saraap ni ralph


hi to all readers heere and to all horny people.. this is my 1st time to share my sexcapades heere so pasenxahan nyo na kung hindi masyadong maganda pagkasulat ha.. i hope i made you all readers wet..

here it goes…

im studying heere in cebu.. but di talaga ako taga renting an apartment somewhere in downtown. the aprtment has 3 doors and im occupying the 3rd door alone.. after a week i meet this hot guy so 2nd door.. his name is ralph, may gf siya..nagkaclose kami ni ralph and ni anne his girlfriends. anyway, lets make the story short.

Out of the blue (Chapter 2)


thank you people for your comments. bitin ba kayo? anyway, here’s the sequel to my first post:

question”plss give me an answer, just leave a comment…


im 17 yrs old ung asawa k 39,nong wla p kming anak nki2ta k at nra2mdmn k n mhal nya k,pro cmula ng ngkaroon kmi ng dlawang ank lhat nagbgo n s knya,prang wla n akng bili s knya wla n akng nra2mdmn n pgma2hl kc pgnagkaskit ako hndi nya ako ina alagaan binabliwala lng nya ako prang wlang pkialam s nra2mdman k,hndi knalng pnapancn un dhil gnagwa knalng 2 pra s mga anak nmin,wla n xang tym s akin,mgkasama nga lng kmi s boong araw pro prang ang lau2 nga skin, gnun ang relasyun nmin smula ng mgkaanak kmi,at mas lalo png lumala cmula ng nagkaroon kmi ng pc,alm nyo b n hndi n nya ako ginaglaw kc don

The Story of Magnifica


Mula nung mabalo ang Mama ni Jerry, 5 years ago, minabuti nito na patirahin ang bunso niyang kapatid na babae, ang Tita Maggie ni Jerry, sa kanilang bahay. Magnifica ang tunay na pangalan niya. Halos 20 years old na siya nuong lumipat siya sa bahay nina Jerry. 25 to 26 years old na siya ngayon. Isa siyang Med Rep sa isang malaking Pharmaceutical firm, at dalaga pa rin. At malapit na rin siyang gawing area manager for Luzon ng kumpanya nila.



Just call my Lady Love, 23, technical trainer in one of the contact center here in Manila. It’s been a year since I’m reading stories here at ngayon ko nafefeel na magsulat dahil halos naubos ko nang basahin ang mga kwento dito (winks). Minsan namamalayan ko na lang na finifinger ko na pala monay ko sa mga asteg na kwento dito yung tipong pantasya mo din. Pagtyagaan nyo na lang ito kasi hindi ako gaanong sanay sa pagkekwento. Mas masarap pa rin talagang gawin. hehehe

Confessions of a stupid guy


Hello again everyone. Technically speaking, this would be my first official post, but as some of you already know too well, I was responsible for a hell of a tear jerking story posted a few weeks ago. Not my idea though, to make some of you cry for my misfortune, or should I say, tragic love story. Barely a love story, really… And yes, my apology for starting a wave of… Hmmm??? I forgot river_cool’s term. But thanks to you and to PL, I am able to channel my emotional frustrations by expressing my thoughts and hopefully, on contributing to make PL the best erotic site in the country. I wish…

Confessions of a stupid guy (Continuation…)


{Guys, just want to deflect criticism away from me. It was actually Mysterious who started this mawkish trend by posting his silly poem for simply_irresistible. Sizzling_momma followed suit with a boner excellent poem (Eat your heart out Mysterious!). And lopezboy posted a hell of a story that could very well be the standard for all mawkish literature.

So you see, I’m just an innocent guy trying to post my own stupid story. Enjoy reading…

What is mawkish anyway?}


birthday gift! :)


hi!.. im karz.. this is a story about my first experience.. haha.. im 18 yrs old.. mputi 5′5″ in height..:) ung ikkwnto quh 15 pLang ako ung boyfriend quh dat time, c borj, 18 na xah nun..

The Chatroom


The chatroom. A melting pot of diversities . A masquerade festival , a mardi gras of pilgrims in search of answers . Everyone is in a dance , you choose your mask , your choose which beat to gyrate on. The one place where pimping for oneself is as perennial as the grass . For those who can wield words like the illusionist David Copperfield can defy physics , this is their playground , their hunting ground , their habitat. The one place where they can be god.

Thesis Deadline Nauwi Sa Sex


After reading a couple of sex stories maybe its my time to share my personal sex experience. I’m Ero, 21, 5’9, slim, mestizo because of my Spanish blood. Other say I look like Ryan Agoncillo, some say kamukha ko daw si Bosing Vic. Natatawa na lang me. Hehe.


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