Roses are red but rose’s are pink and sweet… (Final?)


Fast forward lang po natin ng konti….

When we got on the motel, i park her car on the slot and the room boy closed the gate.

we wait til the room boy called to inform us that the room is already sanitized..

(the motel name is a kind of flower) along pasig area.. guys alam mo na yan…

rose, give the room boy a hundred bucks then wait to get out of the parking lot.. we hold our hands as we enter the room.

as i closed the door, rose wrap her arms around my nape give me a french kiss… uuuuuhhhhmmmm… grabbing her nice butt, i lift her up as she wrap her legs around my back..



It was spring in Japan. Romantic ang atmosphere ng paligid. Umuulan ng napakaraming sakura petals mula sa park na dinadaanan ko araw-araw on my way back to the dorm. I’m usually with my Language school classmates pero today everybody else went somewhere kaya mag-isa kong tinahak ang mahaba at magandang path walk pauwi.



Naging bestfriend ko si ain sa college. Palagi kaming gumagawa ng assignments and projects together. Comfortable na comfortable na talaga kami sa isa’t isa. May gf si ain pero nasa probinsya. Ako naman, nasa probinsya din namin yung lalake na gusto ko ng sagutin sa pag-uwi ko. One night, tumawag si ain sa bahay.

“Liz, busy ka?” tanong agad ni ain nung marinig na ako nakareceive ng call.

“Di naman. Nagrerelax na ako. Bakit?”

“Puntahan kita dyan, nagluto ako ng spag kanina eh.”

bestfriend II


Shiiit Liz…uhmmmm. Ang sarap mo tingnan. Ahhh..” He was staring at me while i trashed at my orgasm. Binitiwan nya kamay ko and i hugged him tightly. He hugged me back, kissing my hair. And we kissed deeply. Ang dami lumabas sa kin. Ninanamnam ko pa ang sarap when he pulled away.


Seeing his face still so horny and awed made me hot all over again. Gusto ko syang dakmain, mahalin, pasarapan..lahat na. Then he stared at my pussy. I wanted to stand up but he held my legs down and leaned down on my pussy.

Amber’s Officemate 1 Part 2


I’m sorry guys kung medyo natagalan before ko matapos itong part 2… Super busy lang kase sa office

Anyways, I hope you liked this. Here it goes:


He pinned me against the wall and gave me a devilish grin then he asked me “Naiinip ka na ba babe?” Then I nodded at him, took his hand and slid it inside my thong and made his fingers rub my clit. “Damn Amber, basang basa ka na!” Ray said. Then I replied “I know! And I thought you want me undressed na, now bakit ayaw mo pa tanggalin ang undies ko?”

A love forbidden..


Hi all..this is a continuation of my two previous posts from almost a year ago, fantasy fulfilled.. please read back a bit if anyone’s interested. This is just short, but was written with passion and love and longing.

Daddy Long Legs


This is my first time to post here but i’m dying to share my sexperiences for over a year now. There was this time in my life na super active ako when it comes to sex. Parang vitamins siya na pag di ako nakikipagsex for a month nanghihina ako. I’m not that barbie-doll girl with a body to die for. I’m on the larger side of the scale but I have a tamang-tamang laki ng boobs at malaman and firm na pwet kaya guys find me yummy and hot pa rin despite my slightly flabby tummy. Sa mukha, di rin pang beauty queen pero di rin pangit. Kumbaga sakto lang.

For Love – My beloved


I’ve been out of town for the past three days – at one of the best resorts in Laguna. My boss and confidante wanted me to be with her for two reasons: don’t want to go alone – so she paid my fare and registration fee and that she also wanted me to take time out from the stress I’m experiencing for the past weeks – at work and health problem as well. I’m not that enthusiastic to go with her but I really did enjoy my stay at the resort.

Sarap ni Darna


Tawagin nyo nalang akong Bino, 28 years old me asawa at isang anak (2 yrs. old). Bale 3 years palang kaming mag -asawa ni misis.

Nag simula ang lahat ng kinailangang mag trabaho ng misis ko dahil sa lumalaking gastusin namin sa bahay. Dati kasi ako lang ang nagtratrabaho sa amin medyo okey pa ang kita ko noon sumasapat pa naman sa aming gastusin, yon nga lang wala halos kaming ma ipon kya napag desisyonan naming mag asawa na magtrabaho na rin sya.

TRISHA: Genesis


I was invited to a party by a friend. When I arrived I saw my friend waiting for me by the door. Inside there were many guests and most of them were unfamiliar to me. She showed me around the house and introduced me to the guests, some of whom I have already met. However, my attention was fixed on one particular person inside the house. It was a Korean lass – about the same height as me, pretty, typical chinita eyes, smooth flawless white skin, long silky black hair, slim, and such a sweet smile revealing a nice set of teeth. She was absolutely gorgeous!

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