her on. The more she thought about it, the more she got horny. She was now rubbing herself fast as she heard Robbie and Paul talk.

“I didn’t see anything dude!” Paul lied. “Nakatalikod ako when she yelled”

“I know you saw us!”

“Dude, I didn’t. Do I know what you guys were doing in there? Yes. Did I see it? No. So please dude…,”

“Well you can’t stay here.”

“What? You, you can’t stay here,” Paul countered.

“Pare, kinakalaban mo ba ako?” Robbie said. Robbie pushed him again.

“Pare nakakarami ka na ha,” Paul stood his ground. He wasn’t some stupid scared little geek that can be pushed around.

Robbie had to give Paul some respect after that. He tried another approach.

“Dude, lalaki sa lalaki, please naman”

“Look, if I had any other place to stay, I would. But I don’t. I’m tired and I just want to sleep dude.”

Robbie thought about it. He went to Cherry’s bed and got something.

“Alright here. Hayan! Go get yourself another room,” Robbie said, giving him several Singaporean dollars. “That should cover at least two nights,”

“Two nights? Pare naman…”

“Just get out okay?!”

Paul thought against arguing with an angry naked man. Puta naman! Pinalabas na naman ako sa sarili kong kwarto. Hassle to e… Dapat sila na lang kumuha ng ibang room. Bahala na!

“Let me just get a few stuff okay?”


“And I’ll be here before we leave for the tournament, tomorrow”

“Alright.” Robbie kept his answers short so that Paul would leave faster.

Paul grabbed some change of clothes and stuffed it in a paper bag and left immediately.

Robbie stared at the door for a while and then remembered that his girlfriend was still in the bathroom, probably horrified and feeling violated for having been seen in such an explicit position a while ago. While he was still angry, he was more concerned with what happened to Cherry and he immediately went back to the bathroom to see how she was.

When he opened the door, he saw Cherry in the empty bathtub with her legs on the sides and furiously fingering herself with two fingers.

“Che-“ Robbie had to stop. He didn’t know how to feel. He wanted to take care of her yet he was also angry that she allowed herself to be roommates with Paul. And then now she’s touching herself like a horny bitch. He went out of the bathroom, confused.

Cherry got up and went after Robbie.

“Babe…” Cherry said as she stopped by the comfort room door.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Robbie asked as he sat by the bed. He felt betrayed by Cherry because she didn’t tell him of the rooming situation.

“Babe… sorry,”

“Did you guys plan this? To be roommates?”

Cherry was surprised. She didn’t think that Robbie would think of it that way.

“Of course not!”

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

Cherry was silent for a moment. Bakit ko nga ba hindi sinabi agad?

“Rob hindi naman kasi importante e. Wala naman yun e…It’s not like there’s anything between us,”

“I thought you didn’t like Paul?”

“I still don’t. It’s just that ganun yung nagging set up e. Paul and I didn’t plan this,” Cherry said as she approached Robbie. She was now standing in front of him. She ran her hand over his slumped neck and tried to reassure him. “Don’t worry na… please?”

Robbie had his head down his eyes were directly in front of Cherry’s belly and pussy. He could still see how wet it was. Cherry began to move and placed her left foot on Robbie’s right thigh, spreading herself a bit and showing him more of her pussy.

“Cherry-“ Rob started.

“Sorry na please? Can’t you see how sorry I am? Cherry said as she began to slide a hand down her waist and over her pussy. Her fingers slid down on top of the slit and paused. She then slid her middle finger in—deep.

Robbie gasped. And Cherry knew everything was going to be okay.

“In fact I’m so sorry, that I’m gonna make it up to you…” Cherry said as she lipped her middle finger out of her pussy. Robbie’s eyes focused on the wet middle finger that glistened of pussy juice. He could see it. He could smell it. The finger went to his lips and into his mouth.

He could taste it.

His mouth began to suck on her finger and he tasted the sweet love juice of his beloved.

Then Cherry pushed him to lie down on the bed and climbed up. She was now on top of him, standing over him, with her legs spread wide flanking his chiseled waist.

“I’m gonna make it up to you right now…” Cherry said, seductively.

“Anong gagawin mo?”

“Shhh! Wag kang gagalaw….”

Cherry went to the end of the bed and placed Robbie’s right leg between her feet.

