First Time Experience


This is my first post here and i wanna share it 2 all of u.. My name is ne-yo emmanuel, 22 from pasay. I had lots of sexperiences na especially s mga naging girlfriend ko before but this story is different kc nangyari ito s cousin ko at hndi xa babae, guy din xa tulad ko.. Nag-iisip na kau ngaun na im gay, but im not & i know myself. D ko alam kung bakit nangyari smin 2 ng cousin ko. So i’ll start the story…

25 Yr old’s First time on a One Nighter


25 Yr old’s First time on a One Nighter..

Well guys, I never did think of writing here, much more telling you my stories. But a friend of mine from here said that I should write and tell the world (not necessarily the world) about my experiences… I hope she’ll be reading this. I won’t be telling you guys who she is, but maybe she will know that it is her I am thanking with this line “wow, you look stunning there, may I say you are gorgeous” that was my text message for her when I received her picture.

Praktis Lang


Gusto kong i share sa inyo ang unang exp ko sa sex.

Sana magustuhan nyo. This time medyo gawin kong malibog ng konti.

My first try was when I am 16 yo. Nagtatarabaho ako nun in a certain Restaurant. Bale stay in ako dun. Mga matatanda na ang kasama ko dun and mostly sa kanila ay girls aging 25 and above. Bale ako ang ginawa nilang beybi dun kc nga totoy na totoy ang mukha ko though may katangkaran ako sa edad ko.



Hello to all sex stories addicts. I have always wanted to write my own stories pero feeling ko kasi wala akong talent sa writing. But lately, parang na engganyo na talaga akong isulat yung mga sexperiences ko.

guess what i found in disco…?


it was the 1st month of our 1st semester when i was still in the 2nd yr jst happend last yr.. bday un ng gay frnd ko and he/she invited us magbbrkada s disco with all expense pay.. drinks and everything are libre.. well i thought it was the best nyt out pero di pla,, pagdting namin s disco ay wlang katao-tao maliban lang s ilang group couples n may kasmang foreigner at s 2 grls..

Call of the Karaoke


After my first encounter with Mika, I was sent on a business assignment by my company to southern Japan for two weeks. Dahil sa sobrang dami ng trabaho, hindi ko na nagawang makatawag sa number na binigay niya. When I did come back to Tokyo after that though, hindi ko na siya ma-contact sa number na yun. Sayang dahil even then, namnam na namnam ko pa rin ang napakasarap na experience namin sa toilet ng train station.

My Fucking Friend 1


This is my 2nd post, the 1st one was entitled “Lickilicious”.

After my encounter with Louie, I tried to avoid him, ignoring his texts and making alibis whenever he asks me out. Yet, I could not stop but reminisce the things we did. Though I wanted to try sex for real, I did not want to do it with him, he does not deserve it. I still have that fantasy of doing it with the man who at least cares.

My Ella 2


Napangiti ako at sabi ko. “Hindi naman, wala pa talaga kase akong nagugustuhan na mapangasawa eh”

“A ganon, siguru, puro “inaasawa” mu lang ang manga babae pero walang kasal2” Sabi ni Ella sabay napatawa lang sya. Nakitawa na rin ako, kase kahit pala paano, pilya pa rin si Ella.

My Ella 3


I told myself that as long as she doesn’t complain or asked me to stop, I’ll continue and only stop my advances when she told me to stop.

When we entered the room, she sat at the end of the bed facing the television. She turned the TV on, and I went to the shower. After I took a shower, I only had a towel wrapped around my waist. I sat next to her on the bed.

“Gusto mu bang magshower Ella? May hot water”

My Ella 4


I was indeed a total pervert.

I moved to my right closer to her and started kissing the left side of her lips. Her focused was still on the movie. My right fingers touched the side of her right breast, stroking it gently. I let go of my dick, and grabbed her left hand and place it on my penis. My heart pounded stronger, when she actually held my tool.

“Alam mo Ella, after nung magkita tayo ulit, ikaw na lang ang palagi kong pina-fantasized”

“Anung, ini-imagin mo kuya?” asked Ella.

“Ini-imagin ko na ka sex kita,” I replied.

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