Burnham PArk,.BagUio City.,,to the maX!^^part1


mejo matagal na rin tong experience kong to.,.,and i had to say that this is the best and kakatense na ngwa ko..1st year college ako non.,.,16 ako.,,may hitsura ako,,gwapo daw,,ehehe,,anyways eto ang kwento ko,,true story rather,,

The Story of Kate: Ang Kamalayan ni Kate


This is a repost of the same original story. Sorry if it took almost 6 months bago nasundan yung story. It took a while because I have forgotten my PW here.

Anyway, just a recap of the story, here we go:

My name is Kate, Im 19 Years old now. I live in Las Pinas, but before I used to live with my Mom in Batangas. There I grew up till I turned 18. And in that place, I learned a lot of things with my personality and sexuality.

strange cutie part4


sorry if natagalan ung continuation.. been busy with some school stuff…..xenxa.. thanks ulit sa lahat ng readers ng aking mga posts.. feel free to comment on my posts.. -allsmiles- =D


his fingers running thru my back was like heaven already.. gosh.. im shivering.. “Stop it! i want to get some sleep here!”i said a bit a scared but i have to say those words, i have to,,… The tease that he was doing stopped.

Silence. Creepy silence.

the girl in the cell store


this is my first time to post, been reading this site for 3 days only. Your post guys made me decide to post my own sexcapades too. let me start with a memorable experience happened not exactly inside the mall but i met the girl there. It happened like two years ago…being a horny guy i went to the mall to look for prospects, by the way im from cebu..i went to SM to hunt…i really don’t know but i really have a fetish having contact or doing nasty things with strangers or girls that i met the first time.

Behind the Closet…


I am too early for school today. I am too early to be getting up anyway. I entered our classroom (the lock is just for props) and found out that I was completely alone- in my school.

Ang gift ng friend ko!!!


Hello sa mga readers po!!! ngayon lang post dito sa noypipages pero medyo tagal n din ako ng babasa dito!!!sorry kung panget po grammar at yung tagalog ko po!!!

By the way hindi pa po ako adult pero nagpost na ako dito… hahahaha!!!!

Dito sa japan po merong junior at senior highschool!!! nung unang pasok ko pa po palng sa Junior highschool mdami nko agd nging girlfriend at ngayon senior highschool nko medyo mdmi n rn po akong expirience sa tntwag n sex!!!!

Ito na po ung story!!!

Dianne at Mandy (Si Mandy naman!/Ang huling bahagi)


“Pa-laplap ka muna sa ‘kin.” Biro ko.

“E, lasang eng-eng ‘yung bibig ko.” Sagot ni Dianne.

“Sarap kaya ng pekpek. ‘di ka pa kasi nakakatikim, e.”

Ang Driver Namin


Nangyari ito when I was around 7 or 8 years old ata… not sure. It was very vague at first but someone helped me remember. Here goes…

May driver ang lola ko that time. Ang pangalan nya ay si Mang Danilo. He was in his 20’s that time. Kaya Mang Danilo tawag ko kasi 7 years old pa lang ako nun. Everytime na naglalaro ako sa bahay ng lola ko, pinanonood nya ako. Minsan nga sumasali pa sya. Maglalaro kami ng bola or habulan. Minsan naka tambay ako sa quarters nya, kuwentuhan kami pag hapon. Pinapanood ko sya sa mga inaayos nyang sparre parts ng kotse namin nun.

strange cutie FINALE


after everything that i did to him, i know he is sooo mad at me. Nevermind, cos my admiration was gone with the wind. not quite sure with lust.

After days of ignoring each other, he approached me.

“Musta?”he said. “Wow, learning a bit of tagalog huh. Fine i guess.” not looking at him. “Sorry for what..” i cutted him off and said..”nothing wrong happened..just act as if nothing happened.. i dont wanna keep the ice freezing between us..” I left him and took my book with me.

My First Teacher


Hi this is my first time to write about sex stories and also my first time to share with other ppl yng nangyari sakin nung bata pa ako. Nagsimula ito when i was still 7yrs old and was on my way to primary one. Nag iisang anak pa lng ako nun and being the youngest sa aming mag pipinsan mdlas ako ang pngttripan nilang awayin o pagkaisahan kaya ang ending uwi sa bhay at maglalaro akong mag isa.

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