“Close your eyes hun… I want you to feel me. I want you to feel how sorry I am,”

Robbie obeyed and closed his eyes. Wow, kanina ako nagsosorry… ngayon sya naman! He waited and he felt the bed shift. He could feel something about to touch his toes.

He could feel something lightly, almost tickling his toes and now is foot. It felt like a soft brush, sliding ever so slowly up his leg and he couldn’t figured out what it was for a while. It was now climbing its way to his shin and he wanted to look but he also enjoyed the feeling.

Then he felt it. A tiny drop of wetness touched his leg and he realized quickly what was happening: Cherry was sliding her pussy slowly and softly up his leg. The idea and the feeling shot up to his mind in unison and his semi-erect cock was suddenly as straight as an arrow and as hard as granite.

“Hihihi,” Cherry chuckled at herself and Robbie. She was getting the desired effect.

“Oh my god…,” Robbie whispered. He couldn’t begin to understand that such kind of action, pussy against the leg, could be so… erotic. His hair from his thighs, legs, neck all stood on their end with the electricity of eroticism that he felt at that very moment.

Cherry slid higher and was now on top of his knee. As she approached his thigh she made sure that her neatly trimmed pubic hairs would slowly, softly and definitely touch his bare flesh. From the toes to the thigh, one could see a trace of wetness that was left by Cherry’s wet pussy. It wasn’t only Robbie who was getting immensely excited with what was happening but Cherry herself was getting intensely turned on by what she was doing to Rob.

If Rob would’ve opened his eyes he would see Cherry pinching her nipples while he steadied herself with the other hand. Her lower lip bitten, she groans at every soft friction that Robbie’s legs would do to her soft pussy. She wanted to press hard already and hump his leg like a dirty bitch would but this one isn’t for her. It was for her Robbie. It was an apology.

“I’m sorry baby,” Cherry whispered. “I’m really sorry…”

“Don’t look ha,” Cherry commanded him and Robbie obliged by getting a pillow and placing it on top of his eyes. He had to control himself. He was horny as hell and could not remember being this hard without his dick being touched.

Cherry’s pussy slid higher and higher and was now in the middle of his thigh. His toes curled up in intense ecstasy as he continues to feel her coarse pubic mound against his bare skin. The lack of sense of sight heightened his sense of touch and right now he was feeling her pussy brush up against him in an erotic lullaby that drove his nerves into hypermode.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” Robbie groans.

“Uhmmmmm,” Cherry moans.

She could feel his thigh slide across her pussy. Her juices join them together for a second and then release them again. Cherry continued to move up and placed her pussy a few inches below Robbie’s scrotum. She slowly touches them with her cunt and begins to slide her pussy up against Robbie’s throbbing dick.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit,” Robbie said. His dick was so hard right then and strained to feel more of Cherry’s juicy love hole.

“Uhhh hmmmm…..,” Cherry whmpers, “You like this babe?” Cherry’s pussy now reaches the tip of Robbie’s dick and slightly touches it with her very hole.

“Oh yeah… yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah,” Robbie groans. He then made his dick twitch and the sudden movement surprised Cherry. His dick suddenly grazed her throbbing clit.

“Oh!” Cherry exclaimed and she suddenly came.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Cherry shook and whimpered. It was amazing. Just a short graze of Robbie’s dick against her pink love button and she came. Such was the height of her arousal and despite the fact that she was actually making her boyfriend aroused, she herself got turned on so much.

Still she didn’t completely give in. She had an overwhelming desire to impale herself into his manhood but she didn’t. She held back. Still her pussy gushed of her warm love juice and her position, squatting over Robbie’s dick, allowed only one place for her honey to drip on, his hot, rigid cock.

Robbie felt it. He knew what it was and he was amazed at what happened. He felt a sense of pride for having done that to his girlfriend and as the syrupy liquid covered his manhood, he smiled.

He felt her move again a few seconds later and he felt her now wet pussy bush slide across his straining stomach. She slid higher and then she stopped. He could feel that her pussy was now directly over his mouth and he tried to stick her tongue out to touch her, taste her. For a while it looked like his efforts would prove futile but Cherry rewarded him slightly going lover and allowing Robbie to lick her juicy cunt with the tip of his tongue.

“Ohhhh uhhhmmm…. Ah ah ah,” Cherry whimpered again as she raised her cunt an inch away from Robbie’s tongue and then down again for his soft tongue to taste her wetness.

“Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh.”

Robbie tasted her pussy, with the fresh cum that tasted like sweet nectar.

“Lick me baby, I’m sorry…”

Robbie didn’t answer and instead, he continued to do explore her cunt with his slithering tongue.

“Ohhhh shit…. Sige… sige pa, yan. Dyan.. dyan hon, ooohhh. Uhhhmmmmmm dyan oh shit …ahhh uhhhmmmmm”

She could feel herself about to cum again. Her hand was all over her hair, and touching herself all over, She squeezed her breasts, mashed them together as the agony of the ecstasy took over her. She reached down between her legs and rubbed her clit as she felt his tongue slide in and out of her pussy. She felt herself about to cum and she had to stop.

Robbie was surprised. “Babe?”

“Babe, I’m sorry…. This is my apology,” Cherry said and she slowly lowered herself on Robbie’s dick.

“It’s okay baby, ahhhhhh,”

Cherry lowered herself deeper. As she felt his manhood fill the void in her aching pussy. She apologized again but this time only in her mind.

Babe, I’m sorry I desired someone else while you were away.

Cherry slid all the way through and felt the base of his cock to the hilt.

I’m sorry I imagined Paul and his dick. I’m sorry I looked at his cock and admired it. I’m sorry I did that.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh……” Cherry moaned.

“Uhhhhmmmmmmm yeahhhh,” Robbie responded.

I’m sorry that I stole his underwear so I can somehow smell and taste his dick. I’m sorry I tasted his cum. I’m sorry I swallowed it. I’m sorry I enjoyed it. I’m sorry his cum felt good against my face and I’m sorry for wanting it to happen again.

Cherry raised her body all the way up until Robbie’s dick slid out of her pussy and then with all her weight, he forced her way down again.

“Ohhhhh!!!!” Cherry exclaimed.

She continued to go up and down on his rigid member and with each pump a new wave of intense pleasure shot up to her mind like an illegal drug.

I’m sorry for having sex with Rica while imagining not you but Paul. I’m sorry I somehow enjoyed the fact that he saw my naked body

Robbie was going insane. His eyes were covered by the pillow but at the same time it was rolling to the back of his head. God this chick can really fuck!

His hands began to touch her hips and slide down to her butt. He was glad that Cherry didn’t stop him from doing that. His right hand slid up to her breast only to find her own left hand already pinching her own nipples. He continued on and together they squeezed and caressed her left breast, alternating in playing with her nipple and holding hands.

Cherry pumped harder and he felt his wetness lubricating her cunt walls better and she could feel his member press against his slippery nest. She loved the feeling of being stuffed and being stuffed by her man made it more special.

I’m sorry that remembering how he looked at me turned me on so much that when you saw me in the bathtub I was imaging him doing me. I’m sorry for hoping that I turned him on. I’m sorry for wishing that I made his cock hard. I’m sorry for secretly liking this room arrangement ever since I saw his dick that morning.

She pumped harder and faster as if each pump was her begging for her infidelity. She felt with every pump, she was doing penance of the highest order. She felt less and less guilty with every slide of Robbie’s dick. She was squeezing it with her pussy, squeezing it for mercy, for forgiveness.

I’m sorry I can’t promise you I’ll be a good girl while I’m here.

Robbie started to pump back, meeting her every pump with a powerful thrust of his own.

That’s when Cherry stopped apologizing. Her senses went elsewhere and her guilt, momentarily took the backseat.

She forgot everything for a while and was overwhelmed with ecstasy. She could feel his thumb rub against her hypersensitive clit which was electrifying her with every touch. Her body pumped hard and the clash of their body became more explosive as the usual case between them.

Cherry liked it hard. Cherry loved it rough. And things were about to pick up.

“Aaaaahhhh!!! Uuuunnnnnggggghhhhh!!!” Cherry growled and her fingers begin to claw at Robbie’s chest. Robbie’s chest was in fact full of tiny little scars as their most intense love sessions released the most primal of their beings. She clawed at his chest as his own hands began to squeeze her butt and breasts hard. It was actually a painful feeling for Cherry but the pain intensified her lust and her lust increased her desire.

“Unnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh Arrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!,” Robbie responded.

Cherry threw her head back in intense pain and pleasure and she could now see their bodies fucking invertedly through the bathroom mirror. It made her hornier.

“Ahhhh shit …. Oh fuck… shit ahhhhhh…. Uhhhmmm uhh uhh uhhh ahhh shit,” Cherry moaned.

Robbie sat up and pulled Cherry down hard and forced more of his cock in her. Cherry locked her legs around his waist and pulled herself deep as well. She had her arms around his body, clawing and scratching his back as the two lust-ridden bodies of the lovers become intensely united as one.

No pumping. Just the feel of their bodies enjoined together. Cherry’s salivating cunt squeezed his dick like a vacuum. It increased the blood flow in his dick, making it bigger and harder. Her hands roamed his reddened back and then it moved to his head. She pulled is face up to meet his eyes with hers for a couple of seconds before their lips met and they kissed till they couldn’t breathe anymore. Cherry’s animal side continued with the kiss and she bites his lower lip until it slightly bled. All this time their bodies were interlocked like two pieces of a puzzle. Together they were one.

Their bodies were held together by sweat, their union enjoined with love. Lust made them the perfect pair.

Robbie pulls his blooded lips away and began to lick Cherry’s neck. His tongue was flat against her skin, he gave a full lick as if he was tasting her soul. His lips went to her right nipple and sucks on it as hard as her pussy gripped his dick.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Oh shiiiiiiiiiiitttttt!” Cherry howled in both ecstasy and pain.

Robbie goes to her other breast and bites her nipple hard enough to make her scream in pain.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!” Cherry cried.

But she didn’t make him stop. She loved it. She loved being manhandled like this and maybe that’s the reason why she enjoyed being raped.

With each painful bite and suck, her fingers dug into his back. Robbie himself was in pain, but they both liked it this way.

They preferred to make love this way.

Robbie stopped sucking and biting and he looked at Cherry’s face. It was the face of pure lust. It was the face that he loved.


Cherry slapped his face hard.

“Yeah baby sige pa!” Robbie yelled.


“Harder baby! Lakasan mo!” Robbie ordered her. She began to move up and down on his dick again and one could hear the wet suction sounds of their love making.

“Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!”


“Todo mo baby!”


“Uhggghhhh!” Cherry moaned and as she pumped down, she slaps him again.


And again.


And again.


“Yeah baby!” Robbie got up, their bodies still intertwined in the middle and slams her down on Paul’s bed. The force made his dick get in deeper than ever into Cherry’s already abused little cunt.


“Yan baby! You’re sorry ha? Unghh unghh unghhhh!” Robbie screamed at her.

“Yeah baby.. sorry… oh shittt sorry,” Cherry replied but she didn’t know what she was really saying. Her eyes were closed shut, she met every thrust that Robbie gave her with as equal force as she can.

“Ahhhh… Uhhhhh,”

“Uhhmmm , uhmmmm, yeaaaahhhh,”

“Yan… uhhmmm,”

“Ohhhh, yeahhh, yeah yeah yeah…”

“Baby malapit na ako,” Robbie said.

Cherry was still in another world but she heard her man. She was about to cum as swell and her animal instincts again took over. Cherry pulled him toward her body as his legs again locked him in her.

Her nails claw his back and then instinctively she bites him hard on the right shoulder like a vampire, immediately puncturing his skin.

The intense and unexpected pain pushed Robbie over the edge and he came like the flood.


His first load felt like it took forever to end and he felt like he lost every bit of his strength on that first blow alone.

Cherry felt the hot stream of her boyfriend’s love juice shoot up inside her. It felt boiling hot and yet she couldn’t get enough of it. The pleasure of the scorching hot cum did it for her and she herself came hard.

She opened her mouth to release his shoulder from her jaws. She was supposed to scream yet no sound came out of her mouth.

Cherry’s pussy lips convulsed even as it was still around the pulsating cock which was still streaming in hot love juice. Her pussy flowed with both his and her love juice which now flooded the area between them. Her neatly-trimmed bush now looked like a mess with white liquid surrounding the opening of her cunt.

She could feel their juices trickle down to her ass crack and down to her ass hole. She could feel it flood her netherhole and she liked the feeling.

They then both began to breathe again, They tried to catch their breath like two marathon runners in the finish line. His dick was still in her and they both didn’t want to move.

“I love you baby,” Robbie whispers in her ear between breaths.

“I love you too, babe” Cherry whispers back.

And I’m sorry.