First Time Sex


First bf, first kiss, first sex.. I really miss it. If I could take it all back, I would.. But i know I can’t. Nevertheless, it’s still something I won’t forget.

I won’t mention any names, neither when it happened. Anyway.. I’ve been masturbating way back, for those of you who have read my previous posts. I’ve always wondered how it would be in reality. And finally, the chance came.

After school, me and my bf back then (now my ex) met up at a motel. He managed to convince me easily, although I was really nervous, and wanted to back out, I won’t deny it. But then, part of me wanted to continue and find out how it felt, so I went on with it. When we got in the hotel, my bf turned off the lights, and turned the TV on. He did not want to intimidate me, since it was my first time to be in a motel as well. So, we laid for a bit, not more than 10 minutes. After a while, he turns off the TV, and just then, I started kissing him, ever so passionately. Damn! It sure felt good. I sucked his tongue, he did in return. After a while, he motioned me to get my top and bra off, only breaking our kiss when i took off my top. He was so gentle, and I felt comfortable. Then, he started to unbutton my pants, and in excitement, I took it off along with my undies. He touched me, and after breaking our kiss, he said I was already wet. Damn, I did not even realize it! He started to caress it with his fingers. Uhmmmm!! I moaned softly. He liked it very much. He asked me to moan more. I obeyed him, and did moan more. I am a moaner, so I dont find it hard to do so. then, he suddenly stops. He got naked already, and showed his hard cock! Fuck! So, he slid the head along my clit, and suddenly tries to put it in. He was gentle, but at the same time, can’t wait to get it in. I moaned alot, in pain and pleasure, and he liked it. After a few more shoves, he got it in. He started slow, then began to quicken his pace. Our breaths started to deepen, I started to have louder moans.. Oooooooh!!! Aaaaahhh!! He loved every moment of it, and started to dig it deeper.. Uhhhhm!! uh uh uh uh! was all that ever came out of my mouth. Shit! this feels so good, I never want it to end. And, after a while, I felt hot juices flowing out, and I just felt so damn tired. He kissed me once more, and said he enjoyed. I smiled, and we started to get ready to leave since its time already. Up until now, the thought of it still drives me horny. Hehe


